Is Terry McMillan still married?

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Film story credits: How Stella Got Her Groove B

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People also ask, when did Terry McMillan die?

February 2, 2007

Additionally, when was Terry McMillan born? October 18, 1951 (age 68 years)

Hereof, how old is Terry McMillan?

68 years (October 18, 1951)

Who is Terry McMillan sister?

Rosalynn A. McMillan Crystal McMillan

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Who is Terry McMillan married to?

Jonathan Plummer
m. 1998–2005

Where is Terry McMillan from?

Port Huron, Michigan, United States

Does Garth Brooks play the harmonica?

Terry McMillan (musician)
Terry McMillan
Instruments Harmonica drums percussion
Years active 1973–2007
Labels RCA, Step One, Giant
Associated acts Eddy Raven Garth Brooks Amy Grant Larry Carlton

How does Stella Groove Back plot?

Unlucky-in-love stockbroker Stella (Angela Bassett) jets to Jamaica with her gal pal Delilah (Whoopi Goldberg) for some fun in the sun. There, the 40-year-old working woman has an island fling with Winston (Taye Diggs) -- a handsome 20-something. When it's time to return to California, Stella realizes that she's developed real feelings for her new man. But, with their distance from each other, not to mention their disparity in age, does a real relationship stand a chance?

Does Terry McMillan have a sister?

Rosalynn A. McMillan
Crystal McMillan

How old was Stella when she got her groove back?

Plot. Stella Payne is a very successful 40-year-old stockbroker raising her son, Quincy, and living in Marin County, California, who is persuaded by her best friend from college, Delilah Abraham, to take a well-deserved, first-class vacation to Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Who wrote the book Mama?

Terry McMillan

How Stella Got Her Groove Back writer?

Terry McMillan
Ronald Bass