Is Don Johnson currently married?

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Kelley Phleger
m. 1999
Melanie Griffith
m. 1989–1996
Melanie Griffith
m. 1976–1976

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Correspondingly, how old is Don Johnson and is he married?

70 years (December 15, 1949)

Similarly, what is Don Johnson's net worth? Don Johnson net worth: Don Johnson is an American actor, director, producer, and singer-songwriter who has a net worth of $40 million dollars. Don Johnson is probably best known for his role as James "Sonny" Crockett in the 1980s television series "Miami Vice".

Also question is, are Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith still married?

Melanie Richards Griffith (born August 9, 1957) is an American film, stage, and television actress, and film producer.

Melanie Griffith
Spouse(s) Don Johnson ( m. 1976; div. 1976) ( m. 1989; div. 1996) Steven Bauer ( m. 1981; div. 1989) Antonio Banderas ( m. 1996; div. 2015)

How long has Don Johnson been married?

Don Johnson
Years active 1969–present
Home town Wichita, Kansas, U.S.
Spouse(s) Unknown spouse ( m. 1968; annulled 1968) Another unknown spouse ( m. 1973; annulled 1973) Melanie Griffith ( m. 1976; div. 1976) ( m. 1989; div. 1996) Kelley Phleger ( m. 1999)
Partner(s) Patti D'Arbanville (1981–1985)

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Did Jesse Johnson play on Hawaii Five O?

Tonight on Hawaii Five-0, there were a couple of familiar faces in the cast with Jesse Johnson appearing as Richie Gormican and former NBA star Metta World Peace starring as himself. Yes, Jesse Johnson is none other than the son of iconic acting legend, Don Johnson.

Who are the ex wives of Don Johnson?

Melanie Griffith

How old is Don Johnson now?

70 years (December 15, 1949)

Who was Don Johnson's wife?

Kelley Phleger
m. 1999
Melanie Griffith
m. 1989–1996
Melanie Griffith
m. 1976–1976

Who is Melanie Griffith currently married to?

Antonio Banderas
m. 1996–2015
Don Johnson
m. 1989–1996
Steven Bauer
m. 1981–1989
Don Johnson
m. 1976–1976

Who is the mother of Don Johnson's son?

Wayne Johnson
Nell Johnson

How did Don Johnson meet his wife?

While he was playing the title role of a San Francisco cop on Nash Bridges, Don met Kelley Phleger, a teacher and socialite, at a birthday party for the city's mayor, Willie Brown. “This statuesque brunette was clearly a woman of substance,” says Don of Kelley, now 50. “I made it my business to meet her.”

How old is Kelley Phleger?

About 51 years (1969)

How old was Melanie Griffith when she dated Don Johnson?

At age 14, Griffith began dating 22-year old actor Don Johnson. He co-starred with her mother in The Harrad Experiment. Griffith was an extra. They had a six-month marriage in 1976.

What year was Melanie Griffith born?

August 9, 1957 (age 62 years)

Who is Melanie Griffiths daughter?

Dakota Johnson
Stella Banderas

Who is Melanie Griffiths father?

Peter Griffith

How much is Antonio Banderas worth?

How much is Antonio Banderas Worth? Antonio Banderas Net Worth and Salary: Antonio Banderas is a Spanish film actor, director, producer and singer who has a net worth of $45 million dollars.

Is Antonio Banderas in a relationship?

Banderas married Ana Leza in 1986 or 1988 (sources differ) and divorced in 1996. He met and began a relationship with actress Melanie Griffith in 1995 while shooting Two Much. They married on 14 May 1996 in London. Griffith has a tattoo of Banderas' name on her right arm.

Who was Don Johnson's first wife?

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Melanie was first married to Don for six months in 1976.

Does Don Johnson have a son?

Jesse Johnson
Jasper Breckinridge Johnson
Deacon Johnson