What does LT stand for on Ag shock?

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full auto EL feature

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Correspondingly, what does SIG mean on Ag shock?

SIG on a g-shock watch means SIGNAL. The hourly chime.

Subsequently, question is, what LT means? Lt is a written abbreviation for lieutenant.

Similarly, what does lt1 and lt3 mean on G shock?

[LT1]: 1.5-second light. [LT3]: 3-second light.

What is SNZ in G shock?

alarm (SNZ). You can turn on an Hourly Time Signal that causes the. watch to beep twice every hour on the hour.

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How do you set an alarm on Ag shock?

Press the button on the lower-left edge of the G-Shock watch multiple times to enter alarm mode. Stop pushing the button when the display shows "AL." Press the "Set -" or "Set +" button to set the alarm hour. Push the button on the lower-left edge to switch to the minute display.

What does TMR mean on a watch?

Time in STW/TMR with seconds!

What does Flash mean on G shock?

The Casio® G-Shock® Flash Alert Watch for men flashes with a buzzer for wake up alarm, stopwatch alarm, and hourly time signal, so you know when time's up while wearing earmuffs or headphones, or working in loud environments. The incredibly durable G-Shock is shock resistant, as well as water resistant to 200 meters.

What is hourly chime?

Advanced hourly chime (hourly alert, hourly beep, hourly reminder, hourly signal) for time tracking and time management. App plays short sounds at selected time. You can download free chime sounds like cuckoo, clock wall, Big Ben etc. from Internet.

How do I take my Casio watch off sig?

Press the "C" button, located on your watch's bottom-left corner, to disable the hourly time signal. When disabled, the hourly time signal icon (a bell) will not be visible on the screen.

What does Chi mean on a watch?

CHI The time of Chicago and areas of the same time zone is indicated. DEN The time of Denver and areas of the same time zone is indicated. LAX The time of Los Angeles and areas of the same time zone is indicated. CHR Mode for using the chronograph. ALM Mode for using the alarm function.

How do I mute my G Shock?

Hold down the (A) button for about two seconds. [SET Hold] will appear, and then the time zone setting will flash. 2. Press the (C) button 9 times until the current setting ([KEY♪] or [MUTE]) will flash on the display.

How do you change the LED color on Ag shock?

Hold down the button on the top left hand side of the watch until the seconds begin to flash. Press the button on the bottom left to set the light to shine for one, two or three seconds. Press the top left hand button to return the watch to normal functioning.

What does SPL mean on a watch?

SPL is split time.

What does UTC mean on G shock?

Re: Setting UTC time on G-Shock G7900a
Set your watch to UTC +4, which is Dubai's actual time zone, aka "Gulf Standard Time." Dubai also doesn't recognize DST, so unless you leave Dubai you shouldn't mess with DST in the main time keeping screen.

What is super illuminator?

Super Illuminator. A high-brightness LED illuminates the dial with bright light. to improve visibility remarkably at night and in dimly lit environments.

What is EL backlight with afterglow?

What is Full Auto EL Backlight with Afterglow. your right about the afterglow. auto el automatically turns on the light when you put the watch on an angel.

How do I turn off auto illumination on G shock?

Configuring the Auto Light Setting
  1. Enter the Timekeeping Mode. Navigating Between Modes.
  2. Hold down (A) for at least two seconds until the name of the currently selected Home City is displayed.
  3. Press (C) 12 times to display [AUTO].
  4. Press (D) to toggle Auto Light between enable and disable.
  5. Press (A) to exit the setting screen.

How do I fix the light on my G Shock?

Press the "Reset" button on the watch to reset the clock after changing the batteries. The "Reset" button is inside the battery compartment and must be pressed before replacing the compartment cover. Replace the cover of the battery compartment and press the "Light/Snooze" button to activate the light.

Do G Shock watches have a light?

Stronger in the Dark : LIGHT FUNCTIONS
As time passes, the backlight will evolve into an auto light that turns on automatically with just a tilt of the wrist, and eventually into a high-visibility LED light.

How do you set AG shock 5146?

  1. Press down the D button for 3 seconds and you will see letters 'SUB' flashing on the screen. See the attached screenshot.
  2. Adjust the position of speed hand to 50 (9 o'clock).
  3. Now make sure that both hour and minute hands are pointing to 12.

What are the time zones on Ag shock?

City (Time Zone) List
City code City Name UTC Offset
UTC Coordinated Universal Time 0
LON London 0
PAR Paris +1
ATH Athens +2