How old is Alshon Jeffery's?

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30 years (February 14, 1990)

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Furthermore, did Alshon Jeffery get hurt?

The Eagles' wide receiving corps, already in shambles, is now without Alshon Jeffery, who reportedly suffered a season-ending injury in the win over the Giants Monday night. The oft-injured Jeffery was carted off the field after suffering a non-contact injury in the ankle or Achilles area early in the second quarter.

Secondly, how many rings does Alshon Jeffery have? 2017 Philadelphia Eagles

Players Name Alshon Jeffery
Won Rings With 2017 Philadelphia Eagles
Players College South Carolina
Players Birthday February 14, 1990
Hometown St. Matthews, South Carolina

Keeping this in view, when did Alshon Jeffery get traded?

In five seasons in Chicago, Jeffery had 304 receptions, 4,549 reception yards and 26 touchdowns. With the departure of Jeffery and Jay Cutler, the longest-tenured Bear is Sherrick McManis, who was acquired via trade in 2012. In addition, the Bears don't have any remaining players from their 2012 draft class.

What is Alshon Jeffery worth?

The Eagles and de facto general manager Howie Roseman have landed former Bears wide receiver Alshon Jeffery -- the biggest name on the receiver market -- on a one-year deal. The contract is worth $14 million, according to NFL Network's Ian Rapoport.

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What is Alshon Jeffery injury?

Alshon Jeffery Placed on IR with Foot Injury as Eagles Push for Playoff Berth. This comes after a source told ESPN's Adam Schefter the Eagles would be without Jeffery for the rest of the season after he suffered a foot injury in Monday's win over the New York Giants.

Who does Alshon Jeffery play for now?

Philadelphia Eagles
#17 / Wide receiver

What is really wrong with DeSean Jackson?

After Jackson left Game 2 against the Falcons game in the first quarter, the Eagles announced that he had a groin injury . Pederson said Monday that is was a strain “as far as I know.” Asked whether the injury was a hernia and whether Jackson could potentially need surgery, the coach said, “No, nothing like that.

Who is injured on the Eagles?

Player Position Injury
Nelson Agholor WR Knee
Miles Sanders RB Ankle
Derek Barnett DE Ankle
Fletcher Cox DT Triceps

Is Jordan Howard hurt?

After being limited all week in practice, Eagles running back Jordan Howard is officially listed as questionable for Sunday's game against the Patriots. On the report, Howard's injury is listed as a shoulder, but Doug Pederson said Howard suffered a stinger in the Bears game two weeks ago.

How many catches does Nelson Agholor?

Originally selected by Philadelphia with the 20th-overall pick in 2015, Nelson Agholor (pronounced AGG-uh-lore) produced career highs in receptions (64), catch rate (66.0%) and yards after the catch (350) during the 2018 season.

Is DeSean Jackson hurt?

DeSean Jackson was rehabbing on Wednesday, but was still not practicing. It appears Jackson is now in serious danger of missing his sixth straight game after getting hurt early in Week 2 against Atlanta. Jackson, 32, was working on a side field Wednesday.

Why did alshon leave Chicago?

Alshon Jeffery on why he chose to leave Bears for Eagles. After five seasons in Chicago, Alshon Jeffery is headed to Philadelphia. Another reason Jeffery chose to move forward with the Eagles is because of quarterback Carson Wentz, who he is very high on. "He had a lot to do with my decision," Jeffery said.

How many drops did Alshon Jeffery have?

For his career, Jeffery has been targeted 212 times for 122 catches and 28 drops for a PFF Drop Rating of 73.6.

Does Alshon Jeffery have a Super Bowl ring?

This is the latest accepted revision, reviewed on 28 February 2020. Alshon Jemell Jeffery (born February 14, 1990) is an American football wide receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles of the National Football League (NFL). As a member of the Eagles, he won Super Bowl LII over the New England Patriots.

What college did Alshon Jeffery go to?

University of South Carolina

How long has Alshon Jeffery been in the NFL?

30 years (February 14, 1990)

Is Alshon Jeffery still with the Eagles?

After shoulder surgery in the short offseason after the Super Bowl, Jeffery missed the first three games of 2018. Under his current contract, Jeffery has three more seasons with the Eagles. When he finishes the 2021 season, he'll be almost 32. On Saturday, he said he hopes he can finish his career in Philly.

How much does Alshon Jeffery make a year?

The Eagles announced Saturday that they had restructured Alshon Jeffery's contract, guaranteeing his 2020 salary and creating cap room for 2019. Jeffery, 29, counted $14.725 million toward the cap this season under the terms of the four-year, $52 million deal he signed late in 2017, which extended through 2021.