Is Darryl Stingley still alive?

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Deceased (1951–2007)

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Simply so, how did Darryl Stingley die?


Likewise, is Jack Tatum still alive? Deceased (1948–2010)

Consequently, when did Darryl Stingley die?

April 5, 2007

Is Derek Stingley related to Darryl Stingley?

Stingley is the youngest child of Darryl and Tina Stingley. He currently resides in Baton Rouge, Louisiana along with his wife Natasha and their four children Isis, Nahjha, Derek Jr., and Sanaa. Today he is the head coach of The Dunham School 7–8th grade football team.

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Who is Stingleys dad?

Darryl Stingley

Has any NFL player been paralyzed?

Michael Gerard Utley (born December 20, 1965) is a former American football player. He played for the Detroit Lions of the National Football League from 1989 through 1991, when he was paralyzed during a game.

Where did Darryl Stingley go to college?

Purdue University

Where did Jack Tatum attend college?

The Ohio State University

What was Jack Tatum's nickname?

The Assassin

What was Jack Tatum's number?

Jack Tatum
No. 31, 32, 28
College: Ohio State
NFL Draft: 1971 / Round: 1 / Pick: 19
Career history
Oakland Raiders (1971–1979) Houston Oilers (1980)

Who is Darryl Stingley Jr?

Stingley's grandfather is the late Darryl Stingley, a wide receiver for the New England Patriots who was paralyzed for the rest of his life at age 26 after a hit by Oakland Raiders' safety Jack Tatum in a preseason game in Oakland on Aug. 12, 1978. "I've never seen anything else," Stingley Jr. said.

Who did Darryl Stingley play for in the NFL?

Darryl Stingley was a five-year wide receiver for the New England Patriots, a member of the Class of 1973, one of the most productive drafts in Patriots history. He was the 19th pick overall, the Patriots' third first rounder, behind John Hannah and Sam Cunningham.

Did Darryl Stingley have children?

Derek Stingley
Hank Stingley
John Stingley

Why is Jack Tatum not in the Hall of Fame?

Upon his death in 2010, a New York Times obituary called Jack Tatum “a symbol of a violent game. “ Indeed he was. It is the reason so many believe he belongs in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and the reason he likely will never get there.

Is Lester Hayes in the NFL Hall of Fame?

Wisniewski spent all 13 seasons he played with the Raiders and started 206 games. He hasn't been eligible for the Hall of Fame as long as Tatum or Hayes, but his impact was undeniable. This man belongs in the Hall of Fame.

Where is Derek Stingley JR from?

Stingley, a Baton Rouge native, grew up with LSU.