Is Tower Bridge walkway free?

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London Bridge is actually a comparatively underwhelming structure slightly up the River Thames. It's free to walk across the bridge and to witness its opening and closing, but you will need to buy a ticket for the Tower Bridge Exhibition.

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In this regard, can you walk over Tower Bridge for free?

Pedestrians can walk across the Tower Bridge for free (except when there is a bridge lift to allow larger boats on the River Thames to go by). If you want to access the glass walkways or steam engine room, you will need to purchase a ticket for the Tower Bridge Exhibition beforehand.

Also Know, is Tower Bridge open to pedestrians? The bridge deck is freely accessible to both vehicles and pedestrians, whereas the bridge's twin towers, high-level walkways and Victorian engine rooms form part of the Tower Bridge Exhibition, for which an admission charge is made.

People also ask, how much does it cost to walk the Tower Bridge?

Tower Bridge + The Monument tickets

Adult £12.00
2 Adults & 1 Child £25.20
2 Adults & 2 Children £29.00
2 Adults & 3 Children £32.80
2 Adults & 4 Children £34.10

Is Tower Bridge worth visiting?

There are several reasons why visiting the Tower Bridge Exhibition, London is absolutely worth it. The Tower Bridge Exhibition is also famous for its Glass Floor which offers an incredible view of the city below, and the River Thames – you might even get to see the bridge being raised!

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How long do you need to visit Tower Bridge?

Visitors indicate that you can expect to spend anywhere from 30 – 60 minutes looking around and seeing everything that you can see on your own at the Tower Bridge Experience.

What is there to do around Tower Bridge?

  • Tower of London.
  • Tower Bridge.
  • Churchill War Rooms.
  • National Gallery.
  • The British Museum.
  • Westminster Abbey.
  • V&A - Victoria and Albert Museum.
  • St. Paul's Cathedral.

Can you go inside Tower Bridge?

We're delighted to confirm that Tower Bridge is fully accessible. There is lift access taking visitors to all levels in the towers and the Engine Rooms meaning that visitors can enjoy all parts of this iconic landmark. Accessible toilets are available once inside, located in the South Tower and in the Engine Rooms.

Do you have to pay for Tower Bridge?

Visitors to Tower Bridge often ask whether boats need to pay to open Tower Bridge and the answer is: no, it's free! The conditions for opening Tower Bridge are that your ship is more than 9m tall and that you give, in writing, a minimum of 24 hours' notice of wishing to pass through.

Why is the Tower Bridge famous?

The History of Tower Bridge
Built between 1886 and 1894, the Tower Bridge was designed to ease road traffic while preserving access to a main stretch of the River Thames. A traditional fixed bridge at street level could not be built because it would cut off access for many tall ships.

Does the Tower Bridge open?

A visit to London just isn't complete until you see Tower Bridge open for a passing ship! In the last year the bridge has opened 777 times which is, on average, twice a day. The cost for opening Tower Bridge has remained the same though: it's completely free!

Does Tower Bridge have a glass floor?

Tower Bridge Glass Floor
Experience the spectacular Glass Floor across the high-level Walkways when you visit Tower Bridge! This permanent feature offers visitors an incredible birds-eye view of London life, from 42 metres above the River Thames.

Can you buy Tower Bridge tickets on the day?

Tower Bridge + The Monument tickets can be purchased on the day from either attraction or in advance via our online booking system. This ticket offer is valid for seven days from date of purchase and permits one visit per attraction.

What time does the Tower Bridge open?

Opening Hours: 09:30 – 17:00 (last admission)
Please note, on the third Saturday of every month, Tower Bridge opens at the later time of 10:00 to facilitate Autism Friendly Early Opening sessions.

Does Tower Bridge still raise?

Tower Bridge lifts 1,000 a year which is a rough average of three times a day. This is all controlled by computer now and you can watch a video of the process in the Engine Room at the Tower Bridge Exhibition.

Is there a lift in Tower Bridge?

There are two lifts up to the walkways, one in the North Tower of the Bridge and one in the South Tower. There's an external lift to access the Engine Rooms entrance and the Tower Bridge Gift Shop from the Bridge level to the Thames footpath level. It is located on the southeast side of the Bridge.

Can you walk over the Westminster Bridge?

The Westminster Bridge connects the Palace of Westminster on the north side of the river with County Hall on the south side. To walk across it, take the Tube to Westminster station, which will bring you close to the north bank of the Thames. There is no fee to access the bridge.

Why does Tower Bridge open?

When Tower Bridge was first built in the late 1800s, ships sailing on the Thames were carrying other important cargo. Even though these cargo ships have long gone, Tower Bridge still opens roughly 1000 times a year. Visit our Bridge lifts page to see when Tower Bridge is opening next.

What is the Tower Bridge used for?

How it Works. When it was built, Tower Bridge was the largest and most sophisticated bascule bridge ever completed ("bascule" comes from the French for "see-saw"). These bascules were operated by hydraulics, using steam to power the enormous pumping engines.

Where can I watch Tower Bridge open?

Best place to stand is by the river on the north side by the Tower of London or on the south side before you reach the HMS Belfast. I had the best view, from my room on the 6th floor of the Tower (Guoman) hotel, right beside the bridge.

What is the difference between Tower Bridge and London Bridge?

Tower BridgeTower Bridge is clearly a more beautiful bridge than London Bridge. The London Bridge that still stands today dates from 1973. So, despite the fact London Bridge has existed here the longest, the actual bridge standing today is one of the more modern bridges over the Thames in London.

How do I get to Tower Bridge?

Tube. Tower Hill station can be accessed from the District and Circle lines to the north side of the Bridge. London Bridge station is served by the Northern and Jubilee lines and brings you to the south bank of the River Thames. Tower Bridge is just a short walk away.