What Broadway shows has Jonathan Groff been in?

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  • Little Shop of Horrors. [Off-Broadway] Off-Broadway Revival, 2019.
  • Sondheim on Sondheim. [Los Angeles] Hollywood Bowl Revival, 2017.
  • Hamilton. [Broadway]
  • A New Brain. [New York]
  • Hamilton. [Off-Broadway]
  • The Submission. [Off-Broadway]
  • Deathtrap. [West End]
  • The Singing Forest. [Off-Broadway]

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Also to know is, what was Jonathan Groff in?

Groff is also known for his television appearances, such as Ian Todd in the Starz political drama Boss; lead-character Patrick Murray in the HBO comedy-drama series Looking, and its subsequent series finale television film, Looking: The Movie; and the recurring role of Jesse St. James in the Fox musical-comedy series

One may also ask, is the original cast of Hamilton still on Broadway? NEW YORK (AP) — Next year, you'll be able to see the original Broadway cast of “Hamilton” perform the musical smash from the comfort of a movie theater. The Walt Disney Company said Monday it will distribute a four-year-old live capture of Lin-Manuel Miranda's show in the United States and Canada on Oct. 15, 2021.

Keeping this in view, who has Jonathan Groff dated?

Jonathan Groff girlfriends: He had at least 2 relationship previously. Jonathan Groff has not been previously engaged. Jonathan Groff has been in relationships with Zachary Quinto (2010 – 2013) and Gavin Creel (2009 – 2010). We are currently in process of looking up information on the previous dates and hookups.

When did Jonathan Groff leave Hamilton?

They have to move on to other things! And that's exactly what Groff did. According to Playbill, his last Hamilton show was on April 9, when he left to begin filming his role in David Fincher's Netflix series, Mindhunter.

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Who is Jonathan Groff's wife?

He began dating Cavin Creel in 2009. The couple broke up in 2010. In the same year, Groff began dating Zachery Quinto.

Is Lea Michele dating Jonathan Groff?

Gleeks stay together. Newly engaged Lea Michele revealed on Instagram on Wednesday that her former “Glee” co-star Jonathan Groff will be her “maid of honor” when she ties the knot with fashion exec Zandy Reich. Groff, 33, played Jesse St.

Who is Kristoff's voice?

Jonathan Groff
Scott Michael Foster
Once Upon a Time

How did wendla die in Spring Awakening?

Wendla Bergmann is the female lead of the Spring Awakening play and musical, and the tritagonist overall. She dies in both from a botched abortion.

Does Jonathan Groff sing in frozen?

In addition to singing in the film, Groff recently performed karaoke with Idina Menzel and Josh Gad, both of whom are reprising their roles as Elsa and Olaf. Groff also sang a duet with Kristen Bell. It was cut from the film, but added to the deluxe edition of the "Frozen 2 "album, he said.

Does Jonathan Groff voice Sven?

The sounds Sven makes such as his grunts and snorts were recorded by the voice actor Frank Welker. Jonathan Groff, who provides the English voice for Kristoff, stated that while Olaf and some animals from other Disney films have the ability to talk, Sven cannot do so.

Does Jonathan Groff sing?

After all, Groff earned Tony nominations for his roles in the Broadway musicals Spring Awakening and Hamilton (maybe you've heard of it?), and he played Jesse St. James in the musical-comedy series Glee. In other words, the man can sing.

When did Jonathan Groff join Glee?

Year Title Role
2010 Twelve Thirty Jeff
Glee Jesse St. James
2011 Glee Encore Jesse St. James
2012 The Good Wife Jimmy Fellner

Is Jonathan Groff Amish?

Jonathan Groff: 'I was an Amish chauffeur' Glee star Jonathan Groff has revealed he was an Amish chauffeur growing up in rural Pennsylvania. The gay actor worked on his father's horse farm when he was a teenager and was given the job of making sure local girls got home safely.

Is Lea Michele married to Jonathan Groff?

A year after announcing her engagement via Instagram, Lea Michele is married. Among the small crowd of family and friends were Michele's Glee costars Darren Criss, Jonathan Groff (who served as maid of honor), and Becca Tobin, and Scream Queens costar Emma Roberts.

Is Jonathan Groff in Aladdin?

Odds & Ends: Jonathan Groff Joins The Matrix, Aladdin Live-Action Film to Receive Spinoff Series & More | Broadway Buzz | Broadway.com.

Does Jonathan Groff have a boyfriend?

Quick Summary
Date of Birth March 26 ,1985
Boyfriend Gavin Creel
Ex-Boyfriend Zachary Quint
Gay Yes
Net Worth $3 million

Who is Zachary Quinto dating?

Zachary Quinto Confirms He's Dating Glee's Jonathan Groff
The actor, who came out as gay last October, confirmed that he is in a relationship with Glee star Jonathan Groff, who plays Jesse St. James on the show.

Who produced Consulting Jonathan Groff how I met your mother?

Before his work on Scrubs, Jonathan Groff was a writer for Late Night with Conan O'Brien. He also created the shows Andy Parker, P.I. and The Jake Effect and was a consulting producer for How I Met Your Mother.

How tall is Jonathan Groff?

1.8 m

Who played Jesse St James in Glee?

Jonathan Groff

Who has played King George in Hamilton on Broadway?

Of the original workshop cast, only three principal cast members played in the Off-Broadway production: Miranda, Daveed Diggs, and Christopher Jackson. Most of the original Off-Broadway cast moved to Broadway, except Brian d'Arcy James, who was replaced by Jonathan Groff as King George III.