What does Dogonit mean?

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doggonit. Phrase. An expression that shows mild or high frustration about something.

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Hereof, what does Doggonit mean?

doggonit. (idiomatic, euphemistic) An expression that shows mild or strong frustration about something. Doggonit, she made me waste my doggone pecan candy.

Similarly, what does Dag gone it mean? It's a polite way of saying "damn" when you are mad about something. It's a polite way of saying "damn" when you are mad about something. See a translation.

Consequently, where did the expression dog gone it come from?

As for “doggone it,” the expression probably originated as a euphemism for “goddamn it.” The Oxford English Dictionary says “dog-gone” is “generally taken as a deformation of the profane God damn.”

Is Dagnabbit a word?

Dagnabbit,” along with the English words “bear” and “wolf,” are creations of a terrified populace, scared of beings visible and not. These words are called, among linguists, taboo deformations.

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How do you spell dog gone?

  1. verb (used with object), dog·goned, dog·goning. to damn: Doggone your silly advice!
  2. adjective, superlative dog·gon·est. Also doggoned. damned; confounded: a doggone fool; Well, I'll be doggoned.
  3. adverb. Also doggoned. damned: He's a doggone poor sport.

What does doggone girl mean?

"doggon" is an old word for that means "damn" or "bloody" —DOGGONE verb. doggone it: American English spoken old-fashioned used when you are slightly annoyed about something.

Where did dadgummit come from?

The origin of "dadgummit" is rumored to be the hit television show "The Real McCoys," which starred Walter Brennan as Grandpa Amos, for whom "dadgummit" became his epic, country-boy, redneck catchphrase.

What does dadgum mean?

dadgum. dad·gum. adjective. Chiefly Southern US. Used as an intensive to express mild annoyance.

What does Dad burn mean?

adjective, adverb. damned (used as a euphemism in expressions of surprise, disgust, anger, etc.): I ruined the whole dad-burned batch.

What does Daggum mean?

(US, euphemistic, dialectal) damn; an expression of frustration Daggum! daggum. Exclamitory word used to show intense emotion.