What episode of blacklist does Liz find out about Tom?

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Tom is seen at the beginning of the episode having breakfast with Liz Keen. When Reddington calls Liz he tells her not to answer then asks her to call him Jacob, his real name.

Also know, what episode of blacklist does Liz find out red is her father?

TOM CONNOLLY (season 2, episode 22) By the end of season 2, Liz made a horrifying discovery: 'I know why my father died that night. I shot him.

One may also ask, what episode does Tom Keen die in? As you probably know, Tom died in the original pilot, and then died in episode 17, and in episode 22 probably. But Ryan just brought a special and different dimension to the show that we really liked.

Consequently, what episode does Elizabeth Keen find out about Tom?

Tom is seen at the beginning of the episode having breakfast with Liz Keen. When Reddington calls Liz he tells her not to answer then asks her to call him Jacob, his real name.

Is Tom Keen a spy on blacklist?

If you don't recognize the name Ryan Eggold, you probably know Tom Keen, the character he plays. The man has been a part of The Blacklist's cast from the very beginning. He started out as Elizabeth Keen's husband, but we soon learned he was a spy/assassin and a creative problem solver in his own right.

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Is Reddington Liz's dad?

You can go back and look at things like Liz asked him in season one, “Are you my father?” He said “No.” Raymond Reddington is her father, but he's not Raymond Reddington.

What did Tom whisper Liz?

With his dying breath, Tom whispers something to Elizabeth. Red says that he realized the man he had just tortured and killed is not Berlin, who is instead revealed to be the injured guard the FBI questioned in the hospital. Red assures Elizabeth that her father definitely died in a fire.

Who is the fake Reddington?

That's because when he emerged a year after the fire, Raymond Reddington was in fact Ilya Koslov, disguised as Raymond Reddington by Dr. Hans Koehler, and fed all the information he could possibly need to know about Raymond Reddington by his former spy-lover, Katarina Rostova.

What episode of blacklist does Liz die?

Confirming what many fans of The Blacklist have suspected since the pivotal April 14 episode, in which Liz Keen died from complications during childbirth, Thursday's Season 3 finale revealed that Megan Boone's protagonist is, in fact, alive — and Tom has been in on it the whole time.

Who killed Tom Keen?

A bag of bones, a time jump and a brutal character death — ever since the midseason finale of NBC's “The Blacklist,” viewers have been waiting to see how the story of Ian Garvey (Jonny Coyne), a.k.a. the man who killed Tom Keen (Ryan Eggold), would unfold.

Does Liz die in blacklist?

He was told that Elizabeth Keen was dead, and found out she faked her death — Red didn't even tell Dom until this season that Liz is actually alive, so this guy is living with all kinds of baggage.

Is Liz Reddington's daughter?

Elizabeth Keen's mother is Katarina Rostova and Jennifer's mother is Naomi Hyland, so they have different mothers, but they share a father. They are both the daughter of Raymond Reddington. They both realize that this man who they've come to know as Raymond Reddington is not Raymond Reddington.

Does Dembe die in blacklist?

At the moment it is unclear if Dembe (played by Hisham Tawfiq) has left the Blacklist. Fans will also know that Dembe left the show in episode 18 - The Brockton College Killer - alive, so it is highly likely he will return at some point.

Do Tom and Liz stay together on blacklist?

Together Again!
Tom and Liz Keen will officially reunite in The Blacklist's season 5 premiere — and EW has the exclusive first look. Last season, Tom (Ryan Eggold) went in search of his family on The Blacklist spin-off, Redemption.

Why did Tom Keen disappear in Season 4?

Tom was gone in season 4 because he tried to do a spinoff series, The Blacklist: Redemption. I don't know/can't remember the reason he left, I didn't watch Redemption. As for Agnes (almost called her Judith), I don't know man, babies are just plot devices, they appear and disappear as the writers desire.

Do Liz and Ressler get together?

Liz did not seem sorry that Ressler's relationship did not work out either. Six seasons of The Blacklist proved Ressler is a good guy. So, him and Liz getting together with where her life is now makes sense. She and Ressler have a friendship that has been tested over the years, and Red always seemed to like him.

Who is No 1 on blacklist?

Members Chart
Number on The Blacklist Name Number Revealed
Number 1 TBA “TBA“
Number 2 TBA “TBA“
Number 3 Katarina Rostova “Katarina Rostova“
Number 4 Kathryn Nemec ”Mr. Kaplan” ”Mr. Kaplan: Conclusion”

What happened to Elizabeth's baby on blacklist?

It seems like years ago that Liz made the decision to put her and Tom's daughter in the safekeeping of her mother-in-law -- Tom's long-lost mother, Scottie. It was actually during The Blacklist's previous season. In last night's Blacklist, Liz told Red that she had made the big decision to finally bring Agnes home.

Who is Elizabeth Keen father?

We know that Raymond Reddington is the father of Jennifer Reddington and the father of Elizabeth Keen. We know that Jennifer's mother is Naomi Hyland, who was Raymond Reddington's wife. And we know that Elizabeth Keen's mother was Katarina Rostova, the other woman and the notorious spy presumed dead.

How did Tom die in blacklist?

The Blacklist delivered on its promise by finally revealing the fate of Tom Keen during its fall finale — and it should come as no surprise that he is, in fact, dead. Red came to their rescue just a bit too late, with Liz waking up from a coma 10 months later to the terrible news that Tom had died.

Whose bones are in the suitcase in blacklist?

We've known for a year that the duffel bag contains human bones, but the identity of the poor skeleton inside it has been kept a secret — just the way Red wanted. But on Wednesday's Season 5 ender, we finally learned to whom those bones belong: Raymond Reddington.

Is Tom Keen coming back to the blacklist?

EXCLUSIVE: Tom Keen is coming home. The Blacklist: Redemption star Ryan Eggold will return to the mothership series as a series regular next season following the freshman drama's cancellation. Eggold will now rejoin the cast of The Blacklist, led by James Spader as Red Reddington and Megan Boone as Elizabeth Keen.