What is a farm style sink?

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A farmhouse or apron front sink is a drop-in sink that has an exposed front-facing side. This means that they are designed to be added to a space cut out especially for the kitchen counter in an effort to blend seamlessly with a kitchen counter for aesthetic purposes.

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Simply so, what is the difference between a farm sink and an apron sink?

The difference between an apron sink and a traditional kitchen sink is how the sink sets on top of the kitchen cabinet base. An apron or farm sink is part of the facing for your countertop and sink base. It will slide in and over your counter top, with the front of the sink being left exposed once it is installed.

Furthermore, are farmhouse sinks out of style? It's safe to say that the classic farmhouse sink will never go out of style. In fact, this popular kitchen feature even landed a spot on our list of timeless kitchen trends. While the farmhouse sink isn't going anywhere, the style is suddenly showing up in a trendy material: concrete.

Regarding this, what is the advantage of a farm sink?

One of the main benefits of Farmer sinks are aesthetics. These sinks give a certain charm and quickly become a focal point to any kitchen. The deeper basin of the Farmer's sink also allows pots and pans of larger sizes to be washed easier than with a traditional sink and reduces splashing when doing so.

How do I choose a farm sink?

How To Choose A Farmhouse Sink

  1. Decide if you want a single or double bowl. Our previous home had a single bowl sink, and now that I think about it, so has every home I lived in.
  2. Decide if you want an above or under mount. Typical farmhouse sinks are under mount.
  3. Choose the right size.
  4. Choose a finish.
  5. Shop around.

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What is the purpose of a farm sink?

What is a Farmhouse Sink? A farmhouse or apron front sink is a drop-in sink that has an exposed front-facing side. This means that they are designed to be added to a space cut out especially for the kitchen counter in an effort to blend seamlessly with a kitchen counter for aesthetic purposes.

What is the advantage of an apron sink?

Ergonomics and Other Practical Benefits
The sink's forward orientation eliminates the counter-top that causes the user to lean forward and strain more than necessary. Unlike recessed sinks, the apron sink sports a front that juts out slightly from the supporting cabinetry.

Is a farmhouse sink worth it?

But farmhouse (or apron front) sinks do have one drawback that's worth keeping in mind. Because these sinks are so large, and because they protrude in front of the cabinets (that so-called apron front that also gives them their distinctive look), they require a special countertop cut.

Do you need a special cabinet for an apron sink?

Apron front sinks require a special cabinet to accommodate their depth and protrusion, so they are not the best candidate for retrofitting in an existing kitchen, unless you're willing to replace your sink cabinet as well.

What is the standard size of a farm sink?

A farmhouse sink can be purchased in a range anywhere from 20" in length all the way up to 60" or more.

How deep is a deep kitchen sink?

Going Deep
Most kitchen sinks vary from 8 to 10 inches in depth. While a sink with a 10 inch depth makes it easier to soak pots and pans, deeper sinks can be more uncomfortable for shorter family members to use.

Are quartz sinks durable?

Are quartz sinks durable? Quartz composite is one of the most durable sink materials available! It's smooth and nonporous, making it easy to clean, heat-resistant up to 535° F, and resistant to stains, scratches, dents, and chips. It's also hygienic, with bacteria- and odor-resistant properties.

Can you put a farmhouse sink in existing cabinets?

You can convert almost any existing sink cabinet to a farmhouse sink. The supporting perimeter or lip of the farmhouse sink adapts to the existing frame of the cabinet with minimum modifications.

Why are farm sinks so popular?

Also known as an apron or apron-front sink, they're often much deeper (and wider) than a traditional sink basin, making them especially ideal for large families or homes without a dishwasher. The exposed front that protrudes out past the edge of the cabinets also adds an extra dose of style to the space.

Are farm sinks popular?

Also called apron-front sinks, farmhouse sinks are a favorite among homeowners. While it is associated with traditional and country house decors, it has also found its place in modern and contemporary abodes. It is loved for its deep capacity, practical convenience and charming style.

How much do farm sinks cost?

Porcelain or fireclay farmhouse sink prices:
Average cost: $725-$1,200. Low cost: $500. High cost: More than $2,500.

Do farmhouse sinks chip?

Although cast iron farmhouse sinks are supremely sturdy, if they do chip and the bare iron is exposed, it can rust quickly. As you may expect with a more durable material like cast iron, your farmhouse sink will likely cost more than other materials.

What does self trimming sink mean?

the self trimming portion means the front apron part overlays the cabinet. The cutout can be more rough than a traditional one. The short apron version of this sink can fit into a standard sink base cabinet, no special apron front sink base is required.

Is a single or double kitchen sink better?

Using a single bowl sink in a small kitchen maximizes counter space, providing more prep room and counter storage than with a larger sink. Therefore, single bowl sinks are more useful for things like washing large pots or babies, while a double bowl sink has more options for how to use the sink.

How much is a sink?

While the average sink installation cost ranges between $250 and $500, your overall sink replacement cost will largely depend on style, location and materials available.

$248. to. $386.
National Average Cost $395
Minimum Cost $60
Maximum Cost $2,206
Average Range $248 to $386

Are farmhouse sinks more expensive?

Generally, farmhouse sinks are more expensive than their drop-in or undermount sink counterparts. Of course, costs could be cut depending on what materials you use, but it's likely not cheaper than other styles.

Are white kitchens going out?

Out: Lots of white. While white has been a long-time standard in kitchens, the all-white kitchen in no longer in vogue. Try Instead: For wall color and backsplash tile, go for neutral tones. These 22 kitchen and bath trends are also on their way out.