How much does 13 13 13 fertilizer cost?

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Bags of 13-13-13 fertilizer contain dry particles that must be watered after application to release the nutrients. To find the amount of each nutrient in a 40-lb. bag, multiply 0.13 by 40. In this formulation, 5.2 pounds each of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium are available, for a total of 15.6 pounds.

Likewise, what does 13 13 13 fertilizer have in it?

These three numbers represent the content of primary nutrients in the fertilizer formulation: nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. Fertilizer with the numbers 13-13-13 is a general purpose, quick release product that must be reapplied frequently to be effective.

Similarly, how much is triple 13? Rogue Fertilizer (13-13-13) Triple 13 All Purpose with Trace Elements 50 lb
1 - 9 10 - 39 40+
$21.99 $20.89 $19.79

Thereof, is Triple 13 a good fertilizer?

Good. Triple-13 fertilizer is cheapo crapola that should not be used on lawns. DON'T use cheap, quick-release fertilizers like 13-13-13. Sure, it costs about half of the brand names, but its nutrients run off after a heavy rain and don't feed for long.

How much is a 50 lb bag of fertilizer?

Earthworks Health Urea Fertilizer 50lb Bag

List Price: $71.00
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What is triple 13 fertilizer used for?

This Hyponex 13-13-13 40 lb. All-Purpose Fertilizer helps provide the nutrients your plants need to grow. This fertilizer is ideal for your vegetable garden, shrubs, trees, hedges and flowers. The fast-release formula feeds your plants up to 2 weeks.

Can you put too much milorganite on your lawn?

Is there such a thing as putting down too much Milorganite? The way I figure it; unless it's three inches deep and smothering the grass, you're probably ok.

What does the 13 mean?

The number 13 is often considered unlucky by those who are superstitious, but as an angel number 13 is very auspicious. As the combination of numbers 1 and 3, angel number 13 is a sign from your angels you are connected to the ascended masters and their ability to help you manifest your desires.

What is the best fertilizer to use?

The Top 5 Best Lawn Fertilizers
  1. Scotts Green Max Fertilizer. If you want easy and quick green grass, then Scotts Green Max is the fertilizer for you.
  2. Miracle-Gro Lawn Food. This is one of the most popular lawn fertilizers for a reason.
  3. Safer Brand 9333 Ringer Fertilizer.
  4. Milorganite 0636 Fertilizer.
  5. Scotts Turf Builder.

How do you apply triple 13 fertilizer?

To accomplish the half pound rate, apply 6 pounds of 8-8-8 fertilizer per 1000 ft2 of lawn area or 4 pounds of 13-13-13 fertilizer. If you want to really cut grass then apply the one pound of nitrogen rate which will be 12 pounds of 8-8-8 or 8 pounds of 13-13-13.

Is Triple 13 good for tomatoes?

Without a soil test, the next best approach is to use a fertilizer that has the proper balance for tomatoes. Although 8-8-8, 12-12-12, 13-13-13 and such are far better than no fertilizer at all, they may cause the first and/or second cluster of blossoms to fall off without setting fruit.

What is the last number in fertilizer?

A Homeowner's Guide to Fertilizer. All fertilizer labels have three bold numbers. The first number is the amount of nitrogen (N), the second number is the amount of phosphate (P2O5) and the third number is the amount of potash (K2O).

What is 0 46 0 fertilizer used for?

0-46-0 Triple Superphosphate Fertilizer with 46% Phosphate, 50 lb bag. 0-46-0 is a high phosphorus formulation designed to encourage rapid blooming, richer color and strong root development. 0-46-0 promotes healthy growth to all blooming, fruiting and flowering plants, even the acid loving varieties.

How often can you feed your lawn?

For most lawns, applying fertilizer once or twice a year is enough to keep your grass green and healthy. Precisely when you apply fertilizer depends partly on your climate, but mostly on the type of grass you have. The key is to fertilize during the season when your grass is doing the most growing.

What happens if you don't fertilize your lawn?

Fertilizer won't help a dry or brown lawn. In fact you can damage your grass, especially if you use a fast-release fertilizer, which can even burn your lawn. The time to apply fertilizer is when the grass is growing more roots than blades.

Will high nitrogen fertilizer kill weeds?

If that's the case, applying pre-emergent herbicides is like clapping your hands to keep the lions away. Then there's the fertilizer. It should be mostly nitrogen, and I'll admit that it can really green up the grass in a hurry. They contain herbicides designed to kill actively growing broadleaf weeds like dandelions.

What is the best ratio for lawn fertilizer?

Recommended ratios of N-P-K for lawn fertilizers include 3:1:2 or 4:1:2. Another important factor in choosing nitrogen fertilizers is what kind of nitrogen is actually in the product. Nitrogen fertilizer may consist of fast-release or controlled-release nitrogen.

How do I feed my lawn?

Here's how to do it.
  1. Water your lawn. A few days before you feed your lawn, give it a good watering.
  2. Pick the best spreader for your lawn. Spreaders fall into two main categories: broadcast and drop.
  3. Apply grass fertilizer around the perimeter.
  4. Fill in the middle.
  5. Properly handle remaining product.

What is phosphorus for grass?

The presences of phosphorus in soil helps turf grow lush and thick because it promotes strong root growth. An abundance of phosphorus allows plants to grow more efficiently. Phosphorus Benefits Your Lawn by: Enhancing Plant Energy Reactions; phosphorus plays a vital role in the energy transfer of plants.

Why is there no phosphorus in lawn fertilizer?

Eliminating phosphorus from lawn fertilizer can actually increase the phosphorus loading of streams and lakes due to increased erosion that occurs when turf density decreases. A dense, healthy lawn remains the best defense against phosphorus runoff in the urban environment.

Is Triple 19 good for lawns?

The microbes in the soil will break down the slow-release fertilizers gradually. The grass is able to use these nutrients over a longer period of time. Fertilizers like our All-Purpose 12-12-12 and 19-19-19 are best used on lawns, trees, shrubs and gardens.

How much fertilizer is too much?

Do not use too much fertilizer. This can kill plants. Two cups of most fertilizers will weigh about 1 pound. If a fertilizer has more nitrogen, use less.