What goes with GREY walls living room?

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25 grey living room ideas for gorgeous and elegant spaces
  • Warm up grey walls with bright prints.
  • Creating a sanctuary with slate and wood accents.
  • Use warm tones of grey to soften statement patterns.
  • Create calming vibes with natural foliage.
  • Take grey from walls to floors.
  • Update a grey country scheme with paisley print.
  • Use grey as a base for soft geometrics.

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Considering this, what Colours go with GREY walls?

Pair a Color with Gray

  • Dark Gray + Electric Blue. Gray + Light Blue.
  • Gray + Gold. Gray + Gold.
  • Charcoal + Dark Green. Gray + Dark Green.
  • Gray + Lime. Gray + Light Green.
  • Gray + Orange Soda. Gray + Orange.
  • Dusk + Blush. Gray + Light Pink.
  • Gray + Cherry Red. Gray + Red.
  • Light Gray + Yellow. Gray + Yellow.

Additionally, what color furniture goes with GREY walls? Grey walls in a medium tone pair perfectly with a light gray sofa, dark gray rug, and dark grey furniture. Even the accent chairs incorporate light stripes of grey. The trick here is mixing greys and mixing patterns.

Considering this, what goes with GREY in a living room?

Dark seating teamed with bright cushions adds accents of colour to the scheme. Go for gray walls and carpet to create the perfect backdrop for key pieces of different shapes. Lead-grey walls and flooring, with a charcoal sofa, set a sophisticated tone. The zesty lime, pink and blue accessories bring the look alive.

How do you decorate a living room with GREY walls?

25 grey living room ideas for gorgeous and elegant spaces

  1. Warm up grey walls with bright prints.
  2. Creating a sanctuary with slate and wood accents.
  3. Use warm tones of grey to soften statement patterns.
  4. Create calming vibes with natural foliage.
  5. Take grey from walls to floors.
  6. Update a grey country scheme with paisley print.
  7. Use grey as a base for soft geometrics.

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What's the complementary color of gray?

Green and red are complementary colors (opposite each other on the color wheel). When pairing colors, it is important to look at the undertones. This gray has a dose of green in it.

How do you add warmth to a gray room?

Recommended Colors
To make the room warmer, you'll of course want to select a warm color. For gray and brown, analogous warm colors include deep reds -- such as burgundy, cranberry and maroon. Use ochre for darker shades and blue-gray, rust or brownish-red for lighter shades.

What accent colors go with gray walls?

When combined with yellow or beige, gray looks fresh, stylish and modern. Orange and brown are also very suitable matches, and create a warm, sunny effect. If you'd rather have a room that is soft but also subtly chic, opt for a marriage between pale gray and pastel pink, or darker gray and light blue.

Do GREY and cream go together?

Cream and gray is a modern combination used to create a scheme that is soothing and gender neutral. When balanced correctly, the two hues work well in almost any room of the house and can be integrated in different ways to accommodate the room's functionality.

Does beige go with GREY?

Grey and beige are two colors that can work together as long as the shades are harmonious and not clashing. There is even one color as result of the combo of these 2 colors known as greige. You can wear a light beige shirt with a grey suit and add a colorful pocket square.

What color curtains go with GREY walls?

Warm-Gray Walls With Red, Orange-Red, Coral or Plum Curtains
Fiery orange-browns also coordinate well, especially if you prefer a neutral color scheme. Some warm-gray walls have strong purple undertones, and in such cases, an interesting tone-on-tone effect can be achieved by using plum curtains with a satin sheen.

Should carpet be lighter than walls?

A general rule of thumb in the carpet industry is carpet will look lighter in your home than in the store. This effect definitely catches people by surprise. So if you find a carpet you like but think you'd like it just a little bit darker, it's probably not worth taking home.

Is GREY a good color for a living room?

Gray is a popular neutral for any room in the house, but it looks particularly sophisticated in the living room. It is among the most popular living room colors. The hottest design trend involves populating your living room with different shades of white.

How do you brighten up a GREY living room?

Grey living room ideas: 25 gorgeous ways to incorporate the most stylish colour
  1. Layer up different grey tones.
  2. Get the lighting right in a grey living room.
  3. Choose grey living room furniture.
  4. Mix grey paint with metallic accessories.
  5. Create the perfect backdrop with grey living room walls.
  6. Warm things up with greige.

What Colour goes best with GREY in a living room?

  • Midnight. To create a classic and vintage ambiance, just use the fusion of the gray and black shades.
  • Marshmallow. The subtle and relaxed shades of gray color are sometimes visually the most attracting.
  • Grass.
  • Sea-foam and Green Mint.
  • Rose.
  • Sun.
  • Aqua.
  • Cherry.

What color furniture goes with gray walls and gray floors?

Dark-Gray. Dark gray flooring usually dictates a modern decor. So, in addition to shiny metallic furniture and glass tables, one can get creative by adding colors that contain a significant amount of white or black. From silver and mint green to icy blue to charcoal black, these colors match with gray flooring.

How do GREY walls make you feel?

When painting walls grey think of the tone that you're trying to set… the mood you hope to evoke. A pale grey in eggshell reflects a softer atmosphere – like puffy clouds in the sky which is quite feminine in feel, and would suit a bedroom, family room even a boy's nursery.

What Colours go with a GREY sofa?

The grey sofa in this living space is an ideal shade to complement some elegant, muted colours. Velvet cushions in purple, turquoise and beige take on a dusky look next to the grey upholstery.

How do you add color to a GREY room?

Go for a large expanse
A grey and white scheme with one striking bright looks modern and stylish. Using your chosen colour over a large area, such as on a rug or floor-length curtains, makes a strong statement. Pepper the room with small accessories in the same shade to tie the look together.

What color living room furniture goes with GREY walls?

This modern gray living room captures neutral hues across the black-and-white spectrum. Light gray paint on the walls complements a black-and-white sofa. A white fireplace and ceiling beams balance dark walnut floors. Turquoise chairs break up the neutrals, as does a colorful accent pillow on the sofa.

Does GREY walls make a room look smaller?

Monochromatic Decor
Decors without sharp visual contrasts inherently feel larger. Light hues make a room feel expansive, so choose a light gray paint color for the four walls. Include varieties with tone-on-tone patterns or solids, as large patterns sometimes make a room look smaller.