What do you do with the Big Poe in Majora's Mask?

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The essences of Big Poes can again be stored in bottles. They can be sold for 200 Rupees in the Curiosity Shop. One captured Big Poe is also needed for Link to bypass a Gibdo during his journey through the well beneath Ikana. Unlike the Big Poes from Ocarina of Time, Link can drink Big Poes as he can regular Poes.

Also asked, how do you beat the Big Poe in Majora's Mask?

Majora's Mask Knock it back to stop it, then take your shot! In Majora's Mask, Link can defeat a Big Poe and swipe up its soul. Link can sell this at the Curiosity Shop for 200 Rupees.

One may also ask, what is the all night mask for? The All-Night Mask is a Mask in Majora's Mask that enables the user to stay awake indefinitely, which may or may not be a bad thing Uses: Negates the effect of sleep brought on by listening to one of Anju's Grandmother's stories. To get this mask, you must save the Old Lady from Sakon on the first night.

Keeping this in view, how do you get the big Poe in Majora's Mask?

Majora's Mask One of them is found in Ikana Graveyard. On the Final Day, Link can order the Stalchildren to remove a grave where one Big Poe is located. The other is in a small room Beneath the Well. Big Poe Spirits can be bottled and sold at the Curiosity Shop for 200 Rupees.

How do you beat the Poes in Wind Waker?

In The Wind Waker, Poes appear numerous times throughout the game. These ghosts can only be defeated by shining light on them and then hitting them with a weapon.

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How do you kill the turtles in Majora's Mask?

This room contains three Snappers, annoying little Turtles that spin at you as their attack. The way to defeat them is to drill into one of the flowers, and then pop out as soon as they are passing over it.

How do you get bottles in Majora's Mask?

To get the first bottle, go to the Southern Swamp that is south of Clock Town. Use the Deku Mask to hop across the lilypads and reach the Magic Hags' Potion Shop. Go into the Woods of Mystery behind the Potion Shop and follow the monkey to find Koume.

How do you get big Poes in Ocarina of Time?

Big Poe Locations. For one of the Bottles, find and defeat ten Big Poes that appear throughout Hyrule Field. You'll need to take them down using your bow while being mounted on a horse. Take your captured Poes to the one-eyed ghost in the Hyrule Castle Town.

How do you kill death Armos?

In order to defeat it, Link must shoot a Light Arrow at a Red Emblem located on its side, which will cause it to flip upside down. The Death Armos will then slam its head onto the ground near Link, causing it to explode, damaging anything around it.

How do I get into Ikana Castle?

Entering the Castle
You can get here from the room where you got the Mirror Shield in the well mini-dungeon, or just go to the gate of Ikana Castle and look to the left to find a hole in the wall. If you enter from this hole, turn left and hit the crystal switch, then reflect the light onto the blue sun block.

What does the mask of scents do?

The Mask of Scents is a Mask in Majora's Mask that can detect the more odorous scents and make them visible to the wearer. These scents often lead to mushroom used to make potions. Uses: Using this mask will help you detect scents by coloring their odors in a visible manner.

Who is fierce deity?

Fierce Deity (??, Kishin?) is the presumed name of a character from The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. He is the spirit that is assumed to inhabit the Fierce Deity's Mask. Like with the other transformation masks, his exact appearance may be different from the one seen when Link assumes his shape.

How do you get the couple's mask?

The Couple's Mask is obtained by completing the reuniting Kafei and Anju sidequest. If worn in the Mayor's Official Residence during a meeting in any of the three days, Mayor Dotour will end the meeting and give Link a Piece of Heart.

How do you win the lottery in Majora's Mask?

Take out the 10 rupees from the bank, and buy a winning lottery ticket with the code. Redeem the ticket at night, and do this for each day. At the Night of the Final Day (You better hurry up Link!) you will find that you won 150 rupees and spent 30 rupees for a profit of 120 rupees.

How do you win the horse race in Majora's Mask?

Enter the Gorman Brother's Racetrack while riding Epona and the brothers will challenge you to a race. You'll need to beat both of them to win, so hang on the inside of the track, and time your carrot consumption to leap over gates (never fully consume all your carrots or it will take longer to recharge.

How do I get the stone mask?

To obtain the mask, Link must use the Lens of Truth to find the invisible soldier Shiro. After relating his story of woe, he will ask that Link give him something to cure him. To do this, Link must give him a Red or Blue Potion; if he does, Shiro will give Link the Stone Mask in return.

How do you get the bunny mask in Majora's Mask?

Bunny Hood
Go inside and wear the Bremen Mask, then hold the B button to march. While marching, walk up to all ten of the baby cuccos in this area. Keep marching when all ten are following you and they will become adult cuccos. After they all grow up, Grog gives you the Bunny Hood.

How do you get the postman's mask in Majora's Mask?

To get the Postman's Hat instead, go into the Post Office in West Clock Town and give the Special Delivery to the postman. Follow him to the Latte Milk Bar, which is next to the Stock Pot Inn. Wait for him to come back out and stand by the wall, then talk to him. He gives you the Postman's Hat.

What do I do with the troupe leader's mask?

When Link wears it in the presence of the Gorman Brothers, the mask affects them emotionally, sapping all desire to be rude out of them. During the segment in which Link must defend Cremia's Milk shipment to get Romani's Mask, wearing the Troupe Leader's Mask prevents the bandits from attacking.

What does a Poe do in Zelda?

Poes are recurring enemies in The Legend of Zelda series. They are cloaked spirits that freely roam Graveyards and other haunted locales about Hyrule and other lands. They carry a Lantern with them that serves as the container for that specific Poe Soul.

How do you kill a Poe in Ocarina of Time?

Shoot it twice to kill it, then make sure that you have an empty bottle, and walk into the Poe Soul and you will be asked to put it into an empty bottle. Then go to the guardhouse in Hyrule Castle town, just inside of the drawbridge, and sell it to the guy there to get 50 rupees and 100 points.

Where are all the Poes in Twilight Princess?

There are three Poes here. First Poe is on the 17th floor. Second Poe Is on the 33rd floor. The final Poe is on the 44th floor.