What does James Henry Hammond argue about slavery in his Mudsill theory speech to the United States Senate in 1858?

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His 1858 introduction of the Mudsill Theory to Congress, which argued that there must always be a lower class to serve the upper classes, became one of the most famous pro-slavery speeches of the Antebellum Age, particularly for its use of the phrase "Cotton is King." Abraham Lincoln soundly rejected the theory and

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Beside this, who created the Mudsill theory?

James Henry Hammond

Likewise, where is James Hammond from? Newberry County, South Carolina, United States

Keeping this in view, what did James H Hammond stand for in the debate over slavery?

Hammond's quotes on slavery Hammond, "that American slavery is not only not a sin, but especially commanded by God through Moses, and approved by Christ through his apostles."

When was James H Hammond born?

November 15, 1807

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