Is King Triton related to Ursula?

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In this version, Ursula is King Triton's sister, a concept for the original film that was eventually dropped. When Ursula and Triton's father died, the pair were given equal share of the sea plus two magical items: Triton received the trident while Ursula received the magic Nautilus shell.

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Herein, are King Triton Ursula and Morgana siblings?

In the actually released movie, Little Mermaid 2, it tells that Ursula had a sister (Morgana) and their mother (who is not Triton's mother), briefly usurped Triton. This is when Urusla lived in the palace.

Similarly, what does Ursula turn Triton into? During the battle with Ursula, King Triton was transformed into a polyp when he decided to take Ariel's place in the deal. However, when Ursula is killed by Prince Eric shortly after, King Triton and all of the polyps in the garden transform back into merpeople because when Ursula died, so did her spells.

Beside this, is Ursula Poseidon's daughter?

Princess Ursula of Atlantica, daughter to King Poseidon and Queen Amphitrite, sister to Prince Triton. Before They Were Evil by Azim Al Ghussein.

Why is Ursula not a mermaid?

Betrayed and developing great hate against the human and her father, Ursula decided she no longer wanted to be a mermaid and used her father's trident to transform her fishtail into tentacles, becoming the Sea Witch.

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What happened to Ariel's mother?

Athena was the wife of King Triton, and the mother of Ariel, Andrina, Arista, Aquata, Adella, Alana, and Attina. Unfortunately, she died as a result of a run-in with a big pirate ship when Ariel was very young, fueling Triton's hatred of humans as a result.

Does Ursula have a daughter?

She first appeared in Isle of the Lost: A Descendants Novel as the owner of Ursula's Fish and Chips. She appears once again in Rise of the Isle of the Lost: A Descendants Novel and reveals to have a daughter named Uma, who is the main antagonist for Descendants 2. Ursula is voiced by Whoopi Goldberg in Descendants 2.

Is Morgana Triton's sister?

King Triton with his Sisters, Ursula and Morgana. A theory that is fairly popular about why Ursula used to live in the palace before she was banished was because she was Triton's sister. Ursula looks like a cross between Attina and Alana and Morgana looks like Adela.

Did Ursula have a sister?

Morgana is the younger sister of Ursula and the main antagonist in The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea.

Who does Ursula turn into?

After three days had passed and Ariel still hadn't obtained a kiss, Ursula turned herself into a human girl (Vanessa) and used Ariel's voice to hypnotize Eric, taking him away from Ariel.

Who is Morgana in Disney?

Morgana is the younger sister of the wicked sea witch named Ursula, whose place she takes as the main antagonist of Disney's 2000 direct-to-video animated sequel film The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea, the sequel to Disney's 28th full-length animated feature film The Little Mermaid.

How old is Eric in The Little Mermaid?

Summary. According to the film's official novelization, Eric is eighteen in the film, two years older than the 16-year old Ariel. In his first appearance, Eric, along with his man-servant Grimsby and crew of sailors are enjoying another day sailing out in the sea.

Who is ariels mother?

Queen Athena

What is Poseidon's daughters name?

In Greek mythology, Eirene (/a?ˈriːni/; Greek: Ε?ρήνη, Eirēnē, [eːr?´ːn?ː], lit. "Peace") or Irene, was a daughter of Poseidon and Melantheia, daughter of Alpheus. She gave her name to Eirene, a small island near Crete.

Who were Poseidon's children's names?

Amphitrite bore Poseidon three children: Triton, Rhode, and Benthesikyme.

Is Ursula a Greek god?

The Origins of: Ursula The Sea Witch. Ursula was the younger sister of Triton, their parents were Poseidon ( in Greek mythology, Poseidon is Triton's father ) and Amphitrite ( possibly ). Ursula was born with great power and was a sea goddess of the highest rank.

How old is Jafar?

4. When Jafar tries to manipulate the Sultan into letting him marry Jasmine, the Sultan makes a remark that Jafar is "so old". Granted, he is most likely younger than the Sultan, but old enough for it to be considered wrong for him to marry a fifteen-year-old girl. Again, no actual age is ever given.

Is Hades and Ursula related?

Hades is not, like Jafar or Ursula, a villain working alone or with anthropomorphic minions. Throughout the film, he carries on a friendship with the doesn't-seem-100%-straight Megara, the film's lead damsel not-in-distress.

Is Ariel Poseidon a granddaughter?

Since Ariel in The Little Mermaid is Triton's daughter, and according to Greek mythology, Triton is the son of Poseidon, this makes Ariel the granddaughter of Poseidon.