What document provides a record of name and times that a person has opened and closed a container?

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SF 702 - Security Container Check Sheet. The Standard Form (SF) 702 Security Container Check Sheet provides a record of the names and times that persons have opened, closed and checked a particular container that holds classified information.

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In this regard, where can classified information be stored?

Classified information must be stored in storage containers or in storage areas. Storage containers or areas must be large enough to hold all of the classified information on hand. And there should be no external markings on storage containers indicating the level of classified information authorized for storage.

Furthermore, what is a SF 701? SF 701, “Activity Security Checklist,” shall be used to record such checks. An integral part of the security check system shall be the securing of all vaults, secure rooms, and containers used for storing classified material.

Also to know is, what form is used to cover top secret information?

Top Secret (Coversheet) U.S. Government Departments, Agencies, and Offices can place an order for this form at www.gsaglobalsupply.gsa.gov or www.gsaadvantage.gov with either a government purchase card or AAC (Activity Address Code).

How do you transport hidden documents?

TOP SECRET material may not be sent through the mail under any circumstances. It must be transmitted by cleared courier or approved electronic means. SECRET material may be transmitted by U.S. Postal Service registered mail or express mail within and between the United States and its territories.

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What are the standard markings for classified information?

Standard markings are required for all documents that contain originally classified information. The information is to be shown using these marking elements: banner lines, portion marks, agency, office of origin, date of origin, and classification authority block (OCA or derivative).

How can classified information be safeguarded?

SAFEGUARDING COMBINATIONS TO SECURITY CONTAINERS. The combination to a security container used to store classified information shall be safeguarded at the same level required for the highest classification of information authorized to be stored in the container.

What is the purpose of a security classification guide?

The purpose of security classification guidance is to communicate classification decisions and provide a means for uniform derivative classification and consistent application of classification decisions.

What is the purpose of AA&E storage facilities?

Examples of storage facilities include SCIFs, which protect Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI); AA&E storage facilities, which protect arms, ammunition, and explosives; and nuclear storage facilities, which protect nuclear weapons.

What describes how sensitive compartmented information is marked?

Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) is a classification label that is put on data and information that is sensitive in nature and belongs to a certain program or department. The data can be derived from multiple sources as Critical Program Information (CPI), analysis data and/or intelligence data.

What is the basis of the modern day information security program?

The modern-day Information Security Program has been evolving since the 1950s and is based on a series of presidential executive orders and presidential decision directives that have established uniform information security requirements for the Executive Branch.

What level classified information could cause damage to national security?

Levels of Classification
The unauthorized disclosure of Secret information could reasonably be expected to cause serious damage to national security. The unauthorized disclosure of Top Secret information could reasonably be expected to cause exceptionally grave damage to national security.

What is orcon classification?

ORCON. Dissemination & Extraction of Information Controlled by Originator (US government classification control) ORCON.

How do you destroy classified information?

Classified material may be destroyed by burning, shredding, pulping, melting, mutilation, chemical decomposition, or pulverizing (for example, hammer mills, choppers, and hybridized disin- tegration equipment). Pulpers, pulverizers, or shedders may be used only for the destruction of paper products.

Who has access to classified information?

§ 1312.23 Access to classified information. Classified information may be made available to a person only when the possessor of the information establishes that the person has a valid “need to know” and the access is essential to the accomplishment of official government duties.

How do you transmit confidential materials to DoD agencies?

USPS Certified Mail is an authorized method for sending Confidential information to DoD contractors or non-DoD agencies within the U.S. and its Territories. Certified mail provides proof of mailing to the sender at the time of mailing.

What color is top secret classification?

From the highest to the lowest level these are:
  • - TOP SECRET (TS, color code: orange) - SECRET (S, color code: red)
  • - UNCLASSIFIED (U, color code: green)
  • LOMA.

What is derivative classification?

''Derivative classification'' means the incorporating, paraphrasing, restating, or generating in new form information that is already classified, and marking the newly developed material consistent with the classification markings that apply to the source information.

What are derivative classifiers required to have?

Derivative classification” includes the classification of information based on classification guidance. Derivative classifiers do not need to possess original classification authority. “Derivative classification” is not the duplication or reproduction of existing classified information.

What does the personnel security program establish?

The personnel security program aims to protect national security by determining whether personnel with an official need for access to national security information can be trusted with that information. The United States Government expects cleared employees to be loyal, trustworthy, and reliable.

How often must you receive a defensive foreign travel briefing quizlet?

When traveling abroad, Departmental personnel, including summer hires, those on temporary assignment, and contractors are required to receive an annual defensive travel briefing. Any individual returning from travel of 90 days or more must undergo a security debriefing upon their return to the U.S.

What form is used to record end of day security checks?

SF 702 - Security Container Check Sheet. The Standard Form (SF) 702 Security Container Check Sheet provides a record of the names and times that persons have opened, closed and checked a particular container that holds classified information.