What are benefits of Costco executive membership?

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Executive Members earn an annual 2% Reward (up to $1,000) on qualified Costco, Costco.com and Costco Travel** purchases, as well as greater discounts on Costco Services, such as lower prices on check printing and identity protection, and free roadside assistance for vehicles covered through the auto insurance program.

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Similarly, is it worth it to get a Costco executive membership?

Some of the top benefits of the Costco Executive membership are aimed at business members. As long as you're spending over $250 a month at Costco, the executive membership is probably worth the extra cost, since you can make up the added fee with your cash back.

Similarly, what is the difference between Costco executive and regular membership? Executive Members earn an annual 2% Reward on qualifying purchases at Costco, Costco.com, and Costco Travel. Costco membership is $60 a year. An Executive Membership is an additional $60 upgrade fee a year. Each includes a free Household Card.

Furthermore, what do you get with Costco Executive Membership?

For that fee, executive members get a 2% annual cash back reward on purchases, access to discounted rates on home, auto, life, dental, medical and vision insurance; pre-arranged automobile pricing through the Costco Auto Program; discounted business services like payroll, bookkeeping and payment processing; and even

How many members can you have on an executive Costco card?

A total of two people can be on a Gold Star Membership (either regular or Executive): one Primary Member and one free household member who is over 18 and lives at the same address.

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How much do you have to spend at Costco to make the executive membership worth it?

Earn rewards, transfer balances, and explore cards with the best terms for you. Based on the cash-back reward alone, to make the membership fee worth it you'd need to spend $3,000 a year to get back your extra $60 membership fee.

How much do you have to spend at Costco to break even?

In order to break even at Costco (assuming a $60.00 per year membership), you have to spend at least $600.00 per year.

Is Costco fuel good quality?

Costco's gas may be the cheapest in town, but it's still high-quality. Kirkland Signature fuel meets Top Tier standards, which means it has deposit control additives to clean your engine and help it run more efficiently.

Does Costco gas count towards executive membership?

But with the Executive Membership you get 2% cash-back on most purchases made at Costco. Note: Purchases that do NOT pay you 2% cash back include: tobacco products, stamps, gasoline (but AMEX does pay you for gas, see below), cash cards, and food court items.

Does Costco have early hours for executive members?

The early member hours was one of the big benefits to those who held an Executive or Business membership because everyone was able to get into Costco one hour earlier than the Gold Star members, and that meant less crowds inside the warehouse and shorter lines for check-out.

How much is a Costco Gold Star Membership?

Gold Star Membership: $60.00 Annual membership fee* Includes a free Household Card. Valid at all Costco locations worldwide.

What are the different types of Costco memberships?

Costco offers three membership levels: Gold Star, Executive and Business.

Three types of membership
  • Gold Star membership. $60 annual membership fee.
  • Executive Gold Star membership. $120 annual membership fee.
  • Business membership. $60 annual membership fee.

What are the perks of being an executive member at Costco?

Executive Member benefits include an annual 2% Reward (up to $1,000)* on qualified Costco, Costco.com and Costco Travel purchases. Plus, Executive Members receive additional benefits and greater discounts on many Costco Services, including Costco Travel.

What are Costco hours for executive members?

From Monday through Friday, Executive level memberships allow you to enter the store one hour ahead of Gold members. Other than that, the hours are the same.

Can I cash my Costco rebate check?

It cannot be used for the purchase of alcohol, tobacco, or at their food court. An interesting fact some people don't know is while the Costco Executive Membership rebate check can't be cashed at your bank, it CAN be cashed at the Costco customer service counter.

Who is Costco owned by?

Costco Wholesale Corporation, doing business as Costco, is an American multinational corporation which operates a chain of membership-only warehouse clubs.

Costco's logo since 1997
Headquarters in Issaquah, Washington
Founders James Sinegal Jeffrey Brotman
Headquarters Issaquah, Washington , United States

Can I use someone else's Costco card?

The Costco membership card is non-transferable, but there are several ways to share the experience with family and friends. Anyone with a card can bring up to two guests to the Warehouse during each visit. That way they'll also get the benefits of a Costco membership.

How much is a basic Costco membership?

Costco memberships start at $60
A Gold Star Costco membership costs $60 a year. An executive membership is $120 and entitles the cardholder to extra perks, like 2% back on Costco purchases (including Costco travel purchases).

How do I redeem my Costco executive rewards?

To redeem them, simply visit your local Costco warehouse (they are valid anywhere within the U.S., including Puerto Rico). Please note that reward coupons can't be redeemed at our gas stations or online at Costco.com.

What are the benefits of Costco Visa card?

The main benefit of the Costco Anywhere Visa® Card by Citi is the cash back it provides on gas, travel, restaurant, and Costco purchases. Cardmembers earn 4% on eligible gas purchases, up to the first $7,000 per year; after that, you'll get just 1%.

How do I get my Costco Executive Membership rebate?

If you're the Primary member on an Executive Membership, you can check your current 2% Reward estimate by signing in to your Costco.com account. As long as you're verified, you'll see the estimate in the Membership Information section of your Account Details.

How much is the cheapest Costco membership?

The Cost of a Costco Membership
Costco memberships range from $60 (Standard Gold Star) to $120 (for Gold Star Executive, which comes with a 2% cashback rebate each year). Those fees are not insignificant. And they just so happen to be how Costco makes a good share of its profits.