What does non parasitically mean?

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Definition of nonparasitic. : not relating to, being, or caused by a parasite : not parasitic nonparasitic worms a nonparasitic cyst.

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Also, what does parasitically mean?

adj of plants or persons; having the nature or habits of a parasite or leech; living off another. Synonyms: bloodsucking, leechlike, parasitic dependent. relying on or requiring a person or thing for support, supply, or what is needed.

Furthermore, what does parasitical mean in Animal Farm? parasitical. relying on or exploiting others. chaff. husks of corn separated by threshing.

In respect to this, how do you use parasitical in a sentence?


  1. Ticks feed off of human blood, making them parasitical and dangerous.
  2. Parasitical companies lock onto government aid, sucking up all the resources.
  3. Freshwater leeches are parasitical in nature, feeding off of the blood of fish.

What is malignity mean?

Definition of malignity. 1 : malignancy, malevolence. 2 : an instance of malignant or malicious behavior or nature.

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Are mosquitoes parasites?

The parasites that causes malaria, which belong to the genus Plasmodium, spread to humans through mosquito bites. A handful of studies have found that female mosquitoes infected with a certain stage of the parasite are more eager for blood.

What is the meaning of Saprophytic?

A saprophyte or saprotroph is an organism which gets its energy from dead and decaying organic matter. This may be decaying pieces of plants or animals. This means that saprophytes are heterotrophs. They are consumers in the food chain. This is the typical life-style of fungi.

How do you pronounce parasites?

Here are 4 tips that should help you perfect your pronunciation of 'parasites':
  1. Break 'parasites' down into sounds: [PARR] + [UH] + [SYTS] - say it out loud and exaggerate the sounds until you can consistently produce them.
  2. Record yourself saying 'parasites' in full sentences, then watch yourself and listen.

What is parasitic relationship?

A parasitic relationship is one in which one organism, the parasite, lives off of another organism, the host, harming it and possibly causing death. The parasite lives on or in the body of the host. A few examples of parasites are tapeworms, fleas, and barnacles.

Are bacteria parasitic?

Bacteria. Many bacteria are parasitic, though they are more generally thought of as pathogens causing disease. Parasitic bacteria are extremely diverse, and infect their hosts by a variety of routes.

What are some examples of parasitism?

Examples of Parasitism: Fleas or ticks that live on dogs and cats are parasites. They are living off of the blood of the host animal. Lice are another type of parasite.

What is parasitic nutrition mode?

Parasitic Nutrition is a mode of heterotrophic nutrition where an organism clled as a parasites lives on the body surface or inside the body of other organism called host. examples of parasitic mode of nutrition are.

Are babies parasites in the womb?

The miniature fetus usually has a spine, limbs and several organs, but not a brain or skull. It acts like a parasite, feeding off the blood supply of the larger fetus in which it is enclosed. Parasitic fetuses have been found in several different body sites, including the abdomen, chest, skull, and scrotum.

What does Tancelet mean?

transitive verb. 1a : to turn into one's own or another language. b : to transfer or turn from one set of symbols into another : transcribe. c(1) : to express in different terms and especially different words : paraphrase. (2) : to express in more comprehensible terms : explain, interpret.

Is malignity a verb?

noun, plural ma·lig·ni·ties for 2.
the state or character of being malign; malevolence; intense ill will; spite. a malignant feeling, action, etc.