What does Wanga mean?

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Definition of wanga. : voodoo sorcery also : a voodooistic charm or spell.

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Also asked, what does the name Wanga mean?

A user from South Africa says the name Wanga is of African origin and means "Mine". A submission from South Africa says the name Wanga means "Mine" and is of African origin.

Likewise, what does Wonga mean in Spanish? wonga. Dictionary. wonga. noun. (Britain) pasta (informal) (f); guita (very_informal) (f)

Also question is, who is Wanga?

Wanga. The Wanga (AbaWanga) are a tribe of the Luhya people of Kenya. They mainly occupy Butere-Mumias in Kakamega County of Kenya's Western Province.

What does Wonga mean in Aboriginal?

Wonga, meaning 'cormorants' (bird) and -ratta meaning 'meeting place of the rivers'.

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Where is Wanga?

A wanga (sometimes spelled oanga or wanger) is a magical charm packet found in the folk magic practices of Haiti, and as such it is connected to the West African religion of Vodun, which in turn derives from the Fon people of what is now Benin.

When did Nabongo Mumia die?

April 24, 1949

Why Nabongo Mumia collaborated with the British?

Nabongo Mumia collaborated with the British because: He had heard that the British rewarded people who assisted them by making them Paramount Chiefs. He wanted assistance to defeat his brother who wanted the kingship. He wanted military assistance to defeat his enemies.

Who was the father of Nabongo Mumia?

Nabongo Mumia was born a prince between 1849 and 1852. His parents were Nabongo Shiundu Wamukoya and Wamanya. He was appointed heir on the eve of his father's death.

Why is money called Wonga?

The payday lender Wonga has gone into administration. How did 'wonga' come to be used as slang for money? — The term is believed to have derived from the Romany word 'wangar' which, although used as a term for money, in fact means 'coal'.