What does executed this mean?

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to carry out; accomplish: to execute a plan or order. to perform or do: to execute a maneuver; to execute a gymnastic feat. to inflict capital punishment on; put to death according to law. to murder; assassinate.

Keeping this in consideration, what does it mean when someone is executed?

execution. It can also mean the style in which a project is carried out, like a ballet's creative execution. Execution can also refer to the death of a person, either a prisoner who's been sentenced to death by a court of law, or a deliberate, targeted murder, especially when it's done for political reasons.

Subsequently, question is, what type of word is execution? Words related to execution hit, hanging, crucifixion, shooting, punishment, strangulation, electrocution, gassing, impalement, decapitation, completion, enforcement, prosecution, accomplishment, implementation, consummation, enactment, realization, administration, effect.

Herein, what is the synonym of executed?

Choose the Right Synonym for execute kill, slay, murder, assassinate, dispatch, execute mean to deprive of life.

How do you use execute in a sentence?

execute Sentence Examples

  1. "I always execute my terms," he replied.
  2. No matter what he felt, he couldn't hesitate to execute his plan.
  3. I have a real mission to execute hunting down insurgents.
  4. Corregidors, or governors of districts, were ordered to try summarily and execute every turbulent person within their jurisdictions.

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What does it mean when a sentence is executed?

Use execution in a sentence. noun. Execution is defined as the process of putting someone to death, or the way a plan is carried out. An example of an execution is delivering a lethal injection to a convicted criminal.

Does execute mean sign?

When a person "executes" a document, he or she signs it with the proper "formalities". For example: If there is a legal requirement that the signature on the document be witnessed, the person executes the document by signing it in the presence of the required number of witnesses.

How do you execute a plan?

Execution is an easy concept to talk about, but it's a hard one to apply. Try these three specific behaviors to boost your personal and team execution.
  1. Sharpen your Focus. Focus provides the clarity necessary to make decisions that support your most important goals.
  2. Build your Competence.
  3. Ignite your Passion.

What does execution style mean?

An execution-style murder, also known as execution-style killing, is an act of criminal murder where the perpetrator kills at close range a conscious victim who is under the complete physical control of the assailant and who has been left with no course of resistance or escape.

What does executing a contract mean?

An executed contract is a legal document that has been signed off by the people necessary for it to become effective. The contract is often made between two or more people, but it can also be between a person and an entity, or two or more entities. Some contracts even require the signatures be witnessed.

What does it mean to execute a plan?

to carry out; accomplish: to execute a plan or order. to inflict capital punishment on; put to death according to law.

What is execution in C?

Execution in computer and software engineering is the process by which a computer or virtual machine executes the instructions of a computer program. In this case, the "commands" are simply program instructions, whose execution is chained together. The term run is used almost synonymously.

Does execute mean kill?

execute. To execute someone means to kill them as a punishment for a serious crime. He said nobody had been executed as a direct result of the events.

What does it mean to implement something?

implementation. Implementation is the noun form of the verb implement, or "to carry out or accomplish," and you'll often see it used in reference to a government plan or act. Use this word to describe the process of turning formal plans — often very detailed conceptual plans that will affect many — into reality.

What is mean by executed?

verb (used with object), ex·e·cut·ed, ex·e·cut·ing. to carry out; accomplish: to execute a plan or order. to perform or do: to execute a maneuver; to execute a gymnastic feat. to inflict capital punishment on; put to death according to law. to murder; assassinate.

What is the opposite of execution?

Opposite of total destruction or eradication. Opposite of death by being nailed to a cross. Opposite of an action which demonstrates great skill or artistry. Opposite of execution of a condemned person. Opposite of something performed successfully with effort, skill, or courage.

What does execution mean in business?

Business execution is about having the employees required to support a company's strategy and making sure they are doing what the company needs them to do to achieve its strategic goals. The best way to improve business execution is to increase employee performance levels.

What is the meaning of carried out?

Definition of carry out (Entry 2 of 2) transitive verb. 1 : to bring to a successful issue : complete, accomplish carried out the assignment. 2 : to put into execution carry out a plan. 3 : to continue to an end or stopping point.

What is another word for deliver?

[ dih-liv-er ] SEE DEFINITION OF deliver. verbtransfer, carry. verbrelinquish possession. verbfree, liberate. verbannounce, proclaim.

What is another word for carry out?

Synonyms for carry out in English
execute; carry out; implement; go through; put through; follow through; follow up; follow out; accomplish; fulfil; action; carry through; fulfill. carry out; realize; carry through; realise; accomplish; execute; fill.

Has been executed meaning?

Executed is defined as something has been completed, or a person has been put to death. An example of executed is the plan for a surprise party having been implemented. An example of executed is a person on death row dying in the electric chair.

How is it done synonym?

1 accomplished, completed, concluded, consummated, ended, executed, finished, in the can (informal) over, perfected, realized, terminated, through.