Is Jimmy John's giving away free sandwiches?

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Jimmy John's: Members of the Freaky Fast Rewards program earn a free surprise sandwich Sunday when they order an Original or Favorite sandwich. The surprise sandwich will be either an 8-inch Favorite, Original, Frenchie or the new Little John. 30, purchase a 12-inch sub and get a small fries and drink for $1 more.

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Besides, how do I get a free sandwich from Jimmy Johns?

Earn a free 8" sandwich after placing your first order using Freaky Fast Rewards®! That includes any 8" Favorite, Original, or Plain Slim® for free!

Secondly, is Jimmy Johns really giving away a house? Anyone who lives more than five minutes from a Jimmy John's restaurant is eligible to enter the "Home in the Zone" contest. The winner, who will be selected based on a written entry, will win up to $250,000 toward the purchase of a new home.

Beside this, does Jimmy Johns have a reward program?

Jimmy John's, one of America's fastest-growing sandwich chains, announced Monday that its first customer-loyalty program—Freaky Fast Rewards—is now available nationwide. Members are now able to earn rewards— like sandwiches, sides, drinks, and exclusive first-taste access to new products—on an ongoing basis.

What is Jimmy John's freaky fast rewards?

Jimmy John's debuts Freaky Fast Rewards program. Jimmy John's is launching its first-ever customer loyalty program, called Freaky Fast Rewards, offering members a free 8-inch sandwich after the first order.

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What is a little John?

It's called the Little John -- you know, like Robin Hood's right hand man -- but in Jimmy John's sandwich form. Instead of the typical sub, Little Johns are described as "skinny and mini." The smaller size comes with a smaller price tag -- one Little John will set you back just three bucks.

How much do you tip Jimmy Johns?

Most of my friends deliver for Jimmy Johns. Tipping is expected, usually $1-2 per sandwich.

How much is Jimmy John's delivery fee?

Jimmy Johns is now charging a $2.50 delivery fee (WTF??), Should I still tip? You can always call and ask if they pay their drivers back for that stuff.

Why does Jimmy John's Remove bread?

Also what do they do with the bread when they scoop it out? The bread is taken out of subs so that they have a better bread to meat ratio. The only real difference between the clubs and subs is that clubs have more meat in them.

How far will Jimmy Johns deliver?

They ONLY Deliver Within a 2-Mile Radius
Live 2.5 miles away?

Is Jimmy Johns delivery free?

Does Jimmy John's charge for delivery? Jimmy Johns factors in delivery charges with the cost of the order, however the amount may be subject to change based on location. In addition, the type of charging may differ depending on the store. Some stores charge a set fee per order and others charge per individual item.

Do I live in a Jimmy Johns delivery zone?

"At Jimmy John's, we're committed to Freaky Fast and Freaky Fresh,” Jimmy John's Chief Marketing Officer John Shea said in a press release. “While that means we can't deliver sandwiches to our customers who live outside of our Delivery Zones, we can deliver our customers to our sandwiches.”

Can you order Jimmy John's online and pay with cash?

Payment. Personal checks, money orders, and cash payments are not acceptable forms of payment at the Jimmy Store. Because Jimmy John's Franchisor SPV, LLC does not charge for items until they ship, we may use a pre-authorization process to reserve your products for shipment.

How many points do you need to get a free subway?

500 points can be redeemed for a regular 6” Sub, flatbread or salad and with 1000 points you can redeem for a regular 12” Sub or flatbread.

How many shore points do you need for a free sub?

When you've accumulated enough points, you can redeem: 48 points for a FREE MINI size sub. 72 points for a FREE REGULAR size sub, Sub-in-a-Tub or Wrap. 144 points for a FREE GIANT size sub.

What do you get with Jimmy John's rewards?

New members receive a free 8-inch sandwich after their first order, with the opportunity to earn sandwiches, sides and drinks. Rewards members also get early access to new products, the company said.

What does Jimmy John's pay?

Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwiches pays its employees an average of $10.46 an hour. Hourly pay at Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwiches ranges from an average of $7.64 to $14.48 an hour.

Do Jersey Mike's points expire?

Jersey Mike's Shore Points® will never expire and are good at any Jersey Mike's location in the country they were activated in. You will need the receipt from your order (either Jersey Mike's ticket, or 3rd Party vendor's).

Does Jimmy John's give military discount?

10% Military Discount! If you love good subs and hate waiting on line forever at places like subway or Lenny's then give Jimmy John's a try.

How do I cancel my Jimmy Johns order?

Cancellations, Exchanges, and Refunds
Prior to fulfillment of an order, however, you may cancel your order by contacting our customer service team at 866.276. 6302. Once an order has been fulfilled, the order will be deemed to be completed, and Jimmy John's will no longer be able to cancel the order or offer a refund.

Can you buy Jimmy John's gift cards in store?

All you need to know about Jimmy Johns gift cards
You can redeem your gift card online, over the phone, or in-store at any participating retailer. If you order online, you will be prompted to enter your gift card information during checkout.

How do I check the balance on my Jimmy John's gift card?

Check Your Jimmy John's Gift Card Balance. Call Jimmy John's's customer service phone number, or visit Jimmy John's's website to check the balance on your Jimmy John's gift card.