What do you do with an apartment balcony?

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Things To Have In A Balcony | Apartment Balcony Ideas
  1. Small Graceful Chairs and Table. For a small balcony, small little chairs and table are a perfect addition!
  2. Folding Furniture.
  3. Suspended Table, Hanging Pots & Railing Planters.
  4. Sofa or a Sitting Bench With Storage.
  5. Recliner.
  6. Cushions and Poufs.
  7. Bookcase / Rack/ Planting Shelf.

Keeping this in view, can I enclose my balcony?

Balconies are excellent spaces to take in fresh air or sit and enjoy the view. Unfortunately, insects and animals can make your balcony a bit uncomfortable. There are some quick and easy fixes you can do to enclose your balcony, like using outdoor curtains or installing bamboo roll up blinds.

Similarly, what is a small balcony called? A balcony that does not protrude beyond the adjacent walls is known as a Juliet Balcony. or sometimes a Balconet or Balconette.

In respect to this, is covering balcony illegal?

Additional costs are incurred in covering the balcony in terms of covering material and labour needed to install the covering. Additional regular maintenance also may be required for the covered area. 06. You must also consider that if sanctioned plan of your house has the open balcony then covering, it is illegal.

How do you decorate a plant balcony?

In lieu of flowers you can use hedges or straight grass.

  1. Arrange flower pots vertically.
  2. Small cozy balcony.
  3. Folding furniture for a small balcony.
  4. Boxwood.
  5. Carpet and maximum comfort.
  6. Small, beautiful green balcony.
  7. Garden and BBQ.
  8. Grow strawberries on the balcony.

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How do I clean my apartment balcony?

Scrub or mop the floor of the balcony. Combine a fresh mixture of multi-surface cleaner and warm water in a bucket. If the floor of the balcony has a fairly smooth surface, such as wood or tile, a mop should suffice. If the floor has a rough surface, such as concrete, you will need to use a scrub brush.

What is a terrace apartment?

Generally, a terrace is an open, outdoor space off your apartment that sits on a building's setback, therefore not extending over the facade of the building. A deck, meanwhile, tends to be an elevated surface built to extend out over the building's main frame or foundation.

What is the best flooring for a balcony?

These are the top 5 highly recommended flooring options to have a waterproof balcony.
  1. Porcelain and ceramic tile. Porcelain exterior tiles are a durable option if you are looking for patio tiles.
  2. Concrete.
  3. Brick Flooring.
  4. Heavy Duty Flexible Coating.
  5. Rubber Pavers.

How much does it cost to enclose a balcony?

Enclosed Porch Cost Factors
Most porch enclosures require permits, which run $100 to $300 on average. The price to get a building permit depends on the total for the project. The cost to build a patio enclosure ranges from $8,500 to $25,000, or $22 to $75 per square foot.

Is balcony included in FSI?

We decided that since balconies are included in the Floor Space Index (FSI), we shall no longer recognise them. It is for the builder to provide a balcony, but if it is provided it cannot be enclosed. To ensure there is no projection into the open space, the BMC has completely disallowed balconies on the ground floor.

How do you cover a dry balcony?

There are many ways you can keep your balcony dry. Retractable awnings, light lean-to structures, and full-roof covers can shield your outdoor space from downpours. Hanging outdoor blinds around your balcony will prevent the wind from blowing water sideways onto your balcony.

How do you make a balcony screen?

Hold one edge of the screen up an inch or two from the opening along a vertical beam or post, stapling the screen down every few inches to the post or beam. Unroll enough material to span the entire balcony opening or at least reach the next post, stapling it to the ceiling as close to the opening as possible.

How do you enclose a balcony with glass?

How to Enclose a Balcony With Glass
  1. Find out from your local city authorities whether you need a permit to enclose the balcony of your home.
  2. Measure the size of the windows you need.
  3. Decide on the type of framework you will install.
  4. Purchase frames ordered to size.
  5. Remove the existing railing of your balcony, if one exists.

What is meant by enclosed balcony?

What is Enclosed Balcony as per RERA? A Balcony that is not open and is usually with windows instead of open air. It is a platform elevated from the wall of a building, supported by columns and enclosed with walls with few windows.

What is dry balcony?

The dry area cannot be included in the kitchen.It is basically a balcony/terrace. I see it is area outside kitchen like some balcony and around bathrooms.

Does balcony included in carpet area?

It is the net usable area of the apartment. It includes the thickness of the internal wall but excludes balcony or terrace. Technically, the distance between inner walls is carpet area. Also, it will include staircase only if it is inside the apartment, but balcony, lift, lobby, etc. will not include in carpet area.

How do you use a balcony in the winter?

10 Easy Ways To Make Your Balcony The Perfect Chilling Spot This Winter
  1. A canopy for your chair and fairy lights will brighten up your balcony.
  2. Put your old mattresses to use and make your balcony more comfortable.
  3. Use old mats to add privacy to your balcony.
  4. Add some curtains and fairy lights for a perfect winter evening.

Why are there no balconies in Mumbai?

Later people then started breaking the wall to get a longer hall, without the balconies, and the next thing we knew, they ie builders were now making houses without balconies. It's basically an ugly necessity, as it is a space saving device for over crowded Mumbai.

Is covering balcony illegal in Pune?

You can only cover the dry balcony with any blinds. If the FSI of the space is payed for (or used), then it doesn't matter whether the balcony is enclosed or open. If balcony is not part of the FSI consumed, then you can't enclose it legally.

Can a balcony be on the ground floor?

A balcony is a platform on the outside of a building, enclosed by walls or balustrades, supported by columns or console brackets. The platform is projecting from the wall of a building, usually above the ground floor. Balconies are typically small and are not used as social spaces or for entertainment purposes.

Is swimming pool included in FSI?

Open to sky swimming pool at any level other than (xxii) above, excluding at ground level as provided in D.C. regulation 30(ii), shall be counted in FSI. III. Any passage by whatever name not covered under D.C.R. 35(2) shall be counted in FSI.

What is flower bed in building?

Concept of Flower Bed is popular in Mumbai. Its a small space in front of your house or in front of balcony, made out of concrete. Common practice by Mumbai Builders is to charge you for “Flower Bed” area. Their explanation is – it comes with the flat (whether you want it or not).