How much do Kohl's employees make per hour?

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Average Hourly Rate for Kohl's Corporation Employees
Kohl's Corporation pays its employees an average of $11.66 an hour. Hourly pay at Kohl's Corporation ranges from an average of $8.91 to $20.50 an hour.

Then, what is starting pay at Kohls?

Kohl's Salaries in the United States

Retail Average Salary
Retail Sales Associate 113 salaries reported $11.16 per hour
Cashier 72 salaries reported $9.78 per hour
Cashier/Sales 51 salaries reported $9.77 per hour
Customer Service Associate / Cashier 56 salaries reported $9.86 per hour

Subsequently, question is, do Kohl's employees get paid weekly? Yes, Kohls does pay weekly. Yes, they pay weekly.

Also know, how much does Kohl's pay an Hour 2019?

Kohl's - Retail Salaries in the United States

Retail Average Salary
Customer Service Associate / Cashier 56 salaries reported $9.86 per hour
Floor Supervisor 3 salaries reported $22,364 per year
Jewelry Associate 17 salaries reported $9.13 per hour
Jewelry Consultant 19 salaries reported $8.68 per hour

Does Kohl's pay time and a half?

We recieve holiday pay : time in a half.

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How long are shifts at Kohl's?

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5-close are usually the evening shifts. Sometimes 4-close, sometimes 2-close depending on your availability. Usually 3pm to 10pm. But on busy seasons, like Thanksgiving or Christmas, it's 3pm to 12am.

How many hours is part time at Kohl's?

4-25 Hours, you cant live off of a paycheck from Kohls. You're really lucky to get more than 20. after the holidays you're looking more at 10. I'm part time regular (retained after working seasonal) and work 20-28 hours per week.

Can you wear jeans to work at Kohls?

seriously though, the dress code needs to be set at a standard. The dress code now for Kohl's is any solid black shirt and any khakis pants and gym shoes are now accepted as well. Casual pants, khakis, capri pants, skirts, denim skirts, and jumpers. Skirt length should be no more than 2 inches above the knee.

Does Kohls give raises?

Does Kohl's give raises? Yes, if you show your commitment to the job.

How much does Kohl's pay seasonal?

How much does a Seasonal Associate make at Kohl's in the United States? Average Kohl's Seasonal Associate hourly pay in the United States is approximately $10.42, which is 21% below the national average.

Does Kohls require a drug test?

No. A test is not required at the stores. No they do not, i just sat in front of a computer for hours. No, Kohl's does not drug test at orientation.

Is Kohl's a good place to work?

Kohl's is a good place to work for the average person. Phsically limited people should think twice before applying.

How should I dress for an interview at Kohls?

Wear a Business-Casual Outfit
To leave a positive impression, wear the type of business-casual clothing you might find on the racks at Kohl's. You don't need to wear anything too fancy — a smart outfit might include a dress shirt, black shoes, and a dark pair of jeans.

Do Kohl's employees get a discount?

Kohl's Employee Discount
Kohl's employees receive a 15% discount on merchandise.

Do Kohl's part time employees get benefits?

"Benefits for Part Timers" Part-time associates are eligible for both vision and dental insurance. Coverage is very decent, have compared it to what several companies offer their full-time employees and it's at time even better than theirs.

Does Kohls hire felons?

Kohl's does hire felons. There are many factors considered by the company in making a hiring decision. Important information related to a conviction include: Experience and skills.

What is Kohls pay?

What is Kohl's Pay? Kohl's Pay lets you quickly and conveniently pay for your in-store purchases through the Kohl's App. With Kohl's Pay, enjoy all the benefits of being a Kohl's Charge cardholder, but leave the card at home!

What benefits do Walgreens employees get?

Benefits & Total Health
  • Time Off. Paid Time Off (PTO)
  • Profit Sharing & Stock Purchase Plans. Profit Sharing Plan – 401(k)
  • Company-Paid Life Insurance.
  • Voluntary Life & Personal Accident Insurance.
  • Health, Prescription Drugs, Dental and Vision.
  • Other Benefits.

Why do you want to work at Kohl's answer?

"I admire how Kohl's puts their customers first, acts with integrity, builds great teams and drives results. I would love to be a part of a team that prioritizes their customers and works hard for everyone's fulfillment."

How much do target cashiers get paid?

Target Cashier/Stocker hourly salaries in the United States
More Target Retail salaries Average Salary
Cashier 256 salaries reported $12.10 per hour
Retail Sales Associate 150 salaries reported $12.08 per hour
Customer Service Associate / Cashier 111 salaries reported $12.01 per hour

How much do Costco employees make?

Costco Wholesale Company pays its employees an average of $17.19 an hour. Hourly pay at Costco Wholesale Company ranges from an average of $11.50 to $26.19 an hour.

How much do Victoria Secret sales associates make?

Victoria's Secret Salaries in the United States
Popular Jobs Average Salary
Seasonal Associate 75 salaries reported $11.63 per hour
Sales Associate 83 salaries reported $11.89 per hour
Store Manager 6 salaries reported $25.80 per hour
Sales Specialist 6 salaries reported $44,151 per year