What is a Mudjug?

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MUDJUG. In May of 2005, three friends got together to create a product that would fill a need of every spitter in America. They created the Mudjug. Mudjug is a portable spittoon for people using chew, dip or snuff products. The Mudjugs are are made from a high intensity ABS-based material.

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Consequently, how does a Mudjug work?

Mud Jugs are base-weighted so when they are tipped over, they sit back upright on their own. Our patented funnel design prevents "dip-spit" from spilling all over your fancy white carpet!

Beside above, who invented Mudjug? Darcy Compton

Also question is, where can I get a Mudjug?

Store Locator. Mudjugs are now featured at ALL Boot Barn, Cavender's, and The Fort locations across America! Search for a store near you!

How do you keep a Mudjug from smelling?

I just rinse, pour in the fabuloso, let it soak for 30-45 minutes and sponge it down. I add a little febreze spray after each cleaning, just a few sprays keeps my mud jug smelling great. If you have a lot of staining, I've used just hot water and baking soda and it looks great.

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How do you make a homemade Mudjug?

Homemade "Mudjug" Tutorial
  1. Take your knife and cut the waterbottle where the neck of it starts.
  2. Take of the cap and flip the part you cut off around.
  3. (Optional) Melt the bottle to the upside down neck part you just pushed in to completely seal it and have less chance of any spilling.
  4. Pack your can, throw in a dip and start spittin!

How do you clean a Mudjug?

How To Guide for Cleaning Your Mudjug
  1. Empty mudjug and put soap in bottom.
  2. Put mudjug under sink faucet and turn on hot water.
  3. Let hot water run for a few minutes, it will recycle it self thus taking out the dirty water and replacing it with clean water whilst also letting the soap water get every where.
  4. Empty Mudjug of water and put lid on.

How long does it take for a Mudjug to ship?

Your order will normally ship within 24-48 hours, but may take longer due to inventory fluctuations.

Does Walmart sell Mudjugs?

Mudjug Roadie Portable Spittoon Traveler - Virtually Spillproof - Fits Most Cupholders - Walmart.com.

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