What happened to Luis Miguel's father?

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In 1986, Luis Miguel's mother disappeared mysteriously and her whereabouts are still unknown. In the late 1980s, Luis Miguel fired his father due to financial problems caused by poor representation. After their estrangement, his father, who was a heavy drinker, fell into depression and died on 9 December 1992 in Spain.

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Besides, did they ever find Luis Miguel's mom?

Marcella Basteri

Furthermore, what did Luis Rey die from? Pneumonia

Secondly, who was Luis Miguel's father?

Luisito Rey

When was the last time Luis Miguel saw his mother?

Basteri was last seen in Madrid, Spain on August 18, 1986. Marcella Basteri is an actress and the mother of famous singer Luis Miguel. In 1986, with her marriage in crises she went to Carrara, Italy for six months with her younger son.

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When did Luisito Rey die?

December 9, 1992

What happened to Luis Miguel's mom?

A major storyline in Luis Miguel La Serie is the Mexican singer's search for his missing mother, Marcela Basteri. However, LuisMi (played by Diego Boneta) was separated from his mother by his father, Luis Rey, and he last saw her during his show in Luna Park in Argentina in 1985.

Did Luis Miguel approve Netflix series?

Producers Finally Confirmed The Fate Of 'Luis Miguel, La Serie' But Will Hardcore Fans Be Happy. Not only is 'Luis Miguel' the series hitting the airwaves across Latin America (meaning it's no longer being restricted to Netflix), but producers of the hit show also confirmed a second season.

Does Miguel speak Spanish?

Although the host interviewed Miguel in Spanish, Miguel tried his best to keep up. Hearing his family speak Spanish at home helps him understand the language, he said, and he's working toward improving so he can Speak it better.

Who was Luis Miguel first girlfriend?

The images of the authorized biopic also show Paulina Davila in the role of Luis Miguel's first girlfriend and JuanPa Zurita as Alex, the singer's brother.

Who is Luis Miguel's daughter?

Michelle Salas

How old is Luis Miguel?

49 years (April 19, 1970)

Who has Luis Miguel dated?

Dating History 22
# Partner End
22 Kasia Sowinska 2013
21 Brittny Gastineau May 2015
20 Lucila Solá 2012
19 Aracely Arámbula 2009

What happened to Luis Miguel's brothers?

A publication of the Suelta la Sopa newspaper, reported that Sergio Basteri was last seen in Zapopan, Jalisco ten years ago, where a journalist managed to catch him while embarking on a bus. Also, testimony states that he worked in a cafeteria of the city, which he abandoned after being discovered by paparazzi.

Where is Luisito Rey from?

Cádiz, Spain

Who did Luisito Rey manage?

Luis Gallego Sánchez, better known as Luisito Rey (June 28, 1945 – December 9, 1992), was a Spanish singer-songwriter, better known as the father and first manager of singer Luis Miguel.

Luisito Rey
Genres Ballad, flamenco
Occupation(s) Singer-songwriter, manager
Years active 1954–1980
Associated acts Luis Miguel

Did Luis Miguel marry?

LuisMi has three kids, but has never been married.
However, he didn't admit he was her dad until she was a teenager. During his relationship with La Doña's Aracely Arámbula, Luis Miguel had Miguel in 2007 and Daniel in 2008.

Where was Luis Miguel born?

Santurce, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Does Luis Miguel have a daughter?

Michelle Salas

How much is Luis Miguel net worth?

The main reason for his fame and fortune is Latin pop music and showmanship on stage. As of 2020, Luis Miguel net worth is about $180 million.