How old do you have to be to be a flight attendant for Frontier?

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Minimum Age to Work at Frontier Airlines: 18 years old (How old do you have to be to work at Frontier Airlines?)

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Consequently, is Frontier Airlines hiring flight attendants?

Frontier Airlines. We're hiring 100+ Flight Attendants for our Chicago, Denver, Las Vegas, Orlando, Philadelphia and Trenton bases! Valid passport required. Visit and apply today!

One may also ask, is Frontier a good airline to work for? Frontier airlines was a great company to work for. I enjoyed flying and ensuring the safety and comfort of passengers. Training is very strick and intense but necessary to ensure aircraft and passenger safety. Discount travel.

Consequently, how long is Frontier flight attendant training?

Frontier is pushing the prospective flight attendant trainees to finish training in less than 4 weeks.

What does a Frontier flight attendant make?

How much does a Flight Attendant make at Frontier Airlines in the United States? Average Frontier Airlines Flight Attendant yearly pay in the United States is approximately $22,314, which is 26% below the national average.

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How many hours do flight attendants work?

Most attendants are usually limited to working 12 hours shifts but some are allowed to work 14 hour shifts. Those working on international flights are usually permitted to work longer shifts. Attendants usually spend 65-90 hours in the air and 50 hours preparing planes for passengers monthly.

Where is Frontier Airlines training?

Frontier Airlines celebrated the opening of its new 11,000-square-foot flight attendant recurrent training center in Orlando, Florida, and welcomes the recent approval by the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority of its plans to build a 35,000-square-foot hangar at Orlando International Airport.

How much does a flight attendant make an hour?

Hourly Wage for Flight Attendant Salary. How much does a Flight Attendant make hourly in the United States? The average hourly wage for a Flight Attendant in the United States is $37 as of January 20, 2020, but the range typically falls between $29 and $45.

Do flight attendants get free housing?

Free Food and Housing
For flight attendants, meals and housing aren't something that they have to worry about since most airlines already provide free housing to whatever city or destination they're currently based. On top of that, many airlines also provide daily food allowance!

How can I be a flight attendant?

No special or specific college degree is needed to become a flight attendant. You don't even need to attend flight attendants school to work the friendly skies. It does help, with some airlines, to have at least two years of college when applying for a flight attendant's job.

Which airlines pays the most for flight attendants?

From this list, the top companies in terms of having the highest flight attendant salaries are JetBlue, American Airlines, US Airways Group, Delta Airlines, and Frontier Airlines, to name a few. Southwest is particularly noted for its high salary.

How tall do you have to be to be a flight attendant?

While exact restrictions vary by airline, most flight attendants must be between 5 feet, 3 inches and 6 feet, 1 inch tall. Some airlines simply require that a flight attendant be able to reach a certain height.

Is Frontier flight attendant training paid?

Our in-flight training was very detailed and lasted at least 6 weeks. You were paid to attend. Providing you maintained a test score percentage of 90 percent or better. Four weeks plus one - two day IOE, pay approximately 19.58 per hour.

What airlines are hiring flight attendants?

Allegiant, Spirit and Denver-based Frontier Airlines in the ultra-low-cost sector are all actively hiring flight attendants.

What should I know about Frontier Airlines?

Before you book a flight to any of those destinations, here's a general rule you need to know about this airline: Frontier allows you to fly with one free personal item (it needs to be able to fit under your seat). Other than that, carry-on baggage is going to cost you — but more on that later.

How do I become a Delta flight attendant?

The airline is looking to hire 1,000 new flight attendants for training, beginning next year. In order to apply, candidates should be eligible to work in the US, at least 21 years old by January 1, 2020, have fluent English and current travel documents.

Why do I want to work for Frontier Airlines?

Why do you want to work from Frontier? I would like to be a Flight Attendant for Frontier Airlines, because I have exceptional customer service skills and the ability to interact with a diverse customer base on a professional and personal level. Their flight attendance preform their work with pride and great integrity.

What is Frontier Airlines mission statement?

We are committed to delivering 'Low Fares Done Right'. Low fares allow people to travel more often, see new places, connect with family and loved ones and develop business opportunities.

Are flight attendants underpaid?

Are Flight Attendants Significantly Underpaid? The Answer is Yes.

What do JetBlue flight attendants make?

The typical JetBlue Flight Attendant salary is $24. Flight Attendant salaries at JetBlue can range from $18 - $46. This estimate is based upon 54 JetBlue Flight Attendant salary report(s) provided by employees or estimated based upon statistical methods.

What do senior flight attendants make?

Senior Flight Attendant Salaries
Job Title Salary
Visa Inc. Senior Flight Attendant salaries - 1 salaries reported $73,017/yr
Mesa Air Senior Flight Attendant salaries - 1 salaries reported $33/hr
AAI Corporation Senior Flight Attendant salaries - 1 salaries reported $70,379/yr