What is a Class 4 shingle?

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Shingles that are “impact resistant” are considered a class 4 product, and are designed to withstand high winds and hail damage. These shingles may be made of copper, aluminum, resin and plastic. Shingles with the Class 4 rating have an impact resistance rating of UL 2218.

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Correspondingly, what is a Class 3 shingle?

These shingles are found on roofs throughout our region. The class 3 shingle is tested with a 1-3/4” steel ball and dropped from a height of 17 feet. You'll find that the shingle on your home may be a class 3 shingle. These are commonly found to have approximately a 30 year limited lifetime offering.

Secondly, how can you tell if you have Class 4 shingles? Shingles are rated Class 1 through 4, with Class 4 shingles having the highest resistance. You will not be able to determine the impact rating of shingles by looking at them, although the impact rating is usually marked on the cellophane on the underside of the shingle. Resistance may be provided in several ways.

Also to know is, what is the best class 4 shingle?

One of the best Class 4 shingles on the market are CeDUR Roofing Shakes synthetic wood shakes. Their product mimics the beauty and uniqueness of real cedar shakes, but is much more durable.

What is a Class A shingle?

Class A is the highest rating, offering the highest resistance to fire, and unrated is the worst. Examples of a Class A roof covering include concrete or clay roof tiles, fiberglass asphalt composition shingles and metal roofs. An example of an unrated covering is an untreated wood shake roof.

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Is there a 50 year shingle?

The 30 Year shingles are still constructed as a 30 Year shingle at the manufacturing plant. The advantage of a 50 Year shingle is that a 50 Year is truly manufactured with upgraded materials. A 50 Year roof is more resistant to wind, wear & tear, and in many cases hail.

What type of shingles are the best?

Asphalt shingles remain far and away the most popular choice because they're inexpensive, easy to install, and come in dozens of colors. But slate, tile, and metal are all good options, too, provided you plan on being in the same house for a long time.

What class is a 30 year shingle?

30 year impact resistant shingles vary in strength from class 1 to class 4. The type of class determines the material and the resistance of the shingle. Generally class 4 is the highest level of protection making the shingle less susceptible to hail damage or damage from other storms or weather debris.

What is a Class 3 or 4 roof?

Who Is UL & What Is A Class 3 And 4 Impact Resistant Roof? The Owens Corning Duration Storm Impact Resistant Shingles are a Class 4 shingle that can potentially save you money on your homeowners insurance. Class 4 materials offer some of the best long-term roof protection available to homeowners.

How many bundles of shingles are on a pallet?

Typically, three bundles of shingles will cover one square—33 sq. ft. per bundle. For the thickest of shingles, it may take four bundles per square—25 sq.

How much is a bundle of shingles?

Retail price for 25-year, 3-tab shingles is about $25 to $30 per bundle, plus tax. You need three bundles per square, so the total price is around $75 to $90 per square. For architectural shingles, the retail price jumps to about $33 to over $52 per bundle, or $100 to $160 per square.

What is a Class 2 shingle?

Class 2 Impact Shingles
A Class 2 impact shingle is one that has been assigned a Class 2 rating by Underwriters Laboratory, or UL. A shingle is assigned a Class 2 rating if it does not rupture or crack when hit by 1.25-inch balls dropped from 20 feet above. The highest rating is Class 4.

What are the different grades of shingles?

Residential asphalt shingles are available in three profiles: 3-Tab (basic and least costly), Laminated (Architectural or Dimensional), and Premium. Whether you have a contemporary or traditional style home, you can choose an asphalt shingles option that will be a good match.

What are 40 year shingles?

Laminated or architectural shingles used to be rated as 30 year, 40 year 50 year or Lifetime. As of January 1, 2011 most of these shingles carry a limited lifetime warranty even though the shingles themselves have not changed.

Is a class 4 roof worth it?

Are Class 4 Impact Resistant Shingles Worth the Cost? Generally, yes. Typically, these shingles cost 10-20% more than their non-impact counterparts. That being said, they reduce a homeowner's maintenance costs and may even prevent premature roof replacement.

How long should Owens Corning Duration shingles last?

The warranties start out with 5 years and go up to 50. Wind resistance starts out with 60 MPH and goes up to 130 MPH. Some of the most popular architectural lines are standard Duration and Designer shingles featuring a Limited Lifetime Warranty, 130 MPH Wind Resistance, TruDefinition Color, and SuperNail Technology.

What's better CertainTeed or Owens Corning shingles?

Owens Corning makes a large selection of composition shingles ranging from affordable to high-end. The brand is often compared with GAF, Tamko and Atlas. It's considered a tier below the best lines from CertainTeed and Malarkey.

What are rubber shingles?

Rubber shingles are made from a single-ply synthetic material we know as ethylene propylene diene monomer. Asphalt shingles are made from asphalt-saturated fiberglass that's covered with granules of rock. The difference in roofing material matters because rubber shingles are better suited for flat roofs.

Do they still make asphalt shingles?

There are three major categories of asphalt roofing shingle products available today - strip shingles, dimensional shingles, and luxury shingles. The term “composition” is used because the shingles are a composite product made from either a fiberglass or cellulose mat, asphalt, and mineral granules.

What is the difference between Owens Corning Oakridge and duration shingles?

Owens Corning certifies their shingles through independent testing. The Oakridge series meets 110 mph wind resistance standards with a standard 4 nail application, but the Duration series can withstand winds of 130 mph. Patented by Owens Corning, SureNail is a unique woven-fabric strip embedded in the nailing area.

What class are Oakridge shingles?

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$30.00 $30.00 /bundle
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Roofing Product Type Architectural Shingle Roofing Product Type Architectural Shingle
Fire Rating (UL 790) Class A Fire Rating (UL 790) Class A
Number of pieces per bundle 20 Number of pieces per bundle 20