Is it alum key or Allen key?

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A hex key, also known as an Allen key or Allen wrench, is a small handheld tool that's used for for driving bolts and screws with a hexagonal socket. They are available in many different sizes, though they all have the same hexagonal-shaped tip. To learn more about hex keys and the benefits they offer, keep reading.

Keeping this in view, why Allen key is called Allen key?

Originally named Allen Manufacturing Company, the business produced hexagonal set screws and wrenches to fasten them. The terms "Allen wrench" and "Allen key" are derived from the Allen brand name and refer to the generic product category "hex keys". They are made in L-key, folding, and T-handle styles.

Also Know, how do I know my Allen key size? Hex wrench sizes are determined by the diameter of the screw.

Standard-Size Allen Wrench
  1. 1/8 inch.
  2. 3/32 inch.
  3. 7/64 inch.
  4. 5/32 inch.
  5. 3/16 inch.
  6. 1/4 inch.
  7. 7/32 inch.

Likewise, people ask, how it's made Allen key?

Extrusion. Allen wrenches, also called "hex keys," start as large pieces of steel alloy known as billet. These 50- to 80-lb. blocks are loaded into a powerful hydraulic press that squeezes the malleable metal through a small opening, creating a long, rod-like piece.

What can I use instead of an Allen key?

Sometimes you can use small types of flat headed screwdrivers as an allen wrench by putting the end in the socket so that the 2 edges of the screwdriver work as leverage in the hole to turn it. A wider socket on the bolt or nut, use a wider flathead screwdriver.

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What is Allen key used for?

A hex key, also known as an Allen key or Allen wrench, is a small handheld tool that's used for for driving bolts and screws with a hexagonal socket. They are available in many different sizes, though they all have the same hexagonal-shaped tip.

How many types of Allen keys are there?

These keys come in four types.
Not having a short arm restricts use in places where access is limited. Sliding T handle: We can slide the metal bar that forms the handle from side to side.

What are the best Allen keys?

The Best Hex Wrenches
  • Our pick. Tekton 25282 26-piece Long Arm Ball Hex Key Wrench Set. Best Hex Wrenches.
  • Also great. Bondhus 20199 L-Wrench Double Pack. Runner-up.
  • Also great. Bondhus 12522 Gorilla Grips. The best folding set.

How do I use Allen key?

When you need to use the Allen wrench, stick the short end of the L shape into the bolt head and press down on the longer side of the L to turn the bolt. Of course, the Allen wrench will only fit in a hex bolt (a bolt with six sides), so don't try using the Allen wrench to screw in any other type of fastener.

Are Torx and Allen keys the same?

What Is the Difference Between a Torx Key and an Allen Key? Allen keys, also called hex keys, feature a hexagonal cross section, while Torx keys feature a star- or asterisk-shaped cross section.

What is the smallest allen key size?

050" (1.3mm) allen key, that's about it.

How do you remove Allen bolts without Allen keys?

How to Remove Allen Head Screws Without an Allen Head Screwdriver
  1. Try to find a standard screwdriver that fits snugly between two of the points of the screw. It should fit with no wiggle room.
  2. Get your hacksaw. Put a small toothed blade on the saw.
  3. Use a standard screwdriver that fits the groove you just made snugly.

How do you remove a stripped Allen screw?

Step 1 Removing Stripped Counter-Sunk Allen-Key Bolts
  1. Cut a slot into the screw head.
  2. Place a screwdriver in the slot and tap with a hammer in the counter-clockwise sense to loosen the bolt.
  3. Unscrew the bolt with the driver.

What are hex keys made of?

Hex and Torx keys are made from a number of different varieties of steel. The steel is alloyed with a small percentage of other material elements to give it the required properties of strength, hardness and ductility (see Hexagon and Torx key glossary of terms) for use as a hex key.

How are hex key L wrenches made?

Manufacturing methods
  • Hex socket screw heads are usually made by stamping the head with a die, plastically deforming the metal.
  • Hex keys are made by imparting the hexagon cross-section to steel wire (for example, with a drawing die), then bending and shearing.

What is a 7 64 Allen wrench?

7/64" Allen Wrenches, Hex and Torx Keys. A hex wrench or allen wrench features a hexagonal shape and can be used with automotive, plumbing and electrical applications. Use ball-end hex keys at an angle off-axis to the screw. They're designed to provide 360° rotation at angles up to 35°.

How do you remove a hex screw?

How to Remove a Hex Screw
  1. Insert the long end of various hex-key wrenches into the hexagonal slot of a hex screw until you find a wrench that fits into the slot.
  2. Check the fit of the key wrench by turning it slightly to either side with gentle pressure.
  3. Turn the hex-key wrench in a counterclockwise direction to loosen the fastener.

What is an m4 Allen key?

Long Arm Hex Allen Keys are used to tighten and loosen fasteners with an internal hex drive. Metric sized Allen Keys are designed to fit metric sized fasteners. Long Arm Hex Keys provide more leverage to install a metric fastener.

What size allen key does IKEA use?

The important thing is that you'll want an Allen wrench (hex) bits in sizes 3mm and 5mm. As noted above in the update, the smaller one, 3mm, is used by far the most with Ikea furniture, and the 5mm one is also common.

What size is m8 Allen key?

Metric Allen Key Table
Socket Shoulder Screw Key Size
10 (M8) 5mm
12 (M10) 6mm
16 (M12) 8mm
20 (M16) 10mm

How many allen wrench sizes are there?

Allen wrenches are made in fractional inch and metric sizes. Probably the three most common sizes are 5/32-inch, 3/16-inch and 1/4-inch—in metric, 4-, 5-, and 6-mm see a lot of action.

Are there metric Allen wrenches?

In the United States, larger metric half sizes like 6.5 mm aren't standard in most hex key sets. However, the 1/4″ SAE hex wrench will likely work in place of a 6.5 mm wrench. 3/8″ can be used as a substitute for hex size 9.5 mm as well as 10 mm. 1/16″ works in place of hex size 1.5 mm, which isn't included in most