What are all the American Girl dolls of the year?

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List of Girl of the Year Characters
  • Lindsey Bergman was released in 2001.
  • Kailey Hopkins was released in 2003.
  • Marisol Luna was released in 2005.
  • Jess McConnell was released in 2006.
  • Nicki Fleming was released in 2007.
  • Mia St.
  • Chrissa Maxwell was released in 2009.
  • Lanie Holland was released in 2010.

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Moreover, how many different American Girl dolls are there?

32 million American Girl

Also Know, what is the American Girl Doll of the Year? The Mattel-owned company has announced its annual "Girl of the Year," and 2020's doll is Joss Kendrick, a 10-year-old surfer and competitive cheerleader from Huntington Beach, California. She has two older brothers and a pet bulldog. She has long brown hair and brown eyes and wears a swimsuit, hoodie and shorts.

Moreover, what are all the American Girl dolls names?

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What is the best age for American Girl dolls?


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What is the prettiest American Girl doll?

Rebecca Rubin is the only American Girl doll whose hair color is described as “honey brown.” The vibrancy of this color outshines the “light brown,” and although some people describe Rebecca's hair as “caramel,” it is not. Caramel is a much lighter shade - almost blonde.

Is American Girl doll going out of business?

And while American Girl still publishes stories to go with some dolls, the brand is no longer wedded to books as the only vehicle for storytelling. In March this year, American Girl closed two stores in the Mall of America in Minnesota and Boston, leaving the company with 17 remaining stores.

Why is American Girl store closing?

The store closed for good Wednesday after a run of more than 10 years, due to a desire of its parent company, toy giant Mattel Inc., to cut costs.

Who is the oldest American Girl doll?

Kaya'aton'my, referred to as Kaya, is the "oldest" American Girl doll, with the birth year of 1764. Her name translates to She Who Arranges Rocks. Kaya was a member of the Nez Perce tribe of the American Northwest. Given her beauty and her senior-level status among American Girl dolls, she sells for as much as $596.

Which American Girl dolls are discontinued?

Retired American Girl Dolls: Where Are Felicity, Kirsten, Samantha, and Molly Now?
  • Felicity Merriman. Threads of silver weave their way through Felicity Merriman's distinctive red hair; despite her apparent age, however, she remains as spry and young at heart as always.
  • Kirsten Larson.
  • Samantha Parkington.

What is the most famous American Girl doll?

Kit Kittredge is one of the most famous American Girl dolls ever made. This doll brings with her the story of The Great Depression in America. Kit Kittredge was born in 1934.

What is a BeForever doll?

BeForever. BeForever was the rebranding of the Historical line of American Girl, relaunched and released by American Girl in 2014. The rebranding was done to refresh the line and make the historical characters relevant to a new generation of the target audience.

Do Truly Me dolls have names?

Unlike the Historical/BeForever Characters, Girls of the Year, or Contemporary Characters, the dolls are not named or characterized by American Girl directly. Instead, purchasers are encouraged to name and create the doll's personality themselves.

How much does it cost to buy an American Girl doll?

At $95 for a doll and paperback book, the American Girl doll is pricey, but parents are willing to spend a bit extra for a well-manufactured doll. "I think they're just really well made dolls," said Mandi Ehman, a mother of four girls who owned an American Girl doll herself as a child.

How can I tell what American Girl doll I have?

Mattel dolls have American Girl stamped on the back of the neck. But if you have an older doll, there are ways to detect whether she is PM or a transitional doll. Only SIX historical dolls can be PM - Kirsten, Molly, Samantha, Felicity, Addy and Josefina.

What are the original American Girl dolls?

The first line of American Girl Dolls were the Historical Character Dolls. The current Historical Character Dolls are Kaya®, Felicity®, Josefina®, Addy®, Rebecca™, Kit®, Molly®, and Julie®. In 1992, American Girl published the first issue of American Girl Magazine.

Do American Girl dolls have birthdays?

No dolls have July birthdays either. Ruthie Smithens – Lives in Cincinnati, Ohio and was born on August 22, 1923. She is Kit's best friend.

Who is the American Girl Doll of the Year 2020?

American Girl's 2020 girl of the year is 1st doll with hearing loss. American Girl's 2020 Girl of the Year doll is Joss Kendrick. The new doll, which debuted on "Good Morning America," is a competitive cheerleader and a surfer from southern California.

Who was the first American Girl of the Year?

Girls of the Year were introduced in 2001 with Lindsey Bergman.

Who was the first Girl of the Year American Girl doll?

Kirsten was one of the first three dolls produced by American Girl in 1986.

What American Girl doll is retiring next?

Why might Samantha retire?: Samantha might retire because maybe they are going to be rotating the rereleased dolls. For example, they retire Samantha for Felicity, and then in a couple years they retire Felicity for another doll (hopefully Kirsten!