Is Gabrielle Holmes married?

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Eamonn Holmes
m. ?–2005

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Accordingly, has Eamonn Holmes first wife remarried?

In 1985, Holmes married his first wife, Gabrielle Holmes, with whom he has three children, Declan, Rebecca and Niall. In 2002, Langsford gave birth to their son, Jack Alexander Holmes. Holmes and Gabrielle eventually divorced in 2005.

Similarly, does Eamonn Holmes have a daughter? Rebecca Holmes

Similarly, you may ask, who is Eamonn Holmes wife?


When did Eamonn Holmes get married?

June 26, 2010 (Ruth Langsford)

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How old is Eamonn Holmes wife?

The 58-year-old's company is called Red, White and Green and he also runs Holmes and Away with wife Ruth Langsford. Eamonn receives his income from radio into this firm and it boasts £274,000 in the bank. He currently presents the Friday instalments of This Morning alongside his wife, Ruth Langsford.

Is Eamonn Holmes a Millionaire?

Eamonn Holmes net worth
Much like his wife Ruth, Eamonn is also reported to have a net worth of around £3 million, due to his various presenting stints. He had his big break on GM:TV in 1993 and after leaving the show 12 years later in 2005, he joined Sky News' Sunrise show.

Are Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford still married?

She is currently the longest serving female presenter of This Morning.

Ruth Langsford
Spouse(s) Eamonn Holmes ( m. 2010)
Children 1
Website Official website

What is Eamonn Holmes Worth?

Eamonn Holmes net worth. Irish TV presenter of GMTV, Sunrise, This Morning and Songs of Praise, Eamonn Holmes' net worth is estimated to £3 million. Born on December 3, 1959, Eamonn Holmes was educated in Belfast and then graduated in Journalism from the Dublin College of Business Studies.

How old is Eamonn Holmes?

60 years (December 3, 1959)

Who is Eamonn Holmes daughter?

Rebecca Holmes

Was Ruth Langsford married before?

Eamonn Holmes
m. 2010

How long were Ruth and Eamonn married?

Eamonn had been married for over two decades when he split from his first wife, Gabrielle in 1995, and their divorce was finalised ten years later in 2005. Ruth and Eamonn had welcomed their son, Jack, three years prior to this in February 2002, and were later married in June 2010.

How old is Ruth Langsford's son?

They met in 1997 after they were introduced through a mutual friend, TV presenter Sally Meen. The couple has one son, Jack, born in February 2002. Eamonn has three other children from his first marriage to Gabrielle Holmes - daughter Rebecca, 26, and sons Declan, 28, and Niall, 24.

Where was Eamonn Holmes born?

Belfast, United Kingdom

Does Ruth Langsford have a child?

Jack Holmes

How tall is Eamonn Holmes?

1.82 m

Where is Ruth Langsford from?


Who presents this morning?

Phillip Schofield

Who is Eamonn Holmes son?

Jack Holmes
Niall Holmes
Declan Holmes

Who is Ruth Langsford son?

Jack Holmes

Does Eamonn Holmes have a son?

Jack Holmes
Niall Holmes
Declan Holmes