What are CSI divisions?

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Division 02 — Existing Conditions. Division 03 — Concrete. Division 04 — Masonry. Division 05 — Metals. Division 06 — Wood, Plastics, and Composites.

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Thereof, what are the 16 CSI divisions?


  • Division 01 — General Requirement.
  • Division 02 — Site Construction.
  • Division 03 — Concrete.
  • Division 04 — Masonry.
  • Division 05 — Metals.
  • Division 06 — Wood and Plastics.
  • Division 07 — Thermal and Moisture Protection.
  • Division 08 — Doors and Windows.

Also Know, what does CSI codes stand for? The Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) is a national association of more than 6969. construction industry professionals who are experts in building construction and the materials used therein.

Accordingly, what is the CSI format?

MasterFormat is a coding system for organizing construction documents, contracts, design specifications, and operational manuals. It uses specific numbers and associated titles that make up a universal indexing system.

What are the three parts of a technical section under the CSI format?

What are the 3 parts of a technical section under the CSI format (1) General, (2) products and (3) execution 3.

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What CSI division is landscaping?

Division 32 covers two general categories of site improvements - pavement and landscaping. Pavement subtopics address the complete construction process for asphalt, concrete and unit paving. Landscaping subtopics include fencing, retaining walls, irrigation, plantings and wetlands concerns.

What CSI division is plumbing?

Division 20 — Mechanical Support. Division 21 — Fire Suppression. Division 22 — Plumbing. Division 23 — Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning.

What is MasterFormat construction?

MasterFormat is a standard for organizing specifications and other written information for commercial and institutional building projects in the U.S. and Canada. MasterFormat is used throughout the construction industry to format specifications for construction contract documents.

What is a CSI code in construction?

The Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) is the organization that publishes the MasterFormat. The information is organized in title divisions, such as electrical, mechanical, procurement and contracting requirements, HVAC and thermal protection.

What is Division 28?

Division 28 is intended to encompass the various electronic (i.e. 'intelligent') elements related to security, fire, and other life safety systems. The last major change in Division 28 occurred in 2004 with significant input from Building Industry Consulting Service International (BICSI).

What is Division 9 in construction?

Page 1. Most of you should know that Division 9 in a Construction Specification deals with flooring materials but not everyone has an understanding of the relationship this has with Division 3. Division 3 covers the concrete substrate on a construction project and Division 9 the finishes which include the flooring.

What are Division 10 Specialties?

10 - Specialties
  • 10 2100 - Compartments and Cubicles. 10 2150 - Cubicles & Curtains.
  • 10 2200 - Partitions. 10 2210 - Folding & Coiling Gates.
  • 10 2500 - Service Walls & Interior Drinking Fountains. 22 6300 - Patient Bed Service Walls.
  • 10 2600 - Wall and Corner Protection.
  • 10 2800 - Toilet, Bath and Laundry Specialties.

What is the difference between Masterformat and Uniformat?

The differences between two the formats is that Masterformat organizes the building design by the material of the project. The Uniformat is a method that organizes the building design in a way that links the systems of the project.

What is a spec writer?

Specification writers describe to builders the different types of materials used in construction projects. They also instruct builders on how to use the materials. Therefore, the specification writer is an essential member of the construction industry.

What CSI division is structural steel?

CSI MasterFormat Division List
Introductory Information
Bidding Requirements
05100 Structural Metal Framing
05200 Metal Joists
05300 Metal Deck

What is OmniClass?

The OmniClass Construction Classification System, also known as OmniClass™ or OCCS, is a classification system used for the organising and retrieving of information for the construction industry. It is the North American equivalent of Uniclass. Construction Entities by Function – Table 11.

What is a specification for construction?

Construction specifications, also called specs, are the details for the work that needs to be completed in a construction project. These details include information such as materials, the scope of work, installation process, and quality of work.

What are cost codes in construction?

Cost Codes are specific types of work being done on a project. Examples of cost codes would be footings, CIP walls, and slabs on ground. These generally resemble the CSI Master Format. Phases are only used when you what to break down the cost codes to match the schedule and analyze the cost in greater detail.

What are building specifications?

The building specifications are an important group of documents which forms part of the contract. The building specifications consist of plans, elevations and items which the customer has specified. These documents are used to work out the contract price at the beginning of the project.

What is Uniformat II?

UNIFORMAT II is a significant advance over the original UNIFORMAT classification. in that it has added elements and expanded descriptions of many existing elements. This. report proposes a fourth level of definition to augment the three hierarchical levels. provided in the original UNIFORMAT II.

How many levels can each division in the 2004 MasterFormat break down into?

In 2004, CSI and CSC published a vastly expanded edition of MasterFormat organized into 50 divisions with six- and eight-digit section numbers.

How does the MasterFormat help all participants in the industry to communicate?

It is the most common standard for organizing specifications for commercial and institutional buildings in the United States and Canada, because it helps improve communication between members of the design and construction team by providing a master list of numbers and titles to organize project manuals and detailed