How old was Farah Ahmedi when she lost her leg?

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Farah Ahmedi has lost a lot. Ten years ago, at the age of 7, she lost a leg when she stepped on a land mine in her native Afghanistan. After that, she lost her father and sisters when a bomb fell on their house. Today, the 17-year-old high school student living in suburban Chicago is a winner in more ways than one.

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Then, what is the central idea of the other side of the sky?

The other central idea of the excerpt "The Other Side of the Sky", is about helping others. One reason why its about helping others is a stranger, Ghulam Ali, comes to them and says "I will help you, and I am on your side," which is stated clearly in the text.

Similarly, how old is Farah Ahmedi? About 33 years (1987)

Similarly, it is asked, why was Ahmedi desperate to get through the border crossing to Pakistan?

Ahmedi and her mother were near the gates because they wanted to get out of Pakistani, but they couldn't get closer to the gate because the guards used clubs and carbines as weapons. Guards drove them back by beating until the crowd receeded.

Where did Farah Ahmedi live?

Farah Ahmedi was born in Kabul, Afghanistan near the end of the Soviet–Afghan War. When she was in second grade, she stepped on a land mine while walking to school. Farah was transferred to Germany where her leg was amputated. After over eighteen months in Germany, she returned to her home in Kabul.

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Who wrote the other side of the sky?

Farah Ahmedi

How did Farah Ahmedi lose her leg?

Ahmedi lost part of her left leg at age 7, when she stepped on a land mine while walking to school in Kabul. A few years later, her father and two younger sisters were killed when a rocket hit their home.