How much is a fireplace insert?

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Inserts heat 1,000-3,000 sq. ft., depending on their size. You'll want to size your insert to the square footage you need to heat. Cost: $3,000-$4,000, including installation and a chimney liner.

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Similarly, it is asked, what is the average cost of a fireplace insert?

Wood-burning fireplace insert costs vary, typically ranging between $700 and $6,500.

Fireplace Insert Installation Cost.

Type Cost
Pellets $525
Electric $225

Also Know, what is the difference between a fireplace and a fireplace insert? The primary difference is that a fireplace insert is an appliance that can be installed into an existing wood burning fireplace to make it more efficient. A built in fireplace is new installation into a home where you do not already have a fireplace.

Also, is a fireplace insert worth the money?

Overall, a fireplace insert gives most individuals the value the want including: Time Savings: Less maintenance such as cleaning, removing ash, and adding wood to the fire.

Do you need a fireplace insert?

A fireplace insert is basically a stove, wood or gas, that is designed to be inserted into a fireplace that is already there. You need an insert not a fireplace when you already have a fireplace in the home, you don't want to do any construction, when you want the simplest conversion.

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How long do fireplace inserts last?

How long do chimney liners last? The answer to this question depends on the type of chimney liner you have. Clay tile liners and cast-in-place liners typically last around 50 years. Stainless steel flue liners generally last for 15 to 20 years (though low quality liners may not even last for five).

Do fireplace inserts save money?

The efficiency of fireplace inserts can be as much as 80%. You can save money on your energy bill if you install a fireplace insert. A more efficient wood-burning heating system means less gas, oil, or electricity is required to heat your home.

How do I choose a fireplace insert?

Step one in choosing the right fireplace insert is getting the right size. Modern inserts come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and with a little investigating, you'll find the perfect one for your fireplace. When measuring the opening of your fireplace, measure from side to side and from top to bottom.

Does adding a fireplace increase home value?

A homeowner can often recover over 100 percent of the expenses associated with adding a fireplace upon selling their home. According to the National Association of Real Estate Appraisers, adding a fireplace to home can increase the resale value of the home by as much as 6-12 percent.

Does Home Depot install fireplace inserts?

If you have old, inoperable fireplaces in your home, electric fireplace inserts can bring them roaring back to life. Inserts are easy to install and require no maintenance or venting. We also have a complete selection of wood burning, gas, and pellet stove fireplace inserts to choose from.

How does a fireplace insert work?

An insert is basically a fireproof box that's surrounded by steel or cast iron and fronted by insulated glass, creating a closed combustion system. The steel or cast iron helps to trap the heat. Some inserts have a blower that pushes the hot air back into the room through front vents.

Does a fireplace need a liner?

However, if you're not using your fireplace and your chimney acts solely as a vent for your furnace or water heater, you may not need to have a liner installed. Homeowners with gas or electric inserts most likely do not need a new liner because those types of fuel don't produce enough heat to damage a masonry chimney.

What's the best wood fireplace insert?

These are our recommendations for the best wood burning fireplace insert:
  • Classic Flame 36EB220-GRT Traditional Built-in Electric Fireplace Insert.
  • PuraFlame 33" Western Electric Fireplace Insert.
  • Timberwolf Economizer EPA Wood Burning Fireplace Insert.

Can a fireplace insert heat a house?

There is no way that a simple fireplace insert can heat a house the same way that a central air system that pipes the heated air into each room.

Are fireplace inserts safe?

Most ventless gas fireplace inserts are considered safe for homeowners because they include an oxygen-depletion sensor that turns gas off before carbon monoxide reaches dangerous levels in the room. Nevertheless, some states don't allow ventless gas units.

What is the most efficient gas fireplace insert?

Most Recommended and Best Selling Insert Gas Fireplaces in February, 2020?
  • The smaller Napoleon HD35 works for compact spaces, but the Napoleon GVF36-2N can produce up to 30,000 BTU, enough to heat several large rooms.
  • Empire Comfort Systems has been in business since 1932 making fireplaces, heaters, and grills.

Do gas fireplace inserts provide heat?

Gas InsertsGas inserts are installed into your existing wood fireplace and provide higher energy efficiency and more convenience than traditional fireplaces. These units, like built-ins, will provide reliable heat, while also filling your room or home with a mix of warm air and radiant heat.

Can I put a stove in my fireplace?

Placing the new stove in front of the fireplace
If your new stove will sit right in front of your fireplace – or in the firebox as a fireplace insert – then in terms of smoke flow, you shouldn't have a problem, as long as the vent opening in the stove is close in size to the existing flue.

How do I use my fireplace?

How To: Use a Fireplace
  1. MATERIALS AND TOOLS Available on Amazon. – Smoke detector.
  2. STEP 1: Stay Safe. Before bringing out the lighter, it's vital to understand safety precautions for using a fireplace.
  3. STEP 2: Gather the Kindling.
  4. STEP 3: Open the Damper.
  5. STEP 4: Prime the Flue.
  6. STEP 5: Build the Fire.
  7. STEP 6: Clean the Ashes.

Why do I need a fireplace insert?

A fireplace insert can burn gas, wood, or pellets, and is inserted into an existing masonry fireplace; just like a stove can be. If you have a masonry fireplace that needs a facelift, an insert is there to fill the gap and rejuvenate your room. This is yet another reason why Inserts are so versatile.

Does a gas insert fireplace need a chimney?

gas inserts is that a built-in gas fireplace doesn't require an existing fireplace or chimney. So, if you don't have an existing wood-burning fireplace, this is your only option. Vented gas fireplaces exhaust the air through an exterior opening in your wall. Ventless gas fireplaces exhaust into the room.

Can you use a fireplace insert without a fireplace?

A fireplace insert is only approved to go into a full masonry fireplace built according to all the applicable codes. That's a lot of effort and not really that cheap only to install an insert.