What does Proctor mean when he says I will curse her hotter than the oldest cinder?

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Proctor; we must discover where he's hiding!" John speaking to Elizabeth. Saying that the reason he blushes in church when he sees Abigail is for the shame of his sin; he says this to emphasize how truly ashamed he feels. "I will curse her hotter than the oldest cinder in hell."

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Similarly, what does Hale mean when he says theology is a fortress?

"Theology is a fortress; no crack in a fortress may be counted small." Reverend Hale; He said this to John when John didn't know the commandment about adultery. Even the smallest sin can let the devil in.

Subsequently, question is, what signifies a poppet Mr Cheever? " Cheever: turning the poppet over in his hands "Why, they say it might signify that she - he has lifted the poppets skirt and his eyes widen in astonished fear - Herrick!

Correspondingly, what does Proctor mean when he says I will fall like an ocean on that court?

“I will bring you home, I will fall like an ocean on that court! Fear nothing, Elizabeth.” The expression means that Proctor will do anything he can to save his wife.

What does it mean when Proctor says a funeral marches round your heart?

John Proctor uses this metaphor to describe Elizabeth's icy demeanor towards him. He thinks he's gone out of his way to make amends for his affair with Abigail Williams. Yet Elizabeth still acts coldly towards him.

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What does vengeance is walking in Salem mean?

"Vengeance is walking in Salem!" means that people are using the witchcraft accusations to get revenge on those who they believe have hurt them, or those against whom they feel jealous, or angry, or just negative in general.

Why does Hale become suspicious?

Hale becomes suspicious when he realizes they don't attend church frequently, and that John Proctor couldn't preform his 10 commandments. It was ironic because he was tell him to believe in the court, but we all know that there is no real witches.

What is a metaphor in the crucible?

In act 2 of the Crucible, an example of a metaphor would be, "this farm is a continent when you go by foot by droppin' seeds in it." this quote was said by Proctor. This also can be expressed as hyperbole.

What does Elizabeth say about witches?

Elizabeth says that if she herself stands accused, then witches must not really exist. For if they did, no one could accuse her.

What does the magistrate sits in your heart mean?

The magistrate sits in your heart that judges you. The quote regarding the magistrate means that the judgement of John is not coming from any outside force. Rather, John is the one judging himself. It is his heart that is the hardest on him. It is his conscience that is making it so difficult for him to move forward.

Why does Cheever come to the Proctor House?

Why does Cheever come to the Proctor house? Cheever comes to arrest Elizabeth. Explain the significance of the needle in the "poppet." Abigail had accused Elizabeth of sticking a needle in her (Abby's) stomach through the use of a "poppet" (doll).

What is the real reason Mary gives Elizabeth the gift?

Based on Mary's statements, what do you infer is the real reason Mary gives Elizabeth the gift? She gives her a poppet (doll/puppet). Mary warren made it while she was waiting for the witch trials. Abigail has used marry Warren to frame Elizabeth.

What does Mary Warren have to lose by telling the truth?

If Mary Warren confesses, she will not only be telling the truth and saving her job. She will also be saving the life of Elizabeth Proctor. Despite all she has to gain in telling the truth, Abigail shows Mary Warren how much she has to lose as well.

Why does Elizabeth deny John's relationship with Abigail?

He tells this to the court so they know Abigail's motivation for wanted Elizabeth dead. Why does Elizabeth deny John's relationship with Abigail? She denies it to save his "good name", his reputation but the result is that now she has lied and they don't believe them.

Who said I am not your judge I Cannot be in the crucible?

These two quotations from Proctor's wife show that no man but Proctor may judge himself. This is important in establishing Proctor as a hero because it emphasizes the fact that he abides only by what he considers to be 'right', and will not be swayed by another. ELIZABETH : I am not your judge, I cannot be.

Why is there a blush about Abigail's name?

Why is there a "blush about [Abigail's] name? Abigail says that they only danced in the forest and that they were never naked. In her conversation with the other servants, it is shown that Mercy was naked and Elizabeth drank blood in the forest. They were doing things that they weren't supposed to be doing.

Who said I am amazed you do not see what weighty work we do?

"I must tell you sir, I will be gone everyday now. I am amazed you do not see what weighty work we do." "It is her dearest hop, John I know it. There be a thousand names; why does she call mine?"

Who does Mary Warren accuse?

Mary's ultimately spineless nature is revealed in the court scene, when under pressure of being hanged she once again flips, accusing John Proctor of witchcraft and Devil-worship. While Mary causes a lot of harm in the play, she lacks Abigail's maliciousness. She's just a weak girl who gets in way over her head.

Who said Uncle we did dance in the crucible?

Abigail: Uncle, we did dance; let you tell them I confessed it - and I'll be whipped if I must be. But they're speakin' of witchcraft. Betty's not witched. Parris: Abigail, I cannot go before the congregation when I know you have not opened with me.