What does Codswallop mean?

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codswallop. (k?dzw?l?p ) uncountable noun. If you describe something that someone has just said as codswallop, you mean that you think it is nonsense. [British, informal, disapproval]

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Subsequently, one may also ask, is Codswallop a real word?

'Wallop' is a slang term for beer, and beer drinkers would certainly be disdainful of bottled soft drinks. This slang term dates from the early to mid 20th century. It's not difficult to see how a soft drink in a Codd Bottle could have come to be called codswallop, but there's no actual evidence for that derivation.

Likewise, what does Codswallop mean in the UK? Noun. codswallop (uncountable) (Britain, slang) Senseless talk or writing; nonsense; rubbish.

Thereof, what does load of codswallop mean?

Definition of codswallop. British, informal. : words or ideas that are foolish or untrue : nonsense The notion that Scott was waylaid by bad luck is "a lot of codswallop," said Roland Huntford, a British historian.—

Is hogwash a bad word?

However, hogwash is not a term that concerns washing a hog, it is actually another word for nonsense, something that is not true or something that does not make sense. The word hogwash is usually considered informal or slang vocabulary, and is not used in literary writing.

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Where does the word wallop come from?

From Middle English wallopen (“gallop”), from Anglo-Norman [Term?], from Old Northern French walop (“gallop”, noun) and waloper (“to gallop”, verb) (compare Old French galoper, whence modern French galoper), from Frankish *wala hlaupan (“to run well”) from *wala (“well”) + *hlaupan (“to run”), from Proto-Germanic *

What is the synonym of nonsense?

' SYNONYMS. rubbish, balderdash, gibberish, claptrap, blarney, guff, blather, blether. informal hogwash, rot, baloney, tripe, drivel, gobbledygook, bilge, bosh, bull, bunk, hot air, eyewash, piffle, poppycock, phooey, hooey, malarkey, twaddle, dribble.

Why is beer called Wallop?

'Cods' is a euphemism for testicles (as in cod-piece), and 'Wallop', a euphemism for beer. It was a humorous term for 'piss', and by transference came to mean 'rubbish'.

Where did tenterhooks originate?

Tenter comes from the Latin tendere, to stretch, via a French intermediate. The word has been in the language since the fourteenth century, and on tenters soon after became a phrase meaning painful anxiety. The exact phrase on tenterhooks seems first to have been used by Tobias Smollett in Roderick Random in 1748.

What is a summat?

Definition of summat from the Collins English Dictionary. New from Collins. Feb 20, 2020. nuée ardente. a rapidly moving turbulent incandescent cloud of gas, ash , and rock fragments flowing close to the ground after violent ejection from a volcano.

Why do you reckon?

reckon. Reckon means guess, or imagine, and is often used by rural types in Hollywood movies who say things like "I reckon I'll be moseyin' on." Reckon means guess or think, as in "I reckon he's put his nose where it don't belong one too many times.” If reckon sounds odd, that's because it's mostly gone out of style.

What is a load of poppycock?

Poppycock means nonsense, rubbish, something that is ridiculous or nonsensical. Poppycock comes to us from Dutch immigrants to America who brought with them the word pappekak, which reputedly means soft dung. As one may imagine, the term lost its original dung meaning in its transformation into the word poppycock.

Where did the expression hogwash come from?

-Hogwash is a simple compound noun formed around the mid-15th century from the two English nouns hog 'a type of swine, a pig' and wash 'waste liquid or food refuse from a kitchen. ' The wash was often put to use as food for domesticated animals, particularly as swill for pigs.

What is hogwash food?

Hogwash or hog wash may refer to: Pig swill, food for pigs in liquid or partly liquid form. Slang for "nonsense", communication that lacks any coherent meaning.

What does swill someone mean?

Swill. to wash or rinse out by pouring large amount of water or other liquid over or into it. to drink greedily or in large quantities. to cause a liquid to flow around or over something, often in order to clean it. to drink, especially alcohol, quickly and in large quantity.

How do you use hogwash in a sentence?

Hogwash in a Sentence ??
  1. Marty told everyone he knew that he had been abducted by aliens, but every body thought his silly talk was hogwash.
  2. Bernie explained that he had no time for hogwash and urged his sister to speak the truth about her feelings.

What is a bunch of hogwash?

If you describe what someone says as hogwash, you think it is nonsense. [informal, disapproval] Kevin said it was a "load of hogwash" that he was not interested in football. Synonyms: nonsense, rubbish, malarkey, garbage [informal] More Synonyms of hogwash. You may also like.