Is there a recall on Samsung washers?

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Samsung Electronics America, Inc., in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), announced a voluntary recall of certain top-load washers manufactured between March 2011 and October 2016. The first option is a free in-home repair that includes reinforcement of the washer's top.

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Simply so, what Samsung washers have been recalled?

Incidents/Injuries: Samsung has received 733 reports of washing machines experiencing excessive vibration or the top detaching from the washing machine chassis.

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Furthermore, are Samsung washers safe now? Last November, Samsung announced it was recalling nearly 3 million defective washing machines. But now some consumers say the washers are still dangerous even after the company vowed to fix them. Those washing machines are in millions of homes right now. Some have shaken so violently that they explode.

Correspondingly, is my Samsung washer under recall?

To verify if your model top-load washer is included in the recall, locate the model and serial number on the back of the machine. Type the Model and Serial number into the Samsung recall checker here or call Samsung at 866-264-5636 between 8 am and 10 pm (ET), Monday – Sunday to check if your model is affected.

What model washing machines are being recalled?

Here is a full list of the models involved in the Whirlpool recall of fire-risk Hotpoint and Indesit branded washing machines: FML 742P UK Hotpoint. WMAOD 743G UK Hotpoint. WMAOD 743P UK Hotpoint.

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Is there a class action lawsuit against Samsung washers?

Samsung Electronics has reached a settlement in a class-action lawsuit over 2.8 million "exploding" washing machines recalled in the US, the South Korean company said Tuesday. The lawsuit claimed some of the washers were "exploding".

How long do Samsung washing machines last?

With that being said, it is typically recommended to replace any large appliance, such as a washing machine, every eight years, but your washing machine could potentially last up to 14 years or even longer with the proper upkeep and maintenance.

Are Samsung good washing machines?

Whirlpool, LG and Samsung all have very good reliability. They have similar features. LG has a shallower model. Samsung has the best features at a price, but after that similar in washing.

How long is Samsung washer warranty?

How long is the warranty period on my Samsung washing machine and/or tumble dryer? The warranty period for washing machines, washer-dryers and tumble dryers is 24 months.

Can you reset a Samsung washer?

To reset your Samsung washing machine you need to simply disconnect the washing machine from power for 5 to 10 minutes. (Unplug the washer from the wall outlet or flip the breaker in the breaker box for the washing machine).

Are Samsung washers still exploding?

No one injured as another Samsung washing machine explodes. Despite the recall of nearly 3 million washing machines by Korean company Samsung, a rash of explosions continues. In November 2016, the company announced the recall of 2.8 million washing machines that range across 34 of the company's models.

Why is my Samsung Washer not washing?

If your washing machine isn't draining or filling, the most likely cause is a clogged filter, or clogged or twisted hose. This may display as a 4E/4C or 5E/5C error message on your machine. It talks you through draining and water supply issues, including kinked hoses and cleaning the debris filter.

What Samsung washer explodes?

Samsung -- still reeling from its fire-prone Galaxy Note 7 smartphone -- is recalling almost 3 million washing machines because they can explode.

How much does it cost to fix a Samsung washing machine?

Some put the average washing machine repair price range at anywhere from $51 to $350, while others (including one of our top competitors) say repairs will run you a minimum of $200.

Are Samsung and LG washers made by the same company?

Although both LG and Samsung are Korean companies, some of their appliances are made in Mexico or China.

How do I balance my Samsung VRT washer?

You can find information and manuals for your specific model with Samsung Support.

  1. Turn the washing machine off and then on again.
  2. Hold down the Temp. and Delay End (+) buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds. CB or CLB will appear on the display.
  3. Press the Start/Pause button to begin Calibration Mode.

How do I reset my Samsung front load washer?

SAMSUNG WASHER FIX/SOLUTION: Plug the power cord into a live electrical outlet. Check the fuse or reset the circuit breaker.

FAULT CODE SOLUTION/FIX: Clean the drain filter.
  1. Turn off the unit for 10 seconds and then turn it on again.
  2. Select the Spin Only cycle.
  3. Press the Start/Pause to drain the water.

What is smart care Samsung?

Smart Care is a feature of the Samsung Smart Washer/Dryer app that lets you use your phone's camera to scan a code on the washer or dryer's display.

Can washing machines explode?

Prevents Explosions
The reason the chances are rare is that there are numerous safety mechanisms in your washing machine to prevent it from happening. And when those safety mechanisms do fail, they generally fail in a safe way, by disabling the machine. But explosions still happen.

How do I clean the drum on my Samsung washing machine?

Solution 1
  1. 1 Press Power button. Power On the washing machine.
  2. 2 Select a Washing Tub Cleaning course on the Display Panel. Select a Washing Tub Clean Course.
  3. 4 Push Start/Pause button. Push Start/Pause.
  4. 2 Pressing Manual once and select Soaking. Select Soaking.

What is the best washing machine to buy?

The best washing machines you can buy today
  1. Electrolux EFLS627UTT. Best washing machine.
  2. GE GTW685BSLWS. Best top-loading washing machine.
  3. Maytag MVWX655DW. Best top-load budget washing machine.
  4. LG WM3500CW. Best budget front-loading washing machine.
  5. LG WM9000HVA.
  6. LG WM3900HWA.
  7. Maytag MVWB865GW.
  8. Kenmore Elite 31633.

How do you find out if my Samsung Washer is still under warranty?

Go to Samsung's "Product Warranties" page (see Resources) and sign into your Samsung account. Click "View Your Registered Products" and then click on the product that you would like to check the warranty for.