How much is a Bears PSL?

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Pricey PSL program unveiled. Current Bears season ticket-holders can pay a one-time permanent seat license fee of $8,500 plus $315 per ticket per game and sit on the 50-yard line or they can renew their regular tickets and sit somewhere above the historic colonnades when rebuilt Soldier Field opens in 2003.

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Similarly, it is asked, how much do Bears season tickets cost?

Bears season tickets range in price from $4050 to $810 per seat for the season.

Beside above, how long is the wait for Bears season tickets? Out of 32 teams in the league, 24 claim to have waiting lists from under 1,000 people to over 150,000. For some fans, this means a wait not just of years, but decades.

Waiting lists.

Team Chicago Bears
Year waiting list was started 1985
Approx. number of names on waiting list N/A
Approx. wait time 15 years

Considering this, can you sell your PSL?

You can sell or transfer your PSL, but you cannot simply return it to the team for a refund. PSL contracts make it clear that your license can depreciate — many Jets and San Francisco 49ers fans are selling PSLs for 50 percent of their original cost as those teams struggle on the field.

HOW DO PSL tickets work?

A personal seat license, or PSL, is a paid license that entitles the holder to the right to buy season tickets for a certain seat in a stadium. However, if the seat license holder chooses not to sell the seat licenses and does not renew the season tickets, the holder forfeits the license back to the team.

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Do season ticket holders get Super Bowl tickets?

Season ticket holders are automatically entered into a lottery for their chance to buy primary SB tickets. But not every season ticket holder is equal: preference is given to those whose team has made it to the Super Bowl, the number and type of seats you own, and how long you've owned said seats.

Where can I buy season tickets?

Where can I buy a ticket? You can buy a season ticket at any staffed ticket office. If you are buying a season ticket for the first time, you may need to have a Photocard created. You may also be able to buy your tickets over the telephone or internet from the appropriate Train Company.

How much is a suite at Soldier Field?

How much do suites at Soldier Field cost? The price of Soldier Field suites is determined by matchup and location in the stadium. Private suites are available for all home games and events with pricing starting at $21,000 and may cost as much as $40,000.

How much is a suite at Wrigley Field?

The price of Wrigley Field suites varies based on matchup and location in the stadium. Private suites on the IDEAL Suite Level are available for all home games and events with pricing starting at $8,000 and may cost as much as $25,000.

How much does a Chicago Bears Suite cost?

How much do Chicago Bears suites cost? Chicago Bears suite prices typically range from $15,000-$40,000 per game depending on opponent, team performance, day of the week, and suite level.

How do you become a Bears season ticket holder?

A PSL (Permanent Seat License) is a license that must be purchased for most of the best seating areas at Soldier Field in order to become a season ticket holder for the Chicago Bears. A PSL owner has the right to purchase season tickets from the ticket office each year.

How many years have the Packers sold out?

Although the capacity has more than doubled since Lambeau Field was opened, demand for tickets remains high. The Packers have sold out every game since 1960, and at least 115,000 names are on the waiting list (with a reported average wait time of 30 years).

Why is it called Soldiers Field?

Soldier Field was designed in 1919 and opened on October 9, 1924, as Municipal Grant Park Stadium. The name was changed to Soldier Field on November 11, 1925, as a memorial to U.S. soldiers who had died in combat.

Is a PSL worth it?

"Right now, they're valued at $30,000 each on a PSL Marketplace. so I've found them to be a great if slightly unconventional investment." "Some fans are prepared to shell out as much as $150,000 for PSLs," Sternberg explains, "because they consider the licenses to be worthwhile investments."

Can you buy season tickets without a PSL?

-Can I buy Falcons season tickets without purchasing a PSL? No. In order to purchase Falcons season tickets, you must also purchase a PSL.

Are Raiders PSL sold?

Raiders President Marc Badain said Wednesday PSLs for the 65,000-seat, $2 billion stadium are sold out. PSL holders can transfer their seats or sell them to another party, but they are non-refundable by the Raiders.

Are Raiders season tickets worth it?

The Raiders have not publicly released the cost of season tickets for the upcoming 2020 campaign, but prices are expected to soar for the team's first year in Vegas as the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported that the cheapest season tickets will cost $650 per seat and club seats will start at $3,500.

Do you pay PSL every year?

It is a one-time fee paid in your first year of season ticket membership that gives you exclusive rights to buy season tickets each year the titans play at Nissan Stadium. Do I pay the PSL each year? No, each year after your first season, you solely pay the ticket cost of your seats.

How much are Raider tickets?

Raiders ticket prices on the secondary market can vary depending on a number of factors. Typically, Raiders tickets can be found for as low as $34.00, with an average price of $106.00.

Is buying season tickets a good investment?

Buying season tickets is an investment in how you think your team is going to do that season,” Clint Cutchins, an analyst at SeatGeek, told CNBC. “If you think you're in for a down year, it's probably better to hold off and buy tickets on the secondary market” (where tickets may not be at a premium).

Are seat licenses worth it?

But even as far back as six or seven years ago, it was already common for PSLs to sell at a loss, especially for luxury seats. Personal seat licenses are only worth what a buyer decides they're worth. This can sometimes work in a seller's favor, but not always.

How do I sell the Panthers PSL?

Steps to Buy a Carolina Panthers PSL
  1. Register your account at PSL Source.
  2. Browse our list of available Carolina Panthers PSLs to find your perfect seats.
  3. Negotiate a selling price with the PSL seller through our anonymous offer/counteroffer process.
  4. Remit payment to PSL Source for the negotiated sales price.