What did Ayesha Curry say about attention?

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Ayesha Curry isn't wrong. The only true opinion and attention she cares about is her husbands but it is nice to be adored. If those of you in relationships disagree with her, delete all of your social media and only send your pictures and thoughts to your significant other.

Keeping this in view, what did Ayesha Curry say about Steph?

"I am human. It brings me pure joy to speak my mind, be vulnerable at times and to know myself inside and out." She said she wanted "to encourage everyone to speak their truth regardless of perception, fitting into a mold or offending someone, because it's YOUR truth. And that's OK!”

Subsequently, question is, why is Ayesha Curry trending? Ayesha Curry was trending on social media on Wednesday after a video of her "Milly Rocking" went viral. People were criticizing the cookbook author and television personality for her dance moves, and took to Twitter to give their take on the video.

Correspondingly, what did Steph Curry say about his wife?

Golden State Warriors' Stephen Curry defended his wife Ayesha late Thursday night after she drew criticism for her comments on some of the more difficult parts of being married to an NBA superstar. " Curry said. "I don't want it, but it would be nice to know that someone's looking."

What did Ayesha Curry say recently?

"I am human," she wrote. "It brings me pure joy to speak my mind, be vulnerable at times and to know myself inside and out." She added that it was her "truth" to speak candidly about, and that her choice to be honest was in hopes that it "helps another woman like [her] feel like they're not alone."

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What happened between Ayesha and Steph Curry?

Ayesha Curry fell under fire after she said on Jada Pinkett Smith's “Red Table Talk” that she's felt self-doubt during her marriage to an NBA star in Steph Curry. She received heavy criticism and support, some of which came from Steph Curry. USA Today asked Steph Curry if women face a tougher time on social media.

Can Ayesha Curry sing?

' Ayesha CurryOpens in a new Window. is a restaurateur, proud mama of three, actress, cook, author, Instagram queen…and singer! The Toronto native shared a video of herself singing to her 6.8 million Instagram followers on October 21, as she belted out a tune dedicated to the start of the workweek.

What ethnicity is Ayesha Curry?


How much is Ayesha Curry worth?

Ayesha Curry's net worth. Ayesha Curry is a Canadian-American chef, author, model, actress, and television personality who has a net worth estimated at $16 million.

What does Ayesha Curry do?


Where is Ayesha Curry from?

Toronto, Canada

What did Ayesha Curry say on twitter?

I'm okay that we lost… I just can't take people coming at my family for absolutely no reason. Something I don't understand or stand for.

What is wrong with Steph?

Star guard Steph Curry suffered a broken left hand against the Phoenix Suns, the team announced. With about 8½ minutes left in the third quarter, Curry drove and collided with Suns center Aron Baynes. "Aron Baynes came up after the game and just wanted to know how Steph was doing," said Warriors coach Steve Kerr.

What size is Ayesha Curry?

1.73 m

How old is Steph Curry and his wife?

32 years (March 14, 1988)

Who is Ayesha Curry mother?

Carol Alexander

Who is Stephen Curry married to?

Ayesha Curry
m. 2011

What did Steph Curry wife have?

Ayesha Curry
m. 2011