What are the Texas Lotto numbers?

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Lotto Texas Past Winning Numbers
Draw Date Winning Numbers Estimated Jackpot
01/25/2020 22 - 25 - 29 - 37 - 39 - 44 $5.5 Million
01/22/2020 4 - 13 - 20 - 35 - 48 - 51 $5.25 Million
01/18/2020 17 - 20 - 27 - 33 - 35 - 45 $5 Million
01/15/2020 16 - 34 - 38 - 40 - 49 - 54 $17.5 Million

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Furthermore, what were the winning numbers for Texas Lotto?

Lotto Texas Winning Numbers for 02/22/2020 are: 23. 38. 41. 47.

Additionally, what are tonight's winning lottery numbers? Tonight's National Lottery Lotto winning numbers are: 02, 03, 05, 27, 51, 54 and the Bonus Ball is 06.

Thereof, what were the Texas Lotto numbers for Saturday?

Saturday's Texas Lottery Results

Game Result
Texas Two Step Past Results: last 10 year Thu, Feb 13, 2020 5 11 14 28 27 Bonus
Mega Millions Past Results: last 10 year Fri, Feb 14, 2020 10 32 48 54 55 18 MB Megaplier: 5
Powerball Past Results: last 10 year Sat, Feb 15, 2020 16 32 35 36 46 3 PB Power Play: 3

What is Texas Lotto jackpot?

Lotto Texas Estimated Jackpot Calculation Documents

Draw Date Advertised Jackpot** Estimated Jackpot
02/19/2020 $7.25 M *

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What were the lottery numbers from last night?

The winning numbers last night were 12-33-54-57-60, with the Powerball being 13 with a Power Play of 4x. Nobody won the jackpot by matching all numbers and the Powerball, but one person did win at least $1 million by matching all five white balls.

What were the winning Lotto numbers last night?

Tonight's National Lottery Lotto winning numbers are: 03, 13, 27, 30, 32, 37 and the Bonus Ball is 08. Tonight's National Lottery Thunderball winning numbers are: 05, 16, 23, 26, 34 and the Thunderball is 12. The first National Lottery draw was held on November 19 1994 when seven winners shared a jackpot of £5,874,778.

How can I win the Lotto?

How to Win the Lottery: 7 Tips that Really Work!
  1. Improve Your Chances of Winning the Lottery by Playing the Right Games.
  2. Join a Lottery Pool to Get More Entries Without Spending More Money.
  3. Don't Miss a Lottery Win!
  4. Multiply Your Chances of Winning the Lottery with Second-Chance Games.
  5. Someone Else's Loss Might Be Your Lottery Ticket Win.

What lottery is tonight in Texas?

How To Find Out If You're a Winner
Game Days Time
Powerball® Wednesday/Saturday 10:12 p.m. CT
Mega Millions® Tuesday/Friday 10:12 p.m. CT
Lotto Texas® Wednesday/Saturday 10:12 p.m. CT
Texas Two Step® Monday/Thursday 10:12 p.m. CT

What was the winning lottery numbers for Saturday?

The Powerball jackpot for Saturday's lottery drawing has jumped to an estimated $373 million with a cash option of $253.7 million, making it potentially the 31st largest prize in U.S. lottery history. The winning numbers were: 2, 9, 17, 36 and 67.

What were the lottery numbers last Saturday?

You can find out by checking your ticket against tonight's numbers below. Good luck! Tonight's National Lottery Lotto winning numbers are: 10, 11, 33, 41, 45, 54 and the Bonus Ball is 18. Tonight's National Lottery Thunderball winning numbers are: 03, 09, 13, 24, 30 and the Thunderball is 02.

Does 1 number and bonus ball win anything?

The Bonus Ball exists to give players who have matched five of the six main numbers a chance to win an even better prize. The odds of matching five main numbers without the Bonus Ball are 1 in 144,415, while the chances of matching five main numbers plus the Bonus Ball are 1 in 7,509,579.

How much do you get for 2 numbers on the Lotto?

UK Lotto Prizes
Winning Combination Odds of Winning Prize
5 Numbers 1 in 144,415 £1,750
4 Numbers 1 in 2,180 £140
3 Numbers 1 in 97 £30
2 Numbers 1 in 10.3 Free Lotto Lucky Dip

Do you get anything for 2 numbers on Lotto?

If you match two main numbers you will receive a free Lotto Lucky Dip, while there are fixed prizes of £30, £140 and £1,750 available for matching three, four, or five main numbers. If you match five of the main numbers plus this Bonus Ball, you will win £1 million.

What time is the lottery draw on TV tonight?

The Lotto draw takes place every Wednesday and Saturday at 8.30pm, with ticket sales closing an hour beforehand.

How much do you win for 3 numbers on the Lotto?

Those matching three numbers will get £25 instead of £10, and the amount paid for four numbers rises from £60 to £100. But players also receive a new Lotto Raffle number, which will consist of a colour and an eight-digit number. Fifty raffle numbers will be selected and win £20,000 each.

Who won EuroMillions?

In the New Year's Day draw, Patrick and Frances Connolly, from Northern Ireland, won the £114.9 million EuroMillions jackpot.

What time is the lottery?

What time is the draw? Tonight's Lotto draw is at 7.45pm with the Thunderball draw following at 8.15pm.

What do u do if u win the Powerball?

Before turning in the winning ticket
  1. Secure your ticket.
  2. Take a deep breath and take your time.
  3. Protect your privacy.
  4. Put together a crack team.
  5. Make a general plan.
  6. Lump sum or annuities?
  7. Plan for beyond.

How can I check if my lottery numbers have ever won?

Players can search to see if a specific number combination has ever been drawn by using the "Winning Numbers History" section of the Lottery website: Click here for Winning Numbers History. Also, visit any game page and scroll down to use the "Has My Number Ever Won" feature.

What is the cash value option for Texas lottery?

Within Texas, players must choose the cash value option (CVO) or annual pay (AP) when purchasing Powerball, Mega Millions, and/or Lotto Texas tickets when playing, instead of after winning (see below).

Is it safe to buy lottery tickets online?

For those still asking the question, “Can I buy lottery tickets online?” The answer is a resounding, YES. However, most players buying lottery tickets online are new to the process of, for example, legally purchasing a USA Powerball ticket online. If this is you then you may have some legitimate concerns.