What does Eddie would go mean?

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eddie-would-go. Phrase. (Hawaii, surfing) Said of challenging surfing conditions or a challenging wave or challenges in general. Used as an encouragement or as a general comment on difficulty or danger 2002: Eddie Would Go: The story of Eddie Aikau, Hawaiian Hero — title of book by Stuart Coleman (ISBN 097062137X)

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Keeping this in consideration, who said Eddie would go?

Eddie Aikau is one of them. The fearlessnesses and compassion for his peers wasn't a one-time act of bravery, but rather a long-lived principle best represented by the surfers' motto: “Eddie would go.” His full name, Edward Ryon Makuahanai Aikau, makes it seem as if he was born for his life's journey.

Similarly, how did Eddie would go die? Boating Accident

Hereof, what is the story of Eddie Aikau?

Edward Ryon Makuahanai "Eddie" Aikau (May 4, 1946 – March 17, 1978) is one of the most respected names in surfing. He was the first lifeguard at Waimea Bay on the island of Oahu. He saved many lives and became well known as a big-wave surfer. Eddie braved surf that often reached 20 feet high or more to make a rescue.

What year did Eddie Aikau die?

March 17, 1978

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Who is the most famous surfer?

#1: Kelly Slater
In terms of individual accomplishments, the American is hands down the greatest surfer ever. Perhaps only swimmer Michael Phelps has so dominated an individual sport the way Kelly Slater has.

Is Eddie Aikau still alive?

Deceased (1946–1978)

How long was Eddie Aikau a lifeguard?

Eddie was the first official lifeguard hired by the City & County of Honolulu to work at Waimea Bay, on Oahu's North Shore, back in 1967. At the same time, he challenged the biggest waves on offer in the Hawaiian Islands. The two brothers worked together for ten years up until 1978 and never lost one person.

Where was Eddie Aikau born?

Kahului, Hawaii, United States

How old is Clyde Aikau?

Clyde Aikau was born on October 24, 1949 in Hawaii. The younger brother of legendary pioneering big wave surfer Eddie Aikau, Clyde first started surfing in 1964 under Eddie's expert tutelage at age fifteen in Waikiki and soon established himself as one of the top junior division surfers on Hawaii's North Shore.

What would Eddie do?

Eddie Aikau was a humble man who was larger than life. As a surfer, he rode the biggest waves in the world; as a lifeguard, he saved hundreds of lives from the North Shore's treacherous waters; and as a proud Hawaiian, he sacrificed his life to save his fellow sailors aboard the voyaging canoe Hokule'a.

Why was the Hokulea built?

Hokule'a was completed and launched by the Polynesian Voyaging Society (PVS) in 1975. The voyaging canoe was built in order to challenge the notion that Polynesians had discovered and settled the Pacific islands by accident. The canoe is maintained by hundreds of volunteers, with drydocking before each long voyage.

Why is peahi called Jaws?

Peahi means “beckon” in the Hawaiian language and is the Hawaiian name for this surf break, but it is more commonly known as Jaws and got that name due to the size and ferocity of the swells. Some find tow-in surfing offensive as it takes away from the natural vibe that surfing is all about.

What wave has killed the most surfers?

Pipeline, Hawaii
Pipeline has killed more surfers than anywhere. Since 1989 it has taken the lives of seven surfers, and threatened the lives of countless others.

How wide is Waimea Bay?

100 yards wide