Is luxury a noun or adjective?

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adjective. characterized by luxury; ministering or conducive to luxury: a luxurious hotel. given to or loving luxury; wanting or requiring what is choice, expensive, or the like: a person with luxurious tastes.

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Keeping this in view, what type of word is luxury?

noun, plural lux·u·ries. free or habitual indulgence in or enjoyment of comforts and pleasures in addition to those necessary for a reasonable standard of well-being: a life of luxury on the French Riviera.

Furthermore, is disaster an adjective? Disaster is noun and it's adjective is disastrous.

Moreover, what part of speech is luxury?


part of speech: noun
inflections: luxuries
definition 1: that which provides pleasure but is not essential. the luxury of having strawberries and champagne synonyms: gratification, indulgence, treat antonyms: necessity similar words: delicacy, extravagance, frill, nonessential, pleasure, style, superfluity

What is the adverb of luxury?

gˈ???ri?sli/ /l?gˈ??ri?sli/ ?in a way that is very comfortable and full of expensive things that give pleasure synonym sumptuously.

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What is the adjective for luxury?

adjective. characterized by luxury; ministering or conducive to luxury: a luxurious hotel. given to or loving luxury; wanting or requiring what is choice, expensive, or the like: a person with luxurious tastes.

Is time a luxury?

Although luxury is in the eye of the beholder, some common unifying themes emerged. Time is central to luxury. It's not simply that we can buy more down time, though that can be part of it. It's the way everything is linked to time.

What luxury means?

Definition of luxury. 1 : a condition of abundance or great ease and comfort : sumptuous environment lived in luxury. 2a : something adding to pleasure or comfort but not absolutely necessary one of life's luxuries.

How do you use luxury in a sentence?

luxury Sentence Examples. Towers and temples are the luxury of princes. She relaxed in the luxury of leather seat covers and a smooth ride, content simply to watch him drive. The luxury of one class is counterbalanced by the indigence of another.

How do you spell luxuriously?

given to or loving luxury; wanting or requiring what is choice, expensive, or the like: a person with luxurious tastes. given to pleasure, especially of the senses; voluptuous. present or occurring in great abundance, rich profusion, etc.; opulent: a luxurious harvest; music of luxurious beauty.

What is the plural of luxury?

Here's the word you're looking for. The noun luxury can be countable or uncountable. In more general, commonly used, contexts, the plural form will also be luxury. However, in more specific contexts, the plural form can also be luxuries e.g. in reference to various types of luxuries or a collection of luxuries.

What defines a luxury home?

"Luxury is the quality of the build, the location of a home, the magnitude of a property—but it is also very personal," says Lisa Gild, an associate partner with Partners Trust. "To some, luxury is privacy with sweeping city views, and to others it's living on the ocean with private beach.

Where did the word luxury come from?

Origin of Luxury word
The word Luxury comes from the Latin “Luxuria”: meaning abundance, extravagance, and also from “Luxus”, meaning dislocated.

What does luxury mean to you interview question?

Interview Answer
To me, luxury is that level of service and comfort that makes me feel special, to be happy to be away from home comforts when travelling for business and allows me to relax when on holiday. Luxury is not the service I want to give. Its the experience that you will never forget.

What is the adjective of nutrition?

The adjective nutritious comes from the Latin word nutritius, "that nourishes," which in turn comes from the root nutrix, "nurse."

What is considered a luxury item?

Luxury goods are products that are not essential but are highly desired and associated with wealthy or affluent people. They are bought for several reasons: to support self-worth and status, or for the product's quality and craftsmanship.

What does luscious mean?

Calling something luscious means it's appealing and incredibly pleasing to the senses. That goes for good-looking people as well as a rich piece of chocolate cake. An adjective meaning richly appealing or scrumptious, luscious is actually believed to be a shortened version of delicious.

What is the difference between luxury and luxurious?

As adjectives the difference between luxury and luxurious
is that luxury is very expensive while luxurious is enjoying pleasures of luxury.

What do you mean by luxury brands?

A brand for which a greater part of its products are luxury goods is termed as a luxury brand or prestige brand. It may also constitute certain brands whose names are affiliated with luxury, high price, or high quality, though few, if any, of their goods are presently estimated as luxury goods.

What is the meaning of luxurious life?

Extravagance life, what is it? Something inessential but conducive to pleasure and comfort. Something expensive or hard to obtain. the, we all know the traditional meaning — rich persons waste a lot of money to live in expensive and exclusive style, expensive clothes, jewelry, food, cars, trips, yachts and etc.

What does illegibly mean?

adjective. not legible; impossible or hard to read or decipher because of poor handwriting, faded print, etc.: This letter is completely illegible.

Is disaster an adverb?

What's the adverb for disaster? Here's the word you're looking for. In a disastrous way. (Of the nature of a disaster; calamitously.)