What did Mr Lyte accuse Johnny of stealing?

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He badly injures his right hand making a silver sugar basin for John Hancock, and now he will never be able to make silver again. The visit turns sour when Merchant Lyte accuses Johnny of stealing the silver cup his mother left him.

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Regarding this, what did Johnny Tremain do?

Fourteen-year-old Johnny Tremain is the gifted apprentice of Ephraim Lapham, a silversmith in Revolutionary-era Boston. The pious and elderly Mr. Lapham is more interested in preparing his own soul for death than in running his silver shop, so Johnny is the chief breadwinner of the family.

Beside above, who is Mr Lyte in Johnny Tremain? Lavinia Lyte Tremain Priscilla Lapham Jonathan Tremain Rab Silsbee Ephraim Lapham

Similarly, what did Mr Lapham say would happen to Johnny because of his pride?

God would send him a dire punishment. Who told Johnny he could work on the Sabbath and finish the sugar basin?

What was Johnny Tremain doing when he burned his hand and why could he have gone to jail?

He was fixing the silver pot while breaking the Sabbath Law.

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Does Rab die in Johnny Tremain?

No members of Rab's family are in their house, and Johnny returns, defeated, to learn that Rab has died in his absence.

What is the main idea of Johnny Tremain?

A theme adds a layer to a story, and Esther Forbes's Johnny Tremain benefits from having three important major themes that are woven throughout the book's events. Humility, coming of age, and tolerance of disabilities are the main themes in this novel.

What happens in chapter 10 of Johnny Tremain?

Revere takes a small boat into the Charles; he plans to row around the British ship and then ride a horse to Charlestown to raise the alarm. Johnny goes to sleep in Dr. Warren's surgery. That night, just before the dawn of April 19th, the first shots of the American Revolution are fired.

How old is Johnny Tremain?


Is Johnny Tremain a fictional character?

Lavinia Lyte Tremain
Priscilla Lapham
Jonathan Tremain
Rab Silsbee
Ephraim Lapham

How many pages is Johnny Tremain?

Bibliographic information
Title Johnny Tremain
Author Esther Hoskins Forbes
Publisher Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 1998
ISBN 0547528388, 9780547528380
Length 288 pages

How did Johnny Tremain burn his hand?

While preparing Hancock's order, Johnny's hand is badly burned when Dove, an older apprentice resentful of Johnny, deliberately gives him a cracked crucible that leaks molten silver. Johnny's hand is crippled beyond use, and he can no longer be a silversmith.

Is Johnny Tremain a classic?

JOHNNY TREMAIN derives from a classic children's novel by Esther Forbes, showing the beginnings of the American Revolution from the POV of a teenage lad in Boston. Johnny (Hank Stalmaster) is an apprentice silversmith (Paul Revere is a competitor) circa 1775.

When did Johnny Tremain burn his hand?

When the crucible breaks, spilling molten silver over the furnace, Johnny slips and badly burns his hand. Mrs. Lapham is afraid to reveal Johnny's sin of breaking the Sabbath, so she summons a midwife instead of a doctor.

What did Lieutenant stranger teach Johnny and goblin?

When Johnny gets there, Lieutenant Stranger offers to give Johnny and Goblin some lessons on how to jump using the hurdles set up in Boston Common. The lessons become a daily event, and Johnny admires Lieutenant Stranger's riding skill and the fact that the lieutenant has never again tried to commandeer Goblin.

Who is the admiral that is in charge of the Navy stationed in Boston?

John M. Richardson (admiral)
John M. Richardson
Allegiance United States
Service/branch United States Navy
Years of service 1982–2019
Rank Admiral

Why does Johnny live with the Lapham family?

He lives with an elderly master silversmith, Mr. Lapham, and two other apprentices. Johnny has a special status within the Lapham house because he is considered the most talented young silversmith in Boston, and his skill brings in enough money to comfortably support the family.

Is there a sequel to Johnny Tremain?

The Fall of War with Love Upon it's Shoulders. *sequel to Johnny Tremain*

How did pumpkin die in Johnny Tremain?

In return, Pumpkin gives Johnny his musket and his old uniform. Johnny gives the musket to Rab. Pumpkin is caught and executed for desertion by the British.

Is Rab a good friend to Johnny?

Rab Silsbee - Johnny's best friend. With his quiet, unassuming confidence, Rab becomes Johnny's model and guide as Johnny struggles to find a new identity. Rab introduces Johnny to the world of revolutionary politics.

What is Johnny Tremain's middle name?

Cilla asks Johnny to tell them the story of his middle name. Johnny reveals that his given name is Jonathan Lyte Tremain. Cilla wonders if he is related to the rich merchant, Jonathan Lyte.