What happens in chapter 6 of Secret Life of Bees?

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Chapter 6 reveals the source of June's unhappiness; Lily learns that she was left at the altar many years earlier. Her fear of being hurt again by a man causes her to argue with her boyfriend, Neil. Despite dating for many years, she continually refuses to marry him.

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Likewise, people ask, what happens in chapter 5 of The Secret Life of Bees?

But once Rosaleen falls asleep, Lily goes out to the wall, writes "Deborah" on a slip of paper, and sticks it in the wall. Chapter 5 begins with an epigram about the bees, but this time it describes people as being small enough to follow the bees into their hive and feel the darkness.

Additionally, what happens in Secret Life of Bees? When Lily returns home, Clayton, the lawyer, has arrived to tell the Boatwrights that Zach has been arrested. They decide to hide the news from May, the most sensitive sister, because they know how upset she'd be. But May finds out and leaves the house alone. She commits suicide by drowning herself in the river.

Also to know is, what happens in Chapter 8 of Secret Life of Bees?

Afterward, they go to the hives and listen to the secret sounds bees make while inside their homes. Lily learns that the queen bee is the mother of thousands and that the bees fly out and cover her body. At home, May makes a special lunch because she has avoided the wailing wall for five straight days.

What happens in Chapter 13 of The Secret Life of Bees?

Lily spends a sleepless night in the honey house. She unleashes all the anger inside her and throws all the jars of honey against the back wall, breaking them in her rage. Then she throws a tin pail and tray of candle molds. She's half-mad, and her arms are bleeding.

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What gift did Zach bring Lily?

What gift did Zach bring Lily? A green notebook so she could start becoming a writer.

Why does Lily break down crying with Zach?

Lily breaks down crying with Zach because Lily realized that she liked him, but it's impossible for them to be in a relationship.

Who goes to visit Zach in jail?

There, Clayton Forrest is with August. He has been to the jail and is in charge of Zach's case. They all decide to not tell May about the incident while Clayton works to get Zach out of jail. Later, Lily goes with August to visit Zach in jail.

Why did Rosaleen go into town on the 4th of July?

Why did Rosaleen go into town on the 4th of July? She wanted to register to vote. To register (especially if you are black) you need to write it in perfect cursive.

Why did Lily carry around mouse bones?

Why does Lily feel the need to carry around mouse bones with her? Answer: Lily finds the mouse bones under her bed when she is storing her mother's belongings. Therefore, Lily makes some odd connection between the mouse bones and the sentimental day on which she learned of her mother's love for her.

Why does Lily feel uncomfortable when they are watching TV?

Why does Lily feel uncomfortable when they are watching TV? She was self conscious and ashamed because she was with June while watching a show. Also, the show was about white people beating black people, which made Lily very uncomfortable.

What is the Martha White punishment?

Ray would make her kneel in uncooked Martha White grits (raw, ground corn). The meal was so coarse that it would shredd her knees.

What happens in Chapter 7 of Secret Life of Bees?

Jumping around a bit again, Lily remembers evenings when Neil would come over and spend time with June, and one in particular when she listened to June refusing him (again). Then, she remembers a trip out into the countryside with Zach to collect some of the bee supplies.

Why does Lily call her father T Ray?

Lily cannot bring herself to call her cruel, aloof father “Daddy,” so she calls him T. Ray instead. Rosaleen warns her to watch out, because “bees swarm before death.” Lily insists on telling T. Lily intimates that she had a significant, albeit accidental, role in her mother's death.

Why is the Boatwright house pink?

Lily and Rosaleen arrive at the Boatwright house, which is painted bright pink. Lily tells August that she and Rosaleen have run away, because her father has died in a tractor accident. She claims that they are headed to Virginia to be with her aunt Bernie.

Why does August Use Black Madonna on her honey jars?

August explains that she read about Black Madonnas in school and learned they aren't unusual in Europe. When Lily asks why she labeled her honey that way, August explains that she wanted to give the Daughters of Mary a divine being that is their own color.

What does August Boatwright teach Lily?

August teaches Lily important lessons about patience, love, and forgiveness. She also introduces Lily to the religion she practices with her sisters: an amalgam of Catholicism and African-American history.

What does August tell Lily about her mother?

August tells Lily that when she agreed, she expected Deborah would come visit with the baby—the young Lily. When she arrived, however, August explains, she was alone. Lily is very disturbed by the idea that her mother left her behind. Lily says that she hates her mother, which upsets August.

What one question does Lily ask her father and what's his response?

What one question does Lily ask her father and what's his response? She asks what her favorite color is and he's gonna tear her to pieces.

What do August and Zach and Lily do to the hives and why?

August takes Zach and Lily to “drape the hives”—cover them with a veil in honor to May. The purpose of this tradition, August explains, is to prevent the bees from flying away after a death in the family. The Daughters of Mary arrive at the Boatwright house with food for May's vigil.

What does August mean when she says the hardest thing on earth is choosing what matters?

The hardest thing on earth is choosing what matters. Here, August again teaches Lily about making choices, this time about how difficult they can be. August tells Lily that the garish pink color of her house was definitely not her preference, but she painted the house Caribbean Pink because May wanted that color.