What did the pink silk lady tell Lyddie?

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One day, Lyddie saw that the woman in pink silk had come back. Lyddie overheard her talking about how she worked at a factory in Lowell, Massachusetts . When the woman recognized Lyddie she said to her "you're a good worker. She never thought that it was possible for a woman could make so much money.

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People also ask, what impressed Lyddie about the lady in the silk dress?

When Lyddie is working at Cutler's Tavern, she meets a factory worker for the first time. She is very impressed by the girl because she happens to be wearing a pink silk dress, which attracts her attention. Although the mistress accuses her of “putting on fancy airs,” Lyddie is impressed with the factory girl.

Beside above, what was Lyddie momentous decision? Each day Lyddie would tape a page of the book to her loom and practice reading and saying the words in her head while she worked. Halfway through July, Lyddie made a big decision. She decided that she was going to buy her own copy of Oliver Twist. Lyddie called out to Diana because she was sure that it was her.

In respect to this, what happens in chapter 3 of Lyddie?

At the beginning of Chapter 3, Lyddie stands outside Cutler's Tavern. She notes that the tavern is larger than the Stevenses' farmhouse. At this point, Lyddie is feeling discouraged. She can't believe her own mother has consigned her and her brother Charlie to a life of servitude.

When Lyddie's mother decides to go to her sisters farm What do Lyddie and Charlie do?


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When Lyddie's mother decides to go to her sister's farm, what do Lyddie and Charlie do? They went to work
What does this show about Lyddie's relationship with her mother and with her brother? she was close to her brother
What happened to Lyddie and Charlie's father? he left them

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Why does Lyddie return to the tavern Chapter 23?

Lyddie returns to Cutler's Tavern and is welcomed back by Triphena. Lyddie asks for her old job back, but that position has been filled. Lyddie asks Luke to wait for her. She wants to come back when she is strong and educated and not weak with no place to go.

What is the plot of Chapter 10 in Lyddie?

In chapter 10, Lyddie completes her first full day on the floor, and she finds it difficult and exhausting. Her feet swell in her new boots, the air is thick with debris, and the noise is deafening.

What is the plot of Chapter 4 in Lyddie?

Chapter 4 begins by telling the reader more about how grueling a time that Lyddie is having while working in the tavern. Mrs. Cutler is a cruel task master and Lyddie is afraid of her and disappointing her as well. Soon into the chapter, Triphena tells Lyddie a story about two frogs that fell into a pail of milk.

What is the plot of Chapter 22 in Lyddie?

Lyddie withdraws all of her savings from the bank and buys another copy of Oliver Twist for Rachel and a dictionary. She finally discovers the meaning of moral turpitude, and it makes her very angry. She tells Brigid why she was dismissed.

What happened to Lyddie's father in Chapter 2?

When Lyddie opens, Mr. Worthen, Lyddie's father, has been away for two years. He left the family because the prospects he had for making money on their farm had soured. He left to try to keep the family from having to go to the "poor farm," a place that the township operated for people who could not support themselves.

Why doesnt Charlie get a letter from Lyddie?

But Lyddie ignored her and decided to write a letter to Mama instead. She wrote: After finishing her letter to Mama, Lyddie decided she should write a letter to Charlie. However, Lyddie was nervous because she had not spoken to him in so long.

What is the plot of Chapter 1 in Lyddie?

Chapter 1 begins with a harrowing situation for Lyddie and her family. Readers meet Lyddie while she is stirring a pot of oatmeal over the fire. Unfortunately, her brother, Charlie, left the door to the house open, and a bear enters the cabin. Lyddie's mother wants to be "with the faithful when the end comes."

Why does Lyddie's family leave the farm?

Worthen leaves because she believes that the farm would no longer be able to sustain her little family indefinitely. Additionally, Mrs. Worthen also believes that the end of the world is upon humanity. She imagines that it would be best to congregate with others who share her beliefs.

How did Lyddie react to being fired?

Lyddie feels resentful of the injustice when she is fired, but she knows that there is nothing she can do about it. Mr. Marsden targeted Lyddie because she saw him harassing Brigid and stopped him. Lyddie understands that Mr.

How is life different for Lyddie in the summer?

The second main summer difference for Lyddie is an emotional/mental difference. Lyddie is discovering that she has a hunger for reading and learning. She spends much of the summer improving her literary skills so that she can buy and read her own copy of Oliver Twist.

What is Mr Marsden doing when Lyddie stomps?

Lyddie buys new clothes and books for Rachel, spending more than two weeks' salary. One night, Mr. Marsden makes Lyddie stay after work and puts his arms around her. She stomps his foot with her boot and runs away from him.

How is Lyddie determined?

Lyddie is determined to never be beholden to anyone. She does not want to have to rely on others and insists on doing everything herself. She takes on the family debt single-handedly, believing that it is her responsibility and not her brother's or her mother's.

Why was Lyddie fired from the agent?

So Lyddie is fired for “moral turpitude,” but she has no idea what that means. She later looks in a dictionary and finds out they called her immoral. She is upset about this, because of course Mr. Marsden is the immoral one.