How much horsepower is 800cc?

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reach up to 60 miles per hour with the new 65 horsepower 800cc gas engine. The liquid-cooled (4-stroke, 8-valve electronic fuel injected) power plant brings more horsepower and speed to the already tough Intimidator lineup.

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Herein, how many horsepower is 750cc?

160 horsepower

Likewise, how many horsepower is 60 cc? Applications and Horsepower Range of the Basic Rotapower Engines

Max. Horsepower Engine Displacement Rotor Configuration
40 hp 300 cc* 2 Rotors (2×150 cc)
60 hp 530 cc 1 Rotor
120 hp 1060 cc 2 Rotors (2×530 cc)
180 hp 1590 cc 3 Rotors (3×530 cc)

Correspondingly, how do you calculate CC to horsepower?

Use a calculator to multiply your engine's horsepower by 16. For example, if your engine has 150 horsepower, multiply 150 x 16 = 2,400 cc. This figure represents your engine's horsepower in cubic centimeters.

How much horsepower is a 500cc engine?

Every unit of horsepower that an engine has represents 33,000 foot-pounds of work. An engine with 500 horsepower could perform the work of 500 horses, which would equal 16,500,000 foot-pounds of work.

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How many cc is a 10 hp engine?

The general rule is for every 15 CC there is 1 HP. For example, for a 150 CC engine you would take 150 divided by 15, which equals 10 HP.

How many cc is a 5 hp motor?

That is about 16.4cc Per horsepower.

How many cc is a 6.5 hp engine?

Technical Specs:
Name 6.5 HP (212cc) OHV Horizontal Shaft Gas Engine EPA
Certification EPA
Diameter 70 mm
Engine displacement (cc) 212cc
Horsepower (hp) 6.5

How many cc is an 8 hp engine?

engine cc hp
Briggs & Stratton Industrial engine 480 16
Marine outboard 302 9.9
Briggs & Stratton Industrial engine 319 8
Briggs & Stratton Industrial engine 148 3.5

How many cc is a 10 HP Tecumseh engine?

Horsepower 9.0 / 5.97 kW
Bore & stroke 3.125 x 2.532 in. - 79.38 x 64.31 mm
Displacement Cu. In. / cc 19.43 / 318
Top governed speed 3250
Oil capacity .77 Liter

How many horsepower is 400cc?

The Ninja 400 puts 43.4 hp to the ground at 9,900 rpm, backed up by 24.6 pound-feet of torque at 8,250 rpm. That's real-deal, rear-wheel horsepower, folks, and the new bike's curves tower over the outgoing 300's output.

How many cc's is a 6.0 hp engine?

Unleaded Gasoline/E85
Type: 6.0L Gen IV V-8 Small Block
Fuel Type: Regular Unleaded, E85 Flex Fuel
Horsepower: 360 hp (268 kW) @ 5400 rpm*
Torque: 380 lb-ft (515 Nm) @ 4200 rpm*
Maximum Engine Speed: 6000 rpm*

What is CC full form?

Cubic Centimeter

How many cc is a 13 hp engine?

Name 13 HP (420cc) OHV Horizontal Shaft Gas Engine EPA/CARB
Engine displacement (cc) 420cc
Horsepower (hp) 13
Maximum speed (rpm) 3600 RPM
Maximum Torque (ft. - lbs.) 18.4 ft. lbs. @ 2500 RPM

How many cc is a 25 hp motor?

Our 432-cc 25-hp portable outboard sports a new, streamlined, portable design and class-leading power-to-weight. In fact, it's the lightest 25-hp outboard on the water—two-stroke or four-stroke.

How many horsepower is a 250 cc engine?

There is no direct correlation between horsepower and a 250cc engine, but on average, one horsepower is equal to 16cc. Thus, you'd expect an average of 15 to 16 horsepower from a 250cc engine. Horsepower varies from vehicle to vehicle, and country to country.

What does 1200 cc mean?

This total displaced volume is called CC . 1 CC = 0.001 Litre. So, a 1200 CC engine is equal to 1.2 Litre. That means it can displace 1.2 Litre. More is the CC more is the power.

What is 1000cc in horsepower?

Horsepower is a reference to the amount of work performed as compared to a horse. 1000cc is a reference to the size of the combustion chambers in an engine. The two are not related. As an example I have one motor that is 1753 cc rated at 92 horsepower and a 1301 cc rated at 160 horsepower.

How many cc is a 9 hp engine?

Engine Type Air-cooled 4-stroke OHV
Bore x Stroke 77 X 58 mm
Displacement 270 cm3
Net Power Output* 8.5 HP (6.3 kW) @ 3,600 rpm
Net Torque 14.1 lb-ft (19.1 Nm) @ 2,500 rpm

What does HP mean?