How much is admission to Golden Gate Fields?

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General admission is just $6 ($1 on Sunday).

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In this regard, how much is parking at Golden Gate Fields?

Enter the track through our Buchanan Street entrance for $1 General Parking, $1 General Admission, $1 Programs, $1 Hot Dogs, $1 Beers, and $1 Mimosas.

Subsequently, question is, how do I bet at Golden Gate Field? Betting at a Self-service Terminal

  1. Insert your credit voucher or ticket into the designated slot.
  2. The machine will prompt you to make selections almost precisely like the process of betting with a live teller (i.e., track, race number, horse's program number, type and amount of wager).

Additionally, what should I wear to Golden Gate Field?

THE DRESS CODE FOR GOLDEN GATE FIELDS: GENTLEMEN: Collared shirts & dress slacks. Please no worn denim pants or jackets, shorts, sweat pants, t-shirts, windbreakers, thong sandals, tank tops, baseball caps or visors. LADIES: Dresses or tailored pants are preferred.

Can you smoke at Golden Gate Fields?

Golden Gate Fields race day. Unique mix of folks go there, that is for sure. And if I remember correctly, you can smoke cigarettes just about anywhere outdoors, so be weary of that. It's a good time, even placing $2 bets make the races so much more exciting.

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What time is post time at Golden Gate Fields?

Live Racing
Sun Mon
8 Live Racing First Post 12:45 pm Dollar Day Sundays 9 Dark Day
15 Live Racing First Post 12:45 pm Dollar Day Sundays $100,000 HORSESHOE PITCH 16 Dark Day
22 Live Racing First Post 12:45 pm Dollar Day Sundays 23 Dark Day
29 Live Racing First Post 12:45 pm Dollar Day Sundays 30 Dark Day

Are kids allowed at Golden Gate Fields?

Admission for Children is FREE - Every Day
That's right, admission to the races for children (17 and under) is completely FREE. Plus, we have the most beautiful athletes in the world that can't wait to meet the little ones.

Does Bart go to Golden Gate Fields?

Alternatively, BART operates a vehicle from San Francisco to Golden Gate Fields every 20 minutes. Tickets cost $3 - $5 and the journey takes 32 min.