What happened to cast of Hazel?

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WHAT HAPPENED TO THE REST OF THE CAST OF HAZEL? Shirley Booth (Hazel),retired from acting in 1974. Shirley was 94 years old at the time of her passing. Don DeFore, who played Hazel's employer, attorney George Baxter, died of a cardiac arrest on December 22, 1993 in Santa Monica, California.

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Herein, why was Hazel Cancelled?

Apparently NBC cancelled it when they left and it seems strange that CBS would pick it up with Hazel and Harold now living with Mr. B's never before mentioned brother and his family. Don DeFore and Whitney Blake didn't quit -- they were dropped from the show to save money (as you guessed).

Similarly, where do the Baxters live on Hazel? HAZEL (1961 - 1966) The Baxter family resided at 123 Marshall Road, in an unspecified eastern city (possibly in New Jersey, as New York and Philadelphia were mentioned as nearby cities).

Also to know, why did they change the cast of Hazel?

By the time NBC canceled the series in the spring of 1965, Hazel had fallen out of the top 30 programs. CBS picked it up for the 1965-1966 season, and made a number of cast changes. Buntrock remained in the cast as Harold Baxter; DeFore and Blake were dropped and replaced with Fulmer and Borden, respectively.

What happened Hazel?

Hazel doesn't die (as in the book/movie ends before she dies she must die at some point because she is only mortal), Augustus does. John Green released on Twitter that Hazel died the year after Augustus.

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Is Hazel still alive?

Shirley Booth (Hazel),retired from acting in 1974. The New York City-born actress died on October 16, 1992 at her home in North Chatham, Massachusetts after suffering from health problems such as blindness and a broken hip.

How did Bobby Buntrock die?

Traffic collision

What happened to Don DeFore's hand on Hazel?

Here's the real answer: he cut his middle finger on his right hand just before the fifth week of filming season one of "Hazel" in the summer of 1961. B" broke his hand catching a line drive hit by Hazel. A few episodes prior they shot around the large bandage on his hand but eventually had to write it into the story.

What was the last episode of the hazel show?

A Question of Ethics

What channel is Hazel on?


When did Shirley Booth die?

October 16, 1992

Who played Hazel on Baxter?

Series Cast
Shirley Booth Hazel Burke 154 episodes, 1961-1966
Bobby Buntrock Harold Baxter 154 episodes, 1961-1966
Don DeFore George Baxter 125 episodes, 1961-1965
Whitney Blake Dorothy Baxter 122 episodes, 1961-1965
Maudie Prickett Rosie 36 episodes, 1961-1966

Who played the little boy on Hazel?

Robert Willard "Bobby" Buntrock

What happened to Whitney Blake?

Later that evening, Whitney revealed that she had been diagnosed with esophageal cancer. Whitney Blake died at her home on September 28, 2002, in Edgartown, Massachusetts. She was cremated, and her ashes were kept by her family. Manings also later died of esophageal cancer.

How old is Whitney Blake?

76 years (1926–2002)

What family did Hazel work for?

The series stars Shirley Booth as Hazel Burke. Hazel is a live-in maid for the Baxter family. Don Defore plays her boss George "Mr. B" Baxter (a lawyer).

What did Lynn Borden die of?


Why did Don DeFore leave Ozzie and Harriet?

Don DeFore was born August 25, 1913, in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. At the beginning of the 1956 season, Don, who played neighbor Thorny Thornberry, asked to leave Ozzie and Harriet so he could devote his full time to movies. He hadn't acted in films but was appearing on stage in a play at Knott's Berry Farm.

Where is Shirley Booth buried?

Mount Hebron Cemetery, Montclair, New Jersey, United States

Why did Ann Jillian leave it's a living?

Ann Jillian unfortunately had to leave the series after one season to concentrate on her fight against breast cancer but It's A Living went on with a new actress (Sheryl Lee Ralph) in the lead role. There were several reasons why It's A Living didn't do well during its first two seasons on ABC.

Did Hazel and Augustus sleep together?

They have sex, which is not described in detail but is said to be “slow and patient and quiet and neither particularly painful nor particularly ecstatic” (p. 207). Augustus falls asleep afterward and Hazel leaves quietly, writing him a silly love letter on her way out.

Are hazel eyes a mutation?

Hazel Eyes
Only about 5 percent of the population worldwide has the hazel eye genetic mutation. The combination of having less melanin (as with green eyes) and a lot of melanin (like brown eyes) make this eye color unique.