What is a novel community?

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Climate change is generating novel communities composed of new combinations of species. To determine whether the responses of organisms are determined by particular species traits and how species interactions and community dynamics are likely to be disrupted is a challenge.

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Regarding this, what is a novel climate?

novel climates are warmer than any present climates globally, with spatially variable shifts in precipitation, and. increase the risk of species reshuffling into future no-analog communities and other ecological surprises.

Subsequently, question is, what does no analog mean? No-analog (variants may omit the hyphen and/or use the British English analogue), or alternately novel, climatic conditions ("no-analog climates") or biological communities ("no-analog communities") in paleoecology and ecological forecasting are those without current equivalents.

In this regard, what is a novel environment?

Novel Ecosystems. A novel ecosystem is one that has been heavily influenced by humans but is not under human management. They have no natural analogs due to human alterations on global climate systems, invasive species, a global mass extinction, and disruption of the global nitrogen cycle.

What are novel problems?

1 : new and not resembling something formerly known or used New technologies are posing novel problems. 2 : original or striking especially in conception or style a novel scheme to collect money. novel. noun.

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What is novel data?

A novel data structure for efficient representation of large data sets in data mining. Abstract: An important goal in data mining is to generate an abstraction of the data. Such an abstraction helps in reducing the time and space requirements of the overall decision making process.