How much does a Coast Guard make in California?

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California Average
Salary Range (Percentile)
25th 75th
Annual Salary $40,835 $78,719
Monthly Salary $3,403 $6,560
Weekly Salary $785 $1,514

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Likewise, how much money can you make in the Coast Guard?

All active-duty enlisted members entering the Coast Guard start out making approximately $20,000 annually. This is just basic pay. Members may also be entitled to other allowances depending on their status.

Secondly, how much does the Commandant of the Coast Guard make? Commander Salaries

Job Title Salary
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[object Object] - [object Object] $70,177/yr
[object Object] - [object Object] $134,768/yr
[object Object] - [object Object] $15,603/mo

Then, what is the highest paying job in the Coast Guard?

Recent job postings for U.S. Coast Guard positions reveal the salary ranges in this military organization:

  • Accounting Technician (GS-05): $31,628-$41,122.
  • Criminal Investigator (GS-13): $84,647-$110,040.
  • Deckhand (WK-06): $19.85-$29.64 per hour.
  • Engineering Technician (GS-11/12): $63,076-$98,281.

How often does the Coast Guard get paid?

You are paid twice a month, on the 1st and 15th of every month, based on your pay grade. An established salary chart defines salaries for both increases in rank and increased tenure in the Coast Guard. For more information, download the most recent military pay scale.

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How hard is it to get into Coast Guard?

The Coast Guard requires a minimum of 54 points on the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery test, but you should do better in order to be competitive with fellow recruits. You will need a high school diploma or college degree. If you have a GED, it will probably be difficult to be accepted into the Coast Guard.

Is the Coast Guard a full time job?

As a member of the Coast Guard Reserve, you will be working side by side with full-time Coast Guardsmen. No matter what mission, you'll typically serve two days a month and two weeks a year at a base near your home. Receive training in such diverse fields as computer processing, mechanics or communications.

Is the Coast Guard worth it?

You will have access to free medical and dental care. The benefits of joining the Coast Guard are definitely worth considering, even if the overall pay structure is somewhat low compared to the other branches of the military. All members are entitled to receive free medical and dental care as part of their service.

Will Coast Guard pay for college?

Tuition Assistance
If you are an Active Duty, Selective Reserve or Coast Guard federal employee, the Coast Guard will pay up to 100% of your college tuition.

How much does a Navy SEAL make?

The estimated salary for a Navy SEAL -- with over a dozen years of experience and an E-7 pay grade -- is about $54,000, according to an estimate based on data from the Department of Defense.

Does the Coast Guard carry guns?

The Coast Guard employs various small arms including handguns, shotguns, rifles, and machine guns.

Who has the toughest boot camp?

The Marines' San Diego training station is the toughest in the nation: 688 recruits broke lower-leg — tibia and fibula — bones there from 2004 to 2010 (that translates into a rate of 28.9 fractures per 1,000 years of training).

When can you retire from the Coast Guard?

Retirement Benefits
This means that after you complete 20 years of service and retire, you receive a monthly annuity (payment) for the rest of your life. Under the Blended Retirement System, you can also elect to save for retirement starting just 60 days after you enter military service.

Do you get a signing bonus for joining the Coast Guard?

A $10,000 CSTB is authorized for enlisted members in pay grades E-2 and E-3 who agree to attend and subsequently complete EM, ET, or OS Class A-School. c. A $5,000 CSTB is authorized for enlisted members in pay grades E-2 and E-3 who agree to attend and subsequently complete MK Class A-School.

Is Coast Guard better than Navy?

The major difference between the Navy and the Coast Guard comes from the very top of either branch – the Navy is part of the Department of Defense, while the Coast Guard falls under the Department of Homeland Security. This allows the missions and structure of both branches to best serve the needs the country.

Is the Coast Guard dangerous?

The Coast Guard does a few jobs that are inherently dangerous. Tending buoys can be extremely dangerous. Landing helicopters onto a rolling and pitching helo deck can be dangerous. Going out in a motor lifeboat in 20 foot seas can be dangerous.

Can you pick your job in Coast Guard?

Training: All specialties in the Coast Guard are open to women. You choose your career path based on your aptitude, physical abilities, security clearance, motivation and determination.

Does the Coast Guard pay for housing?

Housing Allowance
Coast Guard members on active duty entitled to Basic Military Pay may be authorized a monthly Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) based on a member's pay grade, dependency status (with or without dependents) and duty station location.

What is the best job in the Coast Guard?

  1. Direct Commission Aviator (Helicopter Pilot)
  2. Rescue Swimmer.
  3. Information Systems Technician.
  4. Boatswain's Mate.
  5. Avionics Electrical Technician.
  6. 5 Best Coast Guard Jobs For 2019. Last Updated: February 27, 2020 February 27, 2020 Author Jacqueline P.

How long does it take to join the Coast Guard?

The results of your ASVAB determine your qualifications. All of the schools have a waiting list. They range from a few months to more than two years. You must have a minimum of 30 months remaining on your enlistment before you can enter any Class A school.

How much does a Coast Guard make an hour?

Average U.S. Coast Guard hourly pay ranges from approximately $8.49 per hour for Lifeguard to $32.00 per hour for Electrician. The average U.S. Coast Guard salary ranges from approximately $26,305 per year for Firefighter to $110,383 per year for Lieutenant.

How long is a school in the Coast Guard?

The duration of "A" School training is typically 10 to 19 weeks depending on the course. Permanently assigned personnel include active duty, reserve, and civilian instructional, curriculum design and support staff. Students include Coast Guard active duty, reservist, and Auxiliarist.