How much does it cost to sell at Aloha Stadium swap meet?

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If you're interested in giving the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet & Marketplace, I would recommend it with these things in mind: Sunday is the best day to sell your items. The last two rows are reserved for “garage sale” types of things. Stalls are assigned by first come/first serve and cost is $15 for two stalls.

Herein, how much do swap meets sell for?

And how much does it cost to sell at the swap meet? It costs $15 to sell on Fridays, $30 per day on a Saturday or Sunday for a standard space. If a seller is selling new merchandise then we recommend a $40-space on a Saturday or Sunday which are located in the first two aisle ways inside the entrance.

Similarly, how much does it cost to rent out Aloha Stadium? Requests for use of the Hospitality Room shall be made in writing using the current “Application for Use of Aloha Stadium Hospitality Room” form. 3. The rental rate to use the Hospitality Room is $1000 per date.

Considering this, is there food at the Aloha Stadium swap meet?

Since 1979, the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet has become Hawaii's premier outdoor market, featuring over 400 vendors, crafters, artists from all over the world,a true melting pot of Aloha. Refresh yourself with ice cold Hawaiian shaved ice, sweet Hawaiian fruits, or a hearty meal at one of our food concessionaires.

How do you sell on swap meet?


  1. Scout the swap meet. Before deciding if you want to become a seller and what you want to sell, take a few laps around the swap meet on different days.
  2. Look for impulse buys.
  3. Try traditional strong-sellers.
  4. Use items to sell items.
  5. Make no assumptions.

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Do I need a permit to sell at a swap meet?

Sellers at swap meets are considered retailers by law; therefore a retail seller's permit is required. These vendors' licenses are issued by each state in order to collect taxes from sales.

Is selling at flea markets profitable?

Flea market booths, if done right, are a great source of side income. They are relatively low maintenance since most are staffed by the owners, meaning, as a vendor, you don't have to stay at your booth when it's open. The rent is fairly cheap when selling at flea markets, depending on your local market.

Do I need a business license to sell at a flea market?

If the flea market, or flea markets, that you sell at are in a different state from where you live, you may need a business license for each state. You'll need a resale certificate from your home state, so that you can purchase items at wholesale without paying sales tax.

What's the best thing to sell at a flea market?

Top selling items at flea markets
  • Antiques, electronics and home appliance are among the best items to sell at flea markets and garage sales.
  • Baby/toddler clothing & toys, as well as vintage and designer clothes, sell very well.

How do you start a successful flea market booth?

When planning your booth set up, take into consideration the following eight booth display factors to help your experience selling at flea markets be a success.
  1. Determine Traffic Flow.
  2. Use your Best Pieces.
  3. Keep out the Clutter.
  4. Use Varying Heights.
  5. Consider your Product.
  6. Keep it Well-Stocked.
  7. Use Signage.
  8. Use Props & Lighting.

Can you sell food at a swap meet?

In order to sell food at the Spring Valley Swap Meet, you need 3 things. A California Resale Permit. A Heath Permit acquired through the County of San Diego.

How do you price items at a flea market booth?

How to Price Your Items at Garage Sales and Flea Markets
  1. Trying to sell large ticket items can be tough.
  2. Don't Hold An Item!
  3. Accept the fact that you will have to sell your items at much less than what you paid for them.
  4. Note the condition of your item and compare prices for items.
  5. Try to sell complete items if possible.
  6. Be prepared to haggle and negotiate!

How much do flea market vendors make?

While our best days only earned us $200, we never lost money and we had a great time. In the process, we discovered some people do make a decent living as flea market vendors, while for others it's just a fun way to make a little extra cash.

Are dogs allowed at the swap meet?

Pets are allowed in the Swap Meet. Pet must be leashed at all times and must be under the control of the owner at all times. Management reserves the right to prohibit certain animals that exhibit vicious/aggressive behavior. No dogs/cats may be offered for sale.

What can you take into Aloha Stadium?

Each person shall be allowed one bag that does not exceed 12” x 6” x 12” in size. In addition, each person will be allowed to hand-carry a blanket, poncho or jacket, along with a soft-sided seat cushion. Exceptions will only be made for medically necessary items, after proper inspection.

How much is parking at Aloha Stadium?

AIEA, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The Aloha Stadium will raise its parking rates effective Thursday, according to officials. It'll now cost $7 per car/pickup truck to park for regular stadium events, including University of Hawaii football games, Hawaiian cultural and music events, and high school football games.

How do you get to Swap Meet Honolulu?

To get to the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet, ride the Waikiki Trolley Purple Line. Get off at the Aloha Stadium (Stop No. 5). The swap meet is in the circular parking lot that wraps around the stadium.

What bus goes to Aloha Stadium?

TheBus operates a bus from Waikīkī to Aloha Stadium every 30 minutes. Tickets cost $3 and the journey takes 42 min.

Are dogs allowed at the Orange County Swap Meet?

Are pets allowed? No, we do not allow outside pets into the Market Place with the exception of service animals.

How do you sell at Aloha Stadium swap meet?

Cleaning Out: Five Tips for Selling at the Aloha Stadium Swap
  1. Sunday is the best day to sell your items.
  2. Stalls are assigned by first come/first serve and cost is $15 for two stalls.
  3. Gates to the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet open at 4:30 AM for vendors, so don't forget that large cup of coffee.

Does Maui have a swap meet?

The Maui Swap Meet has been an institution loved by both local residents and tourists since 1981. It is held every Saturday morning from 7 AM to 1 PM, in the parking lot of University of Hawaii Maui College, just off Kahului Beach Road, across Wahinepio Road from the Maui Arts and Cultural Center.